Ragini Ek Kahani- Intro to CH-6

ragini ek kahani…… (Intro– CH-6)
Hiii guys, i know i have lots of FF pending… I will update every ff… Okay so i am reviving my previous pending ff “Ragini — Ek Kahani” …. Hope i will get support….. I had stopped it after 7 chapters…. Here i go–

Ragini Ek Kahani
Hello, This FF starts from the episode in which Laksh saves Ragini from Kaveri’s hand. Ragini realises her mistakes. She hand over the property back to Durga Prasad Maheshwari & give divorce to Laksh. She goes back to baadi. And from here on her journey of being strong & independent starts.

Shaleen Malhotra – Dev Raichand (26), Owner of “DR” company, a rude business man, he has a heart wrenching past because of which he became rude & arrogant. But he has a heart made up of gold. He has a soft side too but no one knows abt it except his family members & younger brother.He left his house 3yrs ago but he loves his younger brother Danny alot. (Male Lead)

Suyyash Rai – Danny Raichand (24), He is MD of Raichand groups, younger brother of Dev. He was made MD by his mother after Dev left there house & started his own company. He is not interested in being MD. He wants Dev to return to house & take over as MD. He is a cute,caring & a very loving brother & son. (Parallel Male Lead)

Tejashwi Prakash – Ragini Gadodia (24) , Her journey to become strong,independent & confident starts after divorcing Laksh. She is a very good singer & dancer. She joins “DR” company as Dev’s PA. (Female Lead)

Ankita Lokhande – Roshni Gadodia (23) , She is cousion sister of Ragini, She was doing MBA in delhi & have returned after completing it. She is younger than Ragini. She is also raised by Dadi as her parents died when she was 2 months old. She loves Ragini alot. (Parallel Female Lead)

Mansi Salvi- Avantika Raichand, Mother of Dev & Danny. Director of Raichand Groups. She is a widow
Sarita Joshi- Sarita Raichand, Grand Mother of Dev & Danny. She loves them alot.
Madan Joshi- Mahesh Raichand, Gradfather of Dev & Danny. Loves them alot.
Maheshwaris & Gadodia are the same as in serial –
Nagesh Salwan as Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Annupurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Tarun Singh as Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Akanksha Chamola as Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari
Amar Sharma as Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Sonica Handa as Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Varun Kapoor as Sanskaar Maheshwari (positive)
Helly Shah as Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari (Grey shade)
Namish Taneja as Lakshya Maheshwari (positive)
Nikita Sharma as Kavita Lakshya Maheshwari (positive)
Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishtha Gadodia
Sachin Tyagi as Shekhar Gadodia
Abhijit Lahiri as Deendayal Gadodia
Alka Kaushal as Parvati Deendayal Gadodia (Grey shade)
Tanima Sen as Shobha Bose
Sonia Singh as Urvashi, (Ragini’s Mashi) (Negative)

What will happen when Ragini & Dev will cross each others path? Will two persons who were heart broken can fall in love again? Will Ragini get to know abt Dev’s heart wrenching past? Will Ragini be able to see Dev’s soft side which is hidden behind his Rude & arrogant behaviour?
So for getting all your answers stick to this FF.
So tell me guys how did you liked the Intro.
Scene starts with Kavita’s entry & Laksh saving Ragini from Kaveri’s hand. Ragini comes to her room. She thinks what she had done with Maheshwari’s. She takes out two sets of papers & signs on them. Dadi comes to her-
Dadi- Laddo what are you doing.
Ragini- The thing which i should have done earlier.
She goes to Durga Prasad & handover the property papers to him.
Ragini- I have transffered all your property to you. I know i dont deserve forgiveness, but if possible plz forgive me.
She goes to Laksh & hands him divorce papers.
Ragini- You are free from this relation, Laksh. Hope you too will forgive me.
Dadi- Laddo, why you did this.
Ragini- Because i want to live my life dadi, i dont want to destroy anyone’s life more. And plz i hope u will support me in my decision.
She leaves to baadi.
Ragini was in her old look. In anarkali suit, no sindoor & no mangalsutra. She was feeling relived, she knew that it was not easy for anyone to forgive her but she will wait. She thinks- From tommorrow i will be new Ragini. She search for the job on internet. She applies for some companies.

Its Morning–
In baadi, Shekhar, Sharmishta, Dada were having break fast. Dadi was waiting for Ragini. Ragini come down. She was in a new look. She was wearing a kurti & jeans. She tied up her hairs.
Dadi – Come Laddo, have your break fast.
Ragini wished Shekhar & others but they did not react. She feels bad.
Dadi- Laddo, are you going somewhere.
Ragini- Yes Dadi, i have applied for jobs so i am going for interview.
Dadi- But why do you need to work. In our family girls dont go out to earn money.
Ragini- Dadi plz, I want to work. I want to stand on my feets. I want to fulfill all the dreams of my mother. (She says looking at Jhanvi’s pic which was hanging on wall.)
Till now i was wrong but now i want to live my Life on my conditions.
Dadi- But Laddo….

