Ragini Ek Kahani- CH3




Next Day-
Ragini gets ready for her office. She goes down.
Dadi- Laddo, come have your breakfast.
Ragini- Dadi, i am going, i will be late on my first day only.
She takes a paratha, make it a roll & goes out eating.
She gets a taxi and go to office.
In office-
Ragini reaches office on time. Receptionist (Laila) takes her to Dev’s chamber.
Dev- Come in……
The Receptionist & Ragini come in. Dev was checking a file.
Dev (Without raising his eyes from file)- Yes Laila, what happened.
Laila- Sir, She is your new PA. Ragini…
Dev looks up. He sees Ragini. Ragini smiles to him & says Good Morning.
Dev does not reply. He looks again in the file. Ragini thinks ” Akadu Kahin Ka”.
Dev (still looking at file)- Log mujhe Akadu samjhe ya kucch aur mujhe koi fark nahi padta.
Ragini was shocked. She thought- “How did he hear, did i said it loud”.
Dev- I can read the face expression of ppl. I very well know what ppl talk & think abt me, but it does not affect me. Seeing towards Laila,
Dev- Laila, show her cabin and make her understand all her work. Understood.
Laila (in fear)- yyyyes Sir…
They both go out from Dev’s cabin. Laila takes a deep breath.
Ragini- He is so rude.

Laila- He is like this only. Anyways i am Laila.
Ragini- Hiii, i am Ragini. So friends, They sake hands.
Laila takes Ragini to her cabin, which is just beside’s Dev. There is a glass wall in between.
Laila- So Ragini, this is your cabin.
Ragini- wow nice.
Laila makes her understand all her work.
Laila- Okay, bye Ragini & remember Dev Sir likes all his works done on time & with perfection otherwise his anger will burst on you. And she goes.
Ragini sits on her chair. She feels happy. Ragini looks towars Dev’s chamber. He was still in file and working in Laptop.
Ragini thinks “Is he of this world or from another planet.How can be someone so workholic. It looks as if there is nothing else then work in his life. But why do i feel as if there is a very big pain hidden behind his rude & arrogant face.” She was looking at Dev. Just then Dev raised his eyebrows towards Ragini. She acts liking working on her computer. Dev again gets engrossed in his work.
Aftersometime intercom in Ragini’s chamber rings.

Ragini- Hello….
Dev- Yes, Miss Gadodia come to my chamber now.
Before she could say anything he cuts the phone. She goes to his chamber.
Ragini- Yes Sir, did you called me.
Dev- Yes, Miss Gadodia, this is the file of Verma’s & i want it to be completed today & if you want any help you can ask me. Is it clear, he says handing her a file.
Ragini (confidently)- Yes Sir, this file will be completed today. May i leave.
Dev signals her to go.
Dev thinks- ” Not bad, quite a confident girl, no one has the guts to talk to me like her. But why do i feel as if she is similar to…..”
No, what are you thinking Dev. No one can be like her. Not even this girl. A tear comes in his eyes. He wipes it.

Precap- The first showdown between Dev & Ragini.

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  1. manvi

    Awwwww…so cute my Ragini….I love this ff so much and please update Ragini ek nayi suruwat plsssssssssssss
    And thank u for shaleen Malhotra I love him so much he is very hot and handsome guy…….thank u so much for giving us a wonderful ff……u and ur ff is just awesome,superb,mind blowing please update soon as possible

  2. Vini

    This is from Ragini’s perspective and u r writing it perfectly, very happy to read this ff,keep going.

  3. Aayushi

    Very nice.. Dev is quite intriguing. Please update soon and try to make it a little longer please. …

  4. Sathya

    Hey, I am a silent reader actually. But your ff have made me to comment. The part so so nice that I read it more than once before commenting. You are awesome writer. Update soon, pls. I really can’t wait for it, seriously. There is magic in your writing and thanks for such amazing ffs.

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