Ragini Ek Kahani- CH4



Scene starts with Dev saying- No one can be like her, not even this girl…. He wipes his tears and gets into work.
Ragini too was working. It was 2pm. Luch time. Half of the office was in canteen. Laila comes to Ragini.
Laila- Ragini lets go to canteen, or lets order something here only.
Ragini- Lets order here only, i think canteen will be full.
They call a peon and order Burger & Samosas. Ragini looks towards Dev’s chamber. He was engrossed in his work.
Ragini- Laila, can i ask u something.
Laila- Ya ofcourse…
Ragini – Do you know why Dev sir is so rude.
Laila- No one knows Ragini, from the day i joined this company, he is like this. You have asked me but dont ask someone else, if dev sir will come to know his anger will blast on you. He does not like ppl who interferes in his life.
Ragini nods & look towards Dev.

It was evening, Ragini completed her work and went to submit the file to Dev.
She enters his cabin. He was not there. Ragini keeps the file on table and was about to go. When she saw a pic fallen on the floor. She picked it up & was abt to see when someone snatched it from her. It was dev.
Dev (angrily)- How dare you touch my personal belongings. Dont you have manners.
Ragini (She was afraid seeing his anger but did not show it on her face)- Relax sir, i came here to submit the file. The pic was fallen on the floor so i picked it up.
Dev was more angry as no one had spoke to him in this manner. Whenever he scolded someone he wld listen to him and go back with there head down. But this girl was answering him back.
Dev pinned her to wall. He came to close to her. Ragini could feel his breath. Her heart skipped a bit. (She did not knew why)

Dev- Look miss Gadodia, you better just concentrate on your work. Dont you try to interefere in my life. Did you understand.
He leaves her. Ragini goes from there.
Dev looks at pic and closes his eyes in pain.

Precap– Dev saves Ragini from goons.

So how is this chapter…..

Credit to: ck1234

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