Ragini Ek Kahani- chapter–7


Chapter 6
Scene starts with Dev looking at Ragini, amused. Ragini looks at him and realises that she was speaking non-stop.
Ragini- Why are u looking at me like this. Ur dressing is done. Now u can drive.
Dev looks at her & starts the car. He smiles a little. Ragini is shocked to see him smilling.
Ragini (to herself)- Yeh akroo smile bhi karta hai… Not bad.
They reach baadi. Ragini gets down & goes inside the baadi, while Dev too goes.
As Ragini walks in, she sees Dadi waiting for her.
Dadi- Laddo where were u… haa. Its 11:00 pm & it was raining.
Ragini- Dadi Maa, relax, there was an important work in office so i am late & btw my boss himself dropped me here. ( She does not tell abt goons incident)
Dadi- Okay fine, go & change, i will get food for u.
Ragini goes to her room.
Scene shifts to Dev–
He come to his house. Its a small but beautiful two room cottage with a garden surrounding it. (I have already mentioned that he left in family & home “Raichand Mansion” 3 yrs back due to some reason…..)
He enters the house. He thinks– What to eat .. as he was hungry??? He sees a maggie packet. He thinks of making it. As he was making , he goes into flashback—
A girl is shown sitting with dev. (Her face is not yet reveled) Dev puts his head on her lap.
Dev- U know i am so happy, just a month left for our wedding & after that u will be Mrs.Raichand. The elder daughter-in-law of raichand family.

He looks at her. Dev holds her hands & says- Are u not happy.
Girl- Dev how can u say like this, u know na u are my life. I cant live without u. Its just that i am thinking abt my Mom-Dad.
Dev gets up & hugs her.
Dev- Dont worry, just like my family will be yours, ur family will be mine. I will take care of them like a son.
Girl smiles & says- I know…. BTW Dev i am hungry..
Dev- Okay lets go to restro….
Girl- Dev, not restro… i wanna eat something made from ur hands.
Dev thinks & says okay i will be back. He goes.
Girl- Dev…..
He returns after few minutes.. with maggie packets….
Girl- Dev, what’s this??
Dev with a sweet smile says- Noodles…. I will make this for u.
Dev wraps a cloth around his neck as chef’s do & says- So mam be ready for the noodles made by one & only chef Dev Raichand…
Girl smiles at him & says- So Mr Chef, show me ur talent..
Dev starts cutting veggies. He starts making maggie & put veggies in it. After few minutes., he brings a bowl full of maggie & says- So madam, Chef’s dev special noodles is ready.
Girl- Okay, so let me taste it. She tastes & says wow ur are so talented. So after our marriage u will make this for me once a week.
Dev- Done….. by the way i am talented in other things too, i will show it after marriage & if u wanna see it now, i dont have any problem….. And he smirks at her.
The girl understands his meaning & says- Dev…. and both burst out laughing…..
Flashback ends………….
Here in present to Dev laughs but suddenly he remembers something & his eyes turn red. He switches of the gas and goes to his room……

So how is this chapter……………………

Credit to: ck1234

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