Ragini looks at her.
Dadi- Fine, i am with you.
Shekhar who was listening all these was happy from inside that now his daughter is on right track. But he did not show that happiness on his face.
Ragini finishes her food and goes for interview. She goes to some company but does not get the job. Finally she enters a very big company “DR”. She goes to reception & says that she has come there for the job of PA(personal assistant).
After some time she is told that she has got the job & her salary will be 50,000 p.m. And she can join from tommorrow.
She hears some ppl saying,
Person1- She is the new PA of our boss.
Person2- 25 th PA. She will also leave like others.
Ragini thinks- “Look as if there boss is quite strict.” Anyways i will meet him tommorrow. She leaves.
Just As she leaves a big Car comes. A handsome young, dashing, super hot man comes out & enters the company.
He is our hero Dev Raichand. All ppl went silent seeing him. He goes inside his chamber. He calls the receptionist inside.
Dev (angrily)- Did you arrange for the PA.

Receptionist- Yes, yes sir she will join from tommorrow.
Dev tells him to go. He takes out a file & start checking it.
Screen splits on Ragini & Dev’s face.

Precap- How will be Ragini & Dev’s first encounter. What will happen when they will cross each others Path?
It was evening-
Ragini came to baadi. She was very happy, she had brought sweets as she got the job. As she enters her house, She see whole Maheshwari family there. They have come for dinner on Sharmishta’s insistence.
Dadi sees Ragini & says- Laddo, you came, what happened in the interview.
Ragini makes a sad face. Dadi thinks she did not get the job.
Dadi- No problem Laddo, keep trying one day you will get a good job.
Ragini just then take out a sweet and make Dadi eat it.
Ragini (happily)- I got the job dadi, in “DR” company.
Dadi gets happy. Shekhar, Sharmishta & dada also feels happy from inside. Swara make faces.
Ragini first goes to Jhanvi’s pic & says- Maa, this is my first step towards fulfilling your dreams.

A small tear flow from her eyes but she wipes it.
She goes to Dada & gives him sweets , he takes a little.(from inside he was very happy for his grand-daughter, that he woul have eat up full box alone.) She gives sweets to Everyone. As she gives it to Sujata, she says,
Sujata- I hope you have not mixed poison in these.
Ragini feels bad but does not react. She gives it to Sanskaar who takes it with a sweet smile and congrats her for getting a job. She gives it to Laksh, he too congratulates her. Same with Kavita. She goes to Swara to give her sweets.
Swara makes faces & says- Thanks, but i dont eat sweets.
Sharmishta- Shona, atleast take a small piece.
Ragini give a sad smile & says- Its okay Maa, let it be. She gives the box to Sharmishta and goes to change.

She comes out after some time she was wearing a light coloured kurti & churidaars. She sees Maheshwari’s chatting. She goes to Kitchen.
Ragini- Maa, should i help you.
Sharmishta- No beta, i will manage, you must be tired, you were out whole day, you go & rest.
Just then Swara comes inside & says- Maa, is right, you shld rest after all now you are a working lady. (She says taunting her)

Ragini did not gave damn to her words. She just ignored her.
She went to fridge & drank a little water. She leaves from there.
Sharmishta- Shona, why are you talking like this to her.
Swara- Maa, plz now you dont start your lectures.
They all were at Dinning table having dinner. Ragini was also eating.
Swara- Baba, we have decided to get Laksh & Kavita married. (She says looking towards Ragini)
Shekhar- That’s a good news DP ji. So, when is the engagement.
Dp- Actually we have not decided the date, we called pandit ji tommorrow, he will tell.
Swara looks at Ragini hoping to see her reaction but Ragini was busy in eating her food.
Actually it does not affect Ragini any more & she was trying to move on in her Life.
After some time they all left for Maheshwari Mansion.
Ragini was in her room. She was taking out her clothes as from tommorrow she will be joining her job.Just then her phone rings, its Roshni.
Roshni- Hello Di & congrats for the job.
Ragini- Thanks, Roshni. So when are you coming to Kolkatta. Your studies are over na.
Roshni- Yes di, i will come soon & i want to tell you something which i will tell after meeting you.
Ragini- Okay, bye good night.
She puts the phone & went to sleep.

