Ragini Ek Kahani- Chapter 12


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Scene starts with Dev’s car colliding with a tree. He gets hurt on his head & faints. Some ppl surrond him. They get him out & takes him to hospital.
Scene shifts to baadi–
Ragini takes snacks for Roshni. But she was restless. Roshni sees it.
Roshni- What happened dii… Any problem??
Ragini- I dont know Roshni…. but i am feeling restless as if something bad has happened..
Roshni- Common dii.. nothing has happened..
Ragini looks outside. It was raining heavily. She was feeling more restless.

Scene on road-
Dev car collides with tree. His head bleeds. As he open car door, he faints. By-passers sees this , they take Dev to nearest hospital.
Scene shifts to hospital—
Few man take him to hospital. It was city hospital. As doctor comes, he recognises him as Dev Raichand. He asks nurse to take him to ward & do bandage. (The doctor was Raichand’s family doctor.)
Scene shifts to Baadi–
Ragini & Roshni were chatting. Just then Ragini ‘s phone rings. Dev’s name flash on it.
Ragini- Hello Sir…..
But other voice come from there.
Voice- Excuse me, actually the person whose mobile is this met with accident. We have bought him in city hospital. Since ur no. was on top, i called u. Do u know him.
After listening to accident, Ragini went numb. She stood like statue.
Voice- Hello, are u there…
Ragini came to her senses.
Ragini- Ya. .. Yes, i am coming…….She keeps the phone & runs outside.
Roshni- Dii, were are u going.
But Ragini just went out. Dadi sees her.
Dadi- Arrey, were did ragini went in this rain.

Scene in hospital–
Nurse bandages Dev ‘s wound. He was still unconsious. Doctor comes.
Doctor- Nurse , everything is fine.
Nurse- Yes, Sir…
Doctor & Nurse leaves.
Doctor (to himself)- Shld i call Avantika ji or not. She has the right to know abt her son’s condition.
He calls Avantika.
Avantika– Hello.
Doctor- Hello, Mrs.Raichand… I am Dr.Desouza..
Avantika- Yaa, doctor what happened?
Doctor- Actually , Mrs Raichand… Woh… Some ppl have bought Dev to our hospital.
Avantika (shocked)- What….. How is Dev?
Doctor- Mam, Dev is fine, i thought to tell u….
Avantika- I am coming…
She cuts the call.
Scene on the road-
Ragini gets a cab & asks him to take her to city hospital. She does not knew , why her heart was beating fast.
Scene in the hospital–
Dev was lying on the bed. He started getting consious. Nurse sees this & goes to call doctor. Dev opens his eyes & finds himself in hospital room. Just then Doctor Desouza enters.
Doctor- How are u feeling now, Dev.
Dev- I am fine, How come i here.
Doctor- Some ppl bought u here. Anyways u need some rest.
Dev- No uncle… i will go.
Doctor- No way… U are not going anywhere.
Doctor is right , a voice comes. Dev & doctor looks towards door. It was Ragini.

She enters the room.
Dev- Miss Gadodia… U here….
Doctor- Dev, u know her.
Ragini- Hello, i am sir ‘s PA.
Doctor- Ohh… Okay, u both sit…. i have to go for round. He leaves from there.
Dev looks at Ragini. She sits next to him.
Ragini- How are u sir.
Dev- I am fine, Why u came here in such a bad weather?
Ragini- I dont know, i just rushed after knowing abt ur accident.
She looks at Dev, who was staring at her. There was something different in his eyes for her today. They have an Eye-lock.

Scene at Reception–
A mid-age lady gets down from the car. The driver keeps Umbrella over her head. As they enter the lady asks driver to be there. She enters.
Lady- Were is Dr.Desouza…
Receptionist- He must be here , mam…
Just then he comes.
Desouza- Hello Mrs Raichand. (Yes , She is Avantika Raichand.)
Avantika- How is Dev, Where is he??
Desouza- Chill Mrs Raichand.. he is fine. Come with me.
Scene in room–
Ragini breaks her eye lock with Dev. He tries to sit. She helps him. She was very close to Dev. She cld feel his warm breath on her neck. Suddenly, the door opens. Ragini moves away.
Doctor enters. Dev smiles at him. Avantika too enters from behind. Ragini looks at her. (As she did not knew who she was.)

She then looks at Dev, whose smile had vanished & she could see anger on it.
Avantika- Dev…. She comes forward, But Dev shows her his hands , signalling not to come near him. He looks at doctor.
Dev- U called this lady here.
Doctor- Yes , Dev.. She is……
He was cut off by Dev.
Dev (angrily)– She is no one to me… Ask her to get lost from here.
Avantika- Dev, dont say like this. I am ur Mother.
Dev laughs in scarastic way.
Dev- Mother……. Do u know the meaning of that word Mrs Raichand. That word looks like a gaali , when spoken from ur mouth. U know for a mother, her child happiness is everything, but for u, ur priority is money, business , class… Just go from here…. Ur & mine relation was over 3yrs back….. leave i said…
Avantika was teary eyed. She leaves from there. Ragini was shocked. She looks at Dev. His eyes were emitting fire, his face was red.
Ragini- Sir……..
Dev hugged her tightly & cries…….

Scene ends on Dev hugging Ragini…..

so how is the chapter….

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