Ragini Ek Kahani- Chapter 9





Scene starts with Ragini holding Dev’s hand. Dev looks up to see Ragini there. Ragini too looks at him. She could see pain in Dev’s eyes.
Ragini- What are u doing Sir, why are u hurting ur self? See how much blood has flown.
Dev- Just go from here miss Gadodia.
Ragini- I will not go, this is a park, not ur office.
Dev- Fine, but dont try to stop me. He again starts punching on trees.
Ragini again comes infront of him.
Dev looks at her.
Ragini- Dont look like that sir, i am not stopping u, but because of ur punches tree is getting hurt, that why i have come infront of u.
Dev gets frustrated. He pins Ragini on the tree. He comes close to her. Ragini’s heart beats fast.
She could feel his breathe on her face.
Dev- Dont u try to interfere in my life miss Gadodia. Stay away.
He see that Ragini has closed her eyes. She was looking like an innocent angle. Just then Ragini opens her eyes. They have an eye-lock. It get disturbed by sounds coming from surroundings. They realise there position. They move away. Dev puts on his vests.
Dev- Remember miss Gadodia, just stay away frm my life. understood….
He goes from there.
Ragini was still standing there seeing him go. She thinks– What happens to me when he comes close to me. Why does my heart starts beating so fast. Why cant i see him hurt? Why do i feel pain when i saw blood ozzing out of his hands?
Just then her phone rings. She comes out of her thoughts. She picks her phone & says- Yes , Dadi Maa , i am coming. She goes.
Scene shifts to Dev–
Dev thinks– She is so beautiful. He remembers her eyes. Her eyes are so deep. Suddenly he gets out of his thoughts & thinks– What’s happening with me? Why is she affecting me so much ? Why???
He speeds his car. Just then a chid comes running infront of car. Dev pulls the breaks on time.
He thinks- Control Dev, control….. He reaches his home & gets ready for offfice.
Scene shifts to Ragini—
She comes to baadi. She sees Sharmishta in the kitchen.
Ragini- Good Morning , Maa
Sharmishta smiles. Dadi too comes there.
Dadi- Laddo, ho gayi thhari jogging.
Ragini- yes, Dadi maa…. Now i am going to get ready for office. She leaves……

Screen splits on the faces of Dev (who is ready) & Ragini (who is getting ready)…………….

So how is this chapter………………………………..

Credit to: ck1234

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