Precap- How will be Ragini’s first day at job. What would happen when Dev & Ragini meets.
Next Day-
Ragini gets ready for her office. She goes down.
Dadi- Laddo, come have your breakfast.
Ragini- Dadi, i am going, i will be late on my first day only.
She takes a paratha, make it a roll & goes out eating.
She gets a taxi and go to office.
In office-
Ragini reaches office on time. Receptionist (Laila) takes her to Dev’s chamber.
Dev- Come in……
The Receptionist & Ragini come in. Dev was checking a file.
Dev (Without raising his eyes from file)- Yes Laila, what happened.
Laila- Sir, She is your new PA. Ragini…
Dev looks up. He sees Ragini. Ragini smiles to him & says Good Morning.
Dev does not reply. He looks again in the file. Ragini thinks ” Akadu Kahin Ka”.
Dev (still looking at file)- Log mujhe Akadu samjhe ya kucch aur mujhe koi fark nahi padta.
Ragini was shocked. She thought- “How did he hear, did i said it loud”.
Dev- I can read the face expression of ppl. I very well know what ppl talk & think abt me, but it does not affect me. Seeing towards Laila,
Dev- Laila, show her cabin and make her understand all her work. Understood.
Laila (in fear)- yyyyes Sir…
They both go out from Dev’s cabin. Laila takes a deep breath.
Ragini- He is so rude.

Laila- He is like this only. Anyways i am Laila.
Ragini- Hiii, i am Ragini. So friends, They sake hands.
Laila takes Ragini to her cabin, which is just beside’s Dev. There is a glass wall in between.
Laila- So Ragini, this is your cabin.
Ragini- wow nice.
Laila makes her understand all her work.
Laila- Okay, bye Ragini & remember Dev Sir likes all his works done on time & with perfection otherwise his anger will burst on you. And she goes.
Ragini sits on her chair. She feels happy. Ragini looks towars Dev’s chamber. He was still in file and working in Laptop.
Ragini thinks “Is he of this world or from another planet.How can be someone so workholic. It looks as if there is nothing else then work in his life. But why do i feel as if there is a very big pain hidden behind his rude & arrogant face.” She was looking at Dev. Just then Dev raised his eyebrows towards Ragini. She acts liking working on her computer. Dev again gets engrossed in his work.
Aftersometime intercom in Ragini’s chamber rings.

Ragini- Hello….
Dev- Yes, Miss Gadodia come to my chamber now.
Before she could say anything he cuts the phone. She goes to his chamber.
Ragini- Yes Sir, did you called me.
Dev- Yes, Miss Gadodia, this is the file of Verma’s & i want it to be completed today & if you want any help you can ask me. Is it clear, he says handing her a file.
Ragini (confidently)- Yes Sir, this file will be completed today. May i leave.
Dev signals her to go.
Dev thinks- ” Not bad, quite a confident girl, no one has the guts to talk to me like her. But why do i feel as if she is similar to…..”
No, what are you thinking Dev. No one can be like her. Not even this girl. A tear comes in his eyes. He wipes it.

Precap- The first showdown between Dev & Ragini.
Scene starts with Dev saying- No one can be like her, not even this girl…. He wipes his tears and gets into work.
Ragini too was working. It was 2pm. Luch time. Half of the office was in canteen. Laila comes to Ragini.
Laila- Ragini lets go to canteen, or lets order something here only.
Ragini- Lets order here only, i think canteen will be full.
They call a peon and order Burger & Samosas. Ragini looks towards Dev’s chamber. He was engrossed in his work.
Ragini- Laila, can i ask u something.
Laila- Ya ofcourse…
Ragini – Do you know why Dev sir is so rude.
Laila- No one knows Ragini, from the day i joined this company, he is like this. You have asked me but dont ask someone else, if dev sir will come to know his anger will blast on you. He does not like ppl who interferes in his life.
Ragini nods & look towards Dev.

It was evening, Ragini completed her work and went to submit the file to Dev.
She enters his cabin. He was not there. Ragini keeps the file on table and was about to go. When she saw a pic fallen on the floor. She picked it up & was abt to see when someone snatched it from her. It was dev.
Dev (angrily)- How dare you touch my personal belongings. Dont you have manners.
Ragini (She was afraid seeing his anger but did not show it on her face)- Relax sir, i came here to submit the file. The pic was fallen on the floor so i picked it up.
Dev was more angry as no one had spoke to him in this manner. Whenever he scolded someone he wld listen to him and go back with there head down. But this girl was answering him back.
Dev pinned her to wall. He came to close to her. Ragini could feel his breath. Her heart skipped a bit. (She did not knew why)

Dev- Look miss Gadodia, you better just concentrate on your work. Dont you try to interefere in my life. Did you understand.
He leaves her. Ragini goes from there.
Dev looks at pic and closes his eyes in pain.

