ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-6)


gjhjffvdcdgggt6tttvvvtgf6dfftttttttttttttbr5rghvewcv bdhf9rttttttRecap-veer in critical condition
doctor is trying their best to save him but his condition became worse doctors also loose hope then inform this to swara
swara hold the neck of doctor and threaten him by placing gun in doctors mouth ritik some how control her she jerk him and goes from their
arjun informer tell him the police who has beaten veer they four of them were shot dead and tell about urvashi
all were in tears knowing about swara…..arjun inform them about urvashi sumi became angry she asked arjun take her to urvashi
sumi,arjun ,sid abhi viren maan and ragini goes to urvashi place as hey enter they shocks to see the senario because swara became an animal repeatedly hitting her with rod conituesy by looking at urvashi its clearly seen she is dead
all were shocked but she is not stopping hitting urvashi continuesly but she feel someone touch in her shoulder so turn and see the person she shocks teary eye happy because the person is veer swara throw the rod and hugs him all see them with teary eye
Swara-battery u are fine
Veer- not happy to see me alive
Swara- shut up
Veer- waise bhi mjhe thik toh hona that fan following and agar m marjata toh hmre author ka kya hota????
……ritik and swara takes him to hospital all cames to meet him but swara warns them to stay away but veer cool down her
as all were looking at swara .veer understand that they came to know about her so veer send her home to rest but swara dynies but give his oath so she goes
Arjun- please forgive me because me all this happened
Veer- its not your fault you were worried for your family
Sumi- she is my little princess na my swara last symbol of my janaki
Dadi- my younger grand daughter
Shekhar- i am blessed to have such three kids
Arjun- i will apologies to her
Rags-we will live together
Veer- if you say that u know her identity she will u all in next second
Dada- no if she has to go then why she came here
Veer- to fullfill her mom last wish
Sumi- she loves us
Veer- she has no complain from ragjun she loves u elder as you were sumi aunty i mean here mom’s bestfriend in law but as her family she hates u from core of her heart because u all were responsible for her mom’s condition all society and all always comment janaki aunty you cant imagine how miserable life they had lived in starting
All became teary eye and shock they go from their

In road
Swara car stops due to engine failure so she walk and see a car standing and sound as a kid is playing swara moves toward car and see sanky he is drunk and his car fuel is finished
swara-what are u doing
sanky-cant u see i am driving
swara-dude your car fuel is finished ….are u drunk
sanky starts crying
swara-why are you crying
sanky-u are shouting at me and pouts
swara-ehhh ok plz dont cry u carry on i am going
sanky-again cry
swara-now what
sanky-u are leaving me alone if any girls see me then …may be they molest me…or take me with them then what happen
sanky-then society will abuse me..know one will respect me no girl will hold my hand no girl will marry and take to their house as son in law
swara burst out in laugh
sanky-i m telling you serious matter and u are laughing and pouts
swara-ok sry i am not going
sanky happly claps
swara thinks-by drink his mental stability is effected
swara-lets go
sanky-my car
swara-lock it

both started to walk my seeing ice cream he demand for it swara allow he eat 20 ice cream then same as golgappa and many thing
swara-wao god i have stolen his money thats why you made to spent double money on him
sanky-les go to pub
swara-no pub we have to go to home
sanky-nooooooo shouts
swara-okay only for sometimes
in pub swara sitting couch and sanky dancing his style of dance is very bad all looking at him in shock
swara-lets go its has been to hour your 2 mints are not over
sanky-i will not go..and kick a guy his phone fall and break
guy i want compensation swara gives him and check money only four thousand is remaining swara takes him out at a distance their a shop in which at statue is standing with a jacket
sanky-i want it

sanky throw stone on the glass (as ddlj) sanky takes the jacket and run away and shopkeeper catch her she hit her head in wall and curse for helping sanky and give all her money and goes in search of sanky and see he is playing with kids and showing his jacket
swara-oh god what i have done to u for which u are giving such torcher
at that tym goans comes and show knief to sanky and kids
swara-hey bhagwan bus yeahi baki tha oh god plz no more surprise plz
sanky-stop talking to yourself come and help us
swara see children and sanky has beaten the goans he is seating on the back of a goan
swara-i think their is no need of help u carry on
swara sit near the road side and see sanky and children fight but more goans comes and hit sanky from behind he falls one goan try to stab knief but swara hold his hand and beat them they run away all of sudden rain start children run away sanky start playing
swara-(thinks)oh god from alchol effect from salman khan he became sridevi….its better that goan that hit his head so that he falls unconsious and i can take him mm
swara-come sanky u fall ill …..but he is not listening he started dance like peacock swara moves forward but sanky hold her hand and pull toward him swara hit his chest sanky start to sing kabhi jo baadle barse and dance sensually with her
swara became frustrated with him completely he was at her back holding her waist swara hold his neck and make him fall on road sanky was not showing any moment so swara bend down to check him sanky pull her swara falls on him and he rolled and kiss on her forehead and stand swara was in shock but compose her self and see sanky blushing like heroine
swara-i will kill him
sanky-plz dnt kill me if anything happen to me then our symbol of love will also die
swara-confused haii which love whose symbol
sanky-ehhh shameless
swara-scrach her hair and say what i have did for which became shameless
sanky-you love me na thats why you saved me from goans bought me jacket and kissed me
swara-ehhhh when i kissed you
sanky-just know and blush and hide his face by his pam
swara-i will kill him or i will die
sanky-then what happen to our symbol of luv y placing his hand on his stomach innocently
swara- burst out in laugh and hold his hand started walking
sanky-i am tired i cