Ragini Ek Kahani- CH6



Scene starts with goons surrounding Ragini. Ragini gets scared.
Goon1- What happen babes are you not getting a cab?
Goon2- Oh Darling , come sit on my bike i will drop you?
Ragini- See, let me go, otherwise it will not be good for you.
Goon 3- Oh really, he comes near Ragini. Show what you can do. He tries to touch her. Ragini slaps the goon hard.
Goon4- How dare you slap him, all four starts coming near Ragini.
Ragini gets afraid & start running in heavy rain. They also run to catch her.
Ragini slips on the road. The goons come near to her.
Ragini- Dont come near me.
Goons start laughing. One of the goon goes to Ragini & tries to misbehave with her. Just then someone punches the goon. Its Dev. His eyes were emmitting fire. Ragini goes & hugs him tightly.
Dev feels like hugging her back but does not do so.
Dev- Are you fine Miss Gadodia.

Ragini looks at Dev & realizes that she is hugging him. She leaves him.
Dev holds her hands & says- lets go. (eyeing goons angrily) As they turned goons attack Dev. He fights with them. In sometime he over powers all 4 of them. Just as he was fighting one goon come from the back with knife and attacks him.
Ragini shouts Sirrrr.
Dev turns but as the goon has attacked he gets a cut on his Shoulder. He fights with the goon. The goons run away.
Dev goes to Ragini.
Dev- Sit in the car, i will drop you.
She sits. Dev starts driving. Ragini see blood ozzing out from his shoulders and hands.
Ragini- Sir, first lets go to hospital. You need dressing to be done.
Dev- Its Okay Miss Gadodia, these small injuries cant give pain to me.
Ragini gets angry.
Ragini- Stop the car.
Dev- What??
Ragini (angrily)- I said stop the car.

Dev stops. Till now rain has stopped.
Ragini – Sir, what do you think, that in this world only you have problem in your life. Open your eyes, everyone has a problem. If you look at others problem, your problem will look like tiny dot. I dont know abt your past but we should move on. We shld not let our past haunt us. She keeps on scolding him and she was also dressing his wounds with first aid box kept in car.
She realises she is speaking from hrs. She looks towards Dev who was watching her amused.

Precap— Rag Dev moments. Dev opens up to Ragini.

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Credit to: ck1234

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    sry jise bhi meine apne group me samil kiya h o chahe toh chod sakte h ….mujhe bura nhi lagega ….because mere mein yeh best quality h …..so guys…..
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  16. Wow I loved it. I started reading today only and have read all the chapters. I was a very big fan of Shaleen’s ARJUN serial no now I like even Ragini a lot. Thx u so much for combing these two…. 🙂

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