Precap– Dev saves Ragini from goons.

Scene start with Dev & Ragini were only in office. Dev has given Ragini some more files.
Ragini goes to his cabin. She hand over the files to him & says,
Ragini- So sir, my worked is finished, can i leave, its 9 pm already.
Dev looks at her and signals her to leave. She was abt to leave his cabin when,
Dev- I am sorry Miss Gadodia but stay away from my personal life.
Ragini was shocked, amazed as she did not expected an apology from him.
She looked at him and smiled a little. Then she went to her cabin & went out of office.
Ragini- He is not that rude & arrogant. But whose pic was it. I had seen pain in his eyes.
Ragini came out of her thoughts. She saw that it was raining. She opened her umbrella & begin walking.

In his cabin–
Dev was working. He saw that all has left & today his work is also finished. He sees its raining. He closes his eyes.
Flashback– It was a rainy day. A girl was playing with rains. (Her face will not be revealed now) Dev comes from back and hugs her.
Dev- Sweetheart, you know i hate rains
Girl- And i love rains, common Dev lets go out & play.
Dev smiles and says sweetheart you are behaving like a kid. BTW when we will have kids after marriage i will keep them away from rain.
Girl- Mr. Dev Raichand, she takes some water in her hands & throw on Dev.
Dev- You, he runs behind her.
The girl runs in garden.

Girl- Catch me if you can.
Dev to comes in garden. They run. Finally Dev catches the girl, but both slip & falls in mud. They both brust out in laughter.
Flashback ends…
A sweet smile comes on his face. But he opens his eyes which were filled with tears. His smile vanished. There was anger, hurt , pain everything in his eyes.
He walks out of the office, sits in the car and drives rashly in heavy rain.
On the road–

Ragini was looking for a cab. Just then her phone rings.
Dadi- Laddo were are you, why have u not arrived till now. See its raining heavily.
Ragini- Dadi maa, i will come soon. You dont take tension. Okay & she keeps the phone.
She walks with umbrella & searching for cab. As it was raining heavily she was wet.
Somewhere in an isolated place–
Dev comes out of the car. His eyes were red. Dev sits on the ground & shouts- Yaaaa, why me? Why did this happened with me. He cries hard for sometime. Afterwards he sits in the car & drives away.
On the road-
As Ragini was walking. Four motorcycle comes & surrounds Ragini.

Precap- Dev saves Ragini.

Scene starts with goons surrounding Ragini. Ragini gets scared.
Goon1- What happen babes are you not getting a cab?
Goon2- Oh Darling , come sit on my bike i will drop you?
Ragini- See, let me go, otherwise it will not be good for you.
Goon 3- Oh really, he comes near Ragini. Show what you can do. He tries to touch her. Ragini slaps the goon hard.
Goon4- How dare you slap him, all four starts coming near Ragini.
Ragini gets afraid & start running in heavy rain. They also run to catch her.
Ragini slips on the road. The goons come near to her.
Ragini- Dont come near me.

Goons start laughing. One of the goon goes to Ragini & tries to misbehave with her. Just then someone punches the goon. Its Dev. His eyes were emmitting fire. Ragini goes & hugs him tightly.
Dev feels like hugging her back but does not do so.
Dev- Are you fine Miss Gadodia.

Ragini looks at Dev & realizes that she is hugging him. She leaves him.
Dev holds her hands & says- lets go. (eyeing goons angrily) As they turned goons attack Dev. He fights with them. In sometime he over powers all 4 of them. Just as he was fighting one goon come from the back with knife and attacks him.
Ragini shouts Sirrrr.
Dev turns but as the goon has attacked he gets a cut on his Shoulder. He fights with the goon. The goons run away.
Dev goes to Ragini.
Dev- Sit in the car, i will drop you.
She sits. Dev starts driving. Ragini see blood ozzing out from his shoulders and hands.
Ragini- Sir, first lets go to hospital. You need dressing to be done.
Dev- Its Okay Miss Gadodia, these small injuries cant give pain to me.
Ragini gets angry.

Ragini- Stop the car.
Dev- What??
Ragini (angrily)- I said stop the car.Dev stops. Till now rain has stopped.
Ragini – Sir, what do you think, that in this world only you have problem in your life. Open your eyes, everyone has a problem. If you look at others problem, your problem will look like tiny dot. I dont know abt your past but we should move on. We shld not let our past haunt us. She keeps on scolding him and she was also dressing his wounds with first aid box kept in car.
She realises she is speaking from hrs. She looks towards Dev who was watching her amused.

Screen pauses on Dev’s amused face…..

So how is this chapter……

Note– Okay guys…. CH-7 will be updated today/ tommorrow….

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