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Scene starts with Ragini coming to baadi & going to get ready for office. On the other hand Dev to get ready for the office. He leaves.
In baadi–
Ragini gets ready & comes down.
Ragini- Okay, Dadi, i am going.
Dadi- Arrey, laddo ruk, first do ur breakfast & then go. Yesterday night also u did not eat anything.
Ragini– Dadi, i will be late……
Dadi- No, i will not let u go. She makes Ragini sit for breakfast.
Ragini starts eating fastly. She coughs.
Shekher- Arrey, Ragini, beta eat slowly.. He pass a glass of water. Dadi & Sharmishta smile. Shekher realises what he was doing. He gets up & was abt to go. When Ragini stops him.
Ragini- I am sorry baba, will u not forgive me, just once, plz. She gets teary eyes.
She goes to Shekher & hugs him. She cries. Shekher too hugs her back. He forgives her. Dada ji also forgives Ragini.
Dadi- Okay , now u all finish ur break fast.
Ragini again starts eating fastly.
Dadi- Laddo, what are u doing…
Ragini- Dadi u all dont know my boss, if i will be late na, he will give me big lecture, u know baba he is akru no.1, he wld eat me alive.
Shekher- Is he strict.
Ragini- Baba, strict, if u wld see him na u guys will be afraid, he has big eyes, a big nose, two alien type ears. She said funnily.

Dadi- Laddo, he is a human or something else….
Ragini- He is rakshas , Dadi, rakshas…. Okay i will leave now, She goes.
Scene shifts to DR Company—
Dev enters the office. All staff wish him Good Morning. He enters his cabin. Just then Ragini to enters the office.
Ragini (self thinking)- God, i am so late, this akru will burst on me, today.
She enters Dev ‘s cabin.
Dev- Miss Gadodia, u are 10 min…. late….
Ragini- Sorry sir…. woh…. after jogging……. (she was cut off by Dev.)
Dev- No excuses, get to work.
Ragini nods. She sees bandage on Dev’s hand. She remembers jogging incident.
Ragini- Sir… How is ur hand??
Dev looks at her, he to remembers jogging incident & his & ragini closeness.
Dev- Its fine, u can go.
Ragini leaves. They were working in there cabins. In between work, Ragini wld look at dev, & find him engrossed in the files. She thinks- God, iss ki life mein kaam ke siwaa kucch nahi hai kya. She again gets to work. After sometime, it was lunch break. Laila comes to Ragini.
Laila- Hey, Ragini, lets go to canteen & eat something.
Ragini- Yep, lets go. She close the file & looks at Dev. Again he was working.
She gives a “unbelievable” type expression & goes with Laila.
As they go, Ragini gets a call. Its Roshni.

Ragini- Hello…
Roshni- Dii, guess what….. (I already mention abt Roshni that She is cousion sister of Ragini, She was doing MBA in delhi & have returned after completing it. She is younger than Ragini. She is also raised by Dadi as her parents died when she was 2 months old. She loves Ragini alot)
Ragini- What….
Roshni– Dii, i have arrived in Kolkatta.
Ragini (with happiness)- Really…
Roshni- Haa, i waana see u in baadi, i will be there in 1 hrs.
Ragini- But, i am in office.
Roshni – I dont know….. but after reaching baadi, first person i wanna meet is u. . She cuts the call…..
Ragini gets thinking.
Laila- What happened Ragini?
She tells her everything.
Laila- So u want half-day.
Ragini- Haa, but how totalk to dev sir. But i will have to talk to him.
She goes to Dev’s cabin.
Ragini- Sir , this file is completed.
Dev sees it & says- Good job, miss gadodia….
Ragini- Sir, actually…… woh…
Dev- yes, speak…..
Ragini- I want half-day…… She thought dev wld blast her but to her surprise he gives her half day.
Ragini gets happy. She says- Thank u sir…. and suddenly goes & hugs him.
Dev get shocked. Ragini realises what she is doing. She breaks & hug & says Sorry.
She leaves without hearing him.
Dev things- Pagal larki…..
Ragini takes the taxi & goes to baadi……..

Screen stops on Ragini going to baadi……

So how is the chapter………

Credit to: ck1234

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