Ragini Ek Kahani- CH7


Scene starts with Dev looking amazed by Ragini’s behaviour. Ragini realises that she spoke alot while dressing his wounds.
Ragini- Sir, plz lets go.
Dev silently starts the car & takes it to her house (baddi). On the way the tire of the car gets punchured.
Dev & Ragini gets out & see the punctured tire.
Dev- Shit. Now what to do. We will not get a mecanic at this time.
They see a house & go there for help. No one was there. They decided to stay in the house. Just then Ragini’s mobile rings.
Dadi- Laddo,were are you, you did come till now.
Ragini- Dadi maa, i am with a friend & will stay here tonight.
Dadi- Okay. & keeps the phone.
They stay at that house. Ragini goes to Dev.
Ragini- Sir, can i ask u something.
Dev nods in yes.
Ragini- Sir, i know there is some big pain which you have hidden behind your arrogant & rude behaviour. If you want u can share with me.
Dev- You know Ragini, i used to love a girl. Her name was Smriti, we have seen many dreams together. But my mom was against our marriage just because she was not of our standards, you know Ragini i have always heard that for a mother her children’s happiness is everything by my mom priority is class, standards, money etc. Smriti had an brother, who was suffering from Cancer. She wanted money for his treatment. My mother gave her money but she also took promise from Smriti that she will not return in my life. At that time i was not in Kolkatta. When i came back i searched her everywhere but she was not here. Then i got to know abt her promise to my mother & i broke every relation with my mother. Tears flow from his eyes.
Ragini tries to console him. Suddenly he hugs her tightly & cries. Ragini ‘s heart skipped a bit. After sometime Dev breaks the hug.
Dev- Sorry, actually……
Ragini- Its okay sir, i can understand. You know sir, we should never live in past. The things which happened cant be changed but at we can make our present & future better by moving in life.
Dev- You are right Ragini, life shld move on. I promise from tommorrow you will see old Dev. The Dev who was very fun loving person.
Ragini smiles & says- I would love to see that Dev.
Dev forwarding his hands- can we become friends.
Ragini too shakes hands with him. Both feel like a current passing through there body.

Precap- Dev & Ragini becomes friends & Roshni comes to kolkatta.

So how is this chapter.

Credit to: ck1234


  1. Wat yar ck u slways ask me to upload big one but u are uploading small one not fair
    And coming to ff
    Super i didnt thought dev will express his past so soon to her
    May be ragini did a magic on him

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.