Ragini Ek Kahani- CH5


Scene start with Dev & Ragini were only in office. Dev has given Ragini some more files.
Ragini goes to his cabin. She hand over the files to him & says,
Ragini- So sir, my worked is finished, can i leave, its 9 pm already.
Dev looks at her and signals her to leave. She was abt to leave his cabin when,
Dev- I am sorry Miss Gadodia but stay away from my personal life.
Ragini was shocked, amazed as she did not expected an apology from him.
She looked at him and smiled a little. Then she went to her cabin & went out of office.
Ragini- He is not that rude & arrogant. But whose pic was it. I had seen pain in his eyes.
Ragini came out of her thoughts. She saw that it was raining. She opened her umbrella & begin walking.

In his cabin–
Dev was working. He saw that all has left & today his work is also finished. He sees its raining. He closes his eyes.
Flashback– It was a rainy day. A girl was playing with rains. (Her face will not be revealed now) Dev comes from back and hugs her.
Dev- Sweetheart, you know i hate rains
Girl- And i love rains, common Dev lets go out & play.
Dev smiles and says sweetheart you are behaving like a kid. BTW when we will have kids after marriage i will keep them away from rain.
Girl- Mr. Dev Raichand, she takes some water in her hands & throw on Dev.
Dev- You, he runs behind her.
The girl runs in garden.

Girl- Catch me if you can.
Dev to comes in garden. They run. Finally Dev catches the girl, but both slip & falls in mud. They both brust out in laughter.
Flashback ends…
A sweet smile comes on his face. But he opens his eyes which were filled with tears. His smile vanished. There was anger, hurt , pain everything in his eyes.
He walks out of the office, sits in the car and drives rashly in heavy rain.
On the road–

Ragini was looking for a cab. Just then her phone rings.
Dadi- Laddo were are you, why have u not arrived till now. See its raining heavily.
Ragini- Dadi maa, i will come soon. You dont take tension. Okay & she keeps the phone.
She walks with umbrella & searching for cab. As it was raining heavily she was wet.
Somewhere in an isolated place–
Dev comes out of the car. His eyes were red. Dev sits on the ground & shouts- Yaaaa, why me? Why did this happened with me. He cries hard for sometime. Afterwards he sits in the car & drives away.
On the road-
As Ragini was walking. Four motorcycle comes & surrounds Ragini.

Precap- Dev saves Ragini.

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