Ragini Ek Kahani- CH1

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Scene starts with Kavita’s entry & Laksh saving Ragini from Kaveri’s hand. Ragini comes to her room. She thinks what she had done with Maheshwari’s. She takes out two sets of papers & signs on them. Dadi comes to her-
Dadi- Laddo what are you doing.
Ragini- The thing which i should have done earlier.
She goes to Durga Prasad & handover the property papers to him.
Ragini- I have transffered all your property to you. I know i dont deserve forgiveness, but if possible plz forgive me.
She goes to Laksh & hands him divorce papers.
Ragini- You are free from this relation, Laksh. Hope you too will forgive me.
Dadi- Laddo, why you did this.
Ragini- Because i want to live my life dadi, i dont want to destroy anyone’s life more. And plz i hope u will support me in my decision.
She leaves to baadi.
Ragini was in her old look. In anarkali suit, no sindoor & no mangalsutra. She was feeling relived, she knew that it was not easy for anyone to forgive her but she will wait. She thinks- From tommorrow i will be new Ragini. She search for the job on internet. She applies for some companies.

Its Morning–
In baadi, Shekhar, Sharmishta, Dada were having break fast. Dadi was waiting for Ragini. Ragini come down. She was in a new look. She was wearing a kurti & jeans. She tied up her hairs.
Dadi – Come Laddo, have your break fast.
Ragini wished Shekhar & others but they did not react. She feels bad.
Dadi- Laddo, are you going somewhere.
Ragini- Yes Dadi, i have applied for jobs so i am going for interview.
Dadi- But why do you need to work. In our family girls dont go out to earn money.
Ragini- Dadi plz, I want to work. I want to stand on my feets. I want to fulfill all the dreams of my mother. (She says looking at Jhanvi’s pic which was hanging on wall.)
Till now i was wrong but now i want to live my Life on my conditions.
Dadi- But Laddo….
Ragini looks at her.
Dadi- Fine, i am with you.
Shekhar who was listening all these was happy from inside that now his daughter is on right track. But he did not show that happiness on his face.
Ragini finishes her food and goes for interview. She goes to some company but does not get the job. Finally she enters a very big company “DR”. She goes to reception & says that she has come there for the job of PA(personal assistant).
After some time she is told that she has got the job & her salary will be 50,000 p.m. And she can join from tommorrow.
She hears some ppl saying,
Person1- She is the new PA of our boss.
Person2- 25 th PA. She will also leave like others.
Ragini thinks- “Look as if there boss is quite strict.” Anyways i will meet him tommorrow. She leaves.
Just As she leaves a big Car comes. A handsome young, dashing, super hot comes out & enters the company.
He is our hero Dev Raichand. All ppl went silent seeing him. He goes inside his chamber. He calls the receptionist inside.
Dev (angrily)- Did you arrange for the PA.
Receptionist- Yes, yes sir she will join from tommorrow.
Dev tells him to go. He takes out a file & start checking it.
Screen splits on Ragini & Dev’s face.

Precap- How will be Ragini & Dev’s first encounter. What will happen when they will cross each others Path?

Credit to: ck1234


  1. swathi

    looks like ur a fan of teju/ragini like me luv u dear n i like all ff of urs especially ragini ek nayi shuruvatt..continue it its nic…

  2. Dipanwita

    Thnx yaar for writing Ragini….actually i like her so much…bt unfortunately she never gets enough screen space in swaRagini….sooo thank u from the core of my heart…..

  3. Dipanwita

    Bt as the into kavita is laksh’s wife???? I mean noooo!!plz make laksh realize wht he has done to ragini…nd also jealous of Dev….plzzzzz

  4. Vini

    Very nice,especially,story line from Ragini’s perspective, excellent idea,m a big fan of Tejaswi n m happy after reading this episode..

  5. manvi

    I m big fan of tejaswi and ck1234 &i m crazy fan of her….I mean tejaswi….thank u so much for giving me such a wonderful ff…pls reply me ck1234 I am waiting for your reply…..and one more request please post next part soon……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.