ragini i am coming your swara is coming (Intro)

hi frnd i am krishna i new here i love all the fiction stories or i am addicted to ff of swaragini my day start by reading ff and sleep after reading ff….okay i am sorry i am very talkative
so lets starts the story
only small change
swara -she is spoil child of janaki everyday something will be published in newspaper and media(but without her photo)…….her passion is boxing and music. also help her mom in business….loves her mom very much……so she denotes her name as swara janaki mehra lives in u.s
janaki-world famous business women…second wife of shekhar when she know about sumi and shekhar …..she thought her husband and her best friend cheated her so leaved from their with her 6 yrs old daughter
sharmishta-mother of ragini and arjun…..she consider janaki as a goddess because when she was in trouble only janaki stand their for her as pillor and guilt that because of her janaki leaved everyone….and consider sona as her daughter and wish to see her but her activities from news lives in her mother house
ragini-silent doesnt talk much hates her dad…..she is deivorse.. have many sorrow but she hides it from every one…. wish to make her mom and brother happy….and see her sister and bring her in straight path….doctor by profession
arjun-twin brother of ragini…he is also same as ragini..lawyer by profession…….husband of uttra but they also seprated….he also has same wish(played by vivian desousa)
in kolkatta (in baadi)
dadi-oh god in morning that bengalis started making fish
dida-if u want u can also try
dadi-mind your words
dida-u mind ur business
they fight for sometimes they goes to their house
sumi sitting infront of t.v while ragini,arjun and having their lunch
ragini-come have your breakfast
sumi-u have it i will come in a mint
sumi-just two mint
at that tym news comes swara is silent from 15 days whole new york is missing her before 21 day she has broken the hand of a guy who abused her mother ….she is no where not in her flat not in any public places even her best friend niti and veer didnt know about her
sumi-switch off the t.v and came to brkfst table and eat the breakfast
all are worried for but not showing it even arjun try to find her by his link but failed
in bunglow
a girl is sitting infloor by the support of bed holding an asthi kalash and sheeding tears she closed her eyes
a girl stepout of court
then her lawyer ritik-i think i should settle in police station itself because when i plan to do something you create new case swara
swara-sorry baby u say i should keep quite if someoe abuse my mum
ritik-talking to is waste…i am going
swara recieve a call and she run
in hospital
swara reach their and goes to a room where janaki is lying on a life support system swara comes to her slowly as she couldnt able move
swara-painfully mom
janaki-shona u came
swara-what happen to u mom if you are doing this to blackmail me mom sware i will die
janaki-swaraaa ..beta ur mom has little time left
swara-dont say like this if anything happen to u then their no reason for me to live …i will be all alone…. i promise i will became obident mom as you want but dont leave me
janaki-cares swara face beta i have to go…beta your mom has create big empire for u know u have to look after it because many people is based on it….. swara your not alone u have dadi,dada,dida,dad,choti maa,a brother and sister
swara-mom what are u saying
janaki-u have to fulfill my last wish u have to unit ur dad and choti maa and fill colors to life of your siblings
swara-i am not getting anything
janaki-beta ur dad and shermistha maa loves each other from childhood they married secreatly one day your dadi find them in bad state,,…..she insulted sumi very much called characterless and all badi peoples where gathered their they started abusing sumi but shekhar remained silent
sumi-shouts we are married i am his wife i have all rights to spent tym with him
dadi-are u mad…..my son never do itt
sumi-than ask your son…shekhar tell her
dadi-is she saying truth
shekhar-no maa i didnt marry her(he told because he was afraid of his mama)
sumi heart breaken she was pregnant at that tym after some year she given birth to ragini and arjun when they turn too three i was married to shekhar i always supported sumi as my sister and protected her mentally or financial helped from society even from maa ji but she never told me about her relation with shekhar after that u came our lyf as an angel sumi loved u more then ragini and arjun but one day i hear the talk of sumi and shekhar i feel cheated betrayel my hubby cheated me my sis hide the truth i leaved them and came here
but your urvashi maasi know everything before and she never leaved a chance to destroy the life of sumi and rag and arjun she manipulated ragini in laws and broken her marriage same she did with arjun
swara-crys …mom u lived with this much pain and never shared with me
janaki-ur smiling face gives me courage shona always be happy dont became devdas because ur mon like your smiling face…
janaki-promise me u will fullfill my last wish then only u do my asthi visarjan
swara-hold janaki hand and nodes in yes
janki takes her last breath swara cries
flashback ends
now one month passed swara became chairperson and md of mehra empire now in media only her success new is telecasted
in her bunglow
her friend veer come she calls him battery but doesnt allow anyone to call him battery
swara-what you know about them
veer-in gm their dada dadi and shekhar uncle lives he is a shopkeeper and near to his house in same baadi sumi ji and her mother and ragini ji is doctor and arjun ji is laywer lives
swara-and about their in laws
veer-its very confusing both of them in laws were same
swara-what is confusion in it
veer-sme how i know arjun married to ragini sister in law uttra but i dont know about rags hubby
swara-why they must be lover
veer-i also thought that in mm four boys are their first adarsh he is married to pari then sanskar then laksh and ahil he was their bua son lives with them after his parents death
swara-what is confusion
veer-ragini loves laksh ,laksh loves kavya ,kavya loves sahil.and sahil loves uttra.but she loved rajat and he loves kavita .she loves sanskar and he loves ragini
swara-hold her head what
recao-swara comes to india…..in new avtar


  1. smiley

    ????Same reaction as SWARA what after reading the last part…… awesome. mind-blowing……

  2. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    wow!! its a full circle. right now i am so curious to know about the pairs. i would love to see ragsan, but its upto you

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome love this specialy the last part when veer tell swara about their love triangle

  4. sss

    what seriously my mind is not working what a lovable tree family who love whom..hahaha u covered all the character of swaragini nice….allover nice episode specially the last para got confused with their love list…hopefully its ragsan/swalak..update soon

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