Ragini Ek Kahani- CH8

Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Scene starts with Dev angrily to his room. He sees punching bag & starts punching it as hard as he can. He hands start bleeding, but he does not stop. He keeps on punching it hard. His anger, pain could be seen in his eyes.
Scene shifts to baadi–
Dadi was waiting for Ragini to come dowstairs & have her food. But she does not come. Dadi takes food & goes to Ragini’s room. As she enters she sees Ragini sleeping peacefully.
Dadi smiles & thinks- Ab kissi ki nazar na lagge merri Laddo ko. She goes to her & kisses her forhead. Dadi leaves.
Its Morning–
Ragini wakes up & sees the time. Its 5’o clock. She thinks to go for jogging. She wears her track pants & t-shirt & leaves. Since it was Morning few ppl were out there. She too started jogging. She sees Swara, Sanskaar, Laksh & Kavita too. They were also out for jogging. She ignores them but they saw her. They go to her.
Sanskaar- Hii Ragini..
Ragini- Hii….. in not so interested tone.
Laksh looks at Ragini, he cld see the difference. This was not the Ragini who was behind him madly, who could do anything for him. She was different. His presence did not affect her. He smiles.
Kavita goes to Ragini & says- Hii….
Ragini too replies her with a smile.
Kavita- Ragini, can we became frnds. She forwards her hands.
Ragini smiles & says – ofcourse…. frnship accepted…
Laksh- Ragini…. woh… I am sorry… and..
Ragini smiles & says- Its okay Laksh, i can understand, somewhere we both were wrong. So its okay. I dont have any issues.
Laksh smiles & says- So can we become frnds …..
Ragini nods. Laksh & Kavita smiles while Swara makes faces.
Kavita- So Ragini, where are u working.
Ragini tells them abt DR company.
Laksh- I have heard that Dev Raichand is a very strict boss.
Ragini- Strict… Ek number ka akdu hai woh…
The three laughs. Sanskaar was looking at Ragini. He too wanted to be her frnd but did not knew frm were to start. While Swara was making a irritated face.
Swara- Common, we have came for jogging not to gossip.
Just then some girls passing through there says- Wow yaar kya hot aur handsome ladka hai.
Girl2- Yaa…. Kya body hai….
They go.

kavita – Yeh kiss ki baat karr rahi thhi.. Hot, handsome….
Laksh got jealous, he holds her hands & says- Anyone, it does not matter, u are just mine. Understood…
Kavita- Laksh, i was joking…. She laughs..
Ragini looks towards the direction from were the girls were coming. She sees a man doing exercise. He was shirtless. (As i already said it was early mornin & only few pp were there.)
She did not knew why her heart skipped. Just then the man turns. He was none other then Dev. His eyes were red & puffy. Like he did not slept whole night & cried. His pain was visible from his eyes. Ragini see’s it & she to feels his pain.
Ragini (to herself)- Whenever i see in his eyes i only see pain, anger & hurt. Why? What’s the reason he is like this. So much of pain, So much hurt.
Her thoughts break by Kavita’s word.
Kavita- Okay, Ragini so we are leaving.
Ragini nods & bid them bye. She looks towards Dev. He was angrily punching on tree. His hands were bleeding but he was continueously punching. Ragini gets shocked seeing him like this. She runs in his direction. As Dev was again abt to punch, Ragini holds his hands & stops him. Dev raises his eyebrows & looks at Ragini.

Screen splits at Dev & Ragini looking at each other……..

So how is this chapter…….

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