Ragini Ek Kahani- CH2



It was evening-
Ragini came to baadi. She was very happy, she had brought sweets as she got the job. As she enters her house, She see whole Maheshwari family there. They have come for dinner on Sharmishta’s insistence.
Dadi sees Ragini & says- Laddo, you came, what happened in the interview.
Ragini makes a sad face. Dadi thinks she did not get the job.
Dadi- No problem Laddo, keep trying one day you will get a good job.
Ragini just then take out a sweet and make Dadi eat it.
Ragini (happily)- I got the job dadi, in “DR” company.
Dadi gets happy. Shekhar, Sharmishta & dada also feels happy from inside. Swara make faces.
Ragini first goes to Jhanvi’s pic & says- Maa, this is my first step towards fulfilling your dreams.

A small tear flow from her eyes but she wipes it.
She goes to Dada & gives him sweets , he takes a little.(from inside he was very happy for his grand-daughter, that he woul have eat up full box alone.) She gives sweets to Everyone. As she gives it to Sujata, she says,
Sujata- I hope you have not mixed poison in these.
Ragini feels bad but does not react. She gives it to Sanskaar who takes it with a sweet smile and congrats her for getting a job. She gives it to Laksh, he too congratulates her. Same with Kavita. She goes to Swara to give her sweets.
Swara makes faces & says- Thanks, but i dont eat sweets.
Sharmishta- Shona, atleast take a small piece.
Ragini give a sad smile & says- Its okay Maa, let it be. She gives the box to Sharmishta and goes to change.
She comes out after some time she was wearing a light coloured kurti & churidaars. She sees Maheshwari’s chatting. She goes to Kitchen.
Ragini- Maa, should i help you.
Sharmishta- No beta, i will manage, you must be tired, you were out whole day, you go & rest.
Just then Swara comes inside & says- Maa, is right, you shld rest after all now you are a working lady. (She says taunting her)

Ragini did not gave damn to her words. She just ignored her.
She went to fridge & drank a little water. She leaves from there.
Sharmishta- Shona, why are you talking like this to her.
Swara- Maa, plz now you dont start your lectures.
They all were at Dinning table having dinner. Ragini was also eating.
Swara- Baba, we have decided to get Laksh & Kavita married. (She says looking towards Ragini)
Shekhar- That’s a good news DP ji. So, when is the engagement.
Dp- Actually we have not decided the date, we called pandit ji tommorrow, he will tell.
Swara looks at Ragini hoping to see her reaction but Ragini was busy in eating her food.
Actually it does not affect Ragini any more & she was trying to move on in her Life.
After some time they all left for Maheshwari Mansion.
Ragini was in her room. She was taking out her clothes as from tommorrow she will be joining her job.Just then her phone rings, its Roshni.
Roshni- Hello Di & congrats for the job.
Ragini- Thanks, Roshni. So when are you coming to Kolkatta. Your studies are over na.
Roshni- Yes di, i will come soon & i want to tell you something which i will tell after meeting you.
Ragini- Okay, bye good night.
She puts the phone & went to sleep.

Precap- How will be Ragini’s first day at job. What would happen when Dev & Ragini meets.

Credit to: ck1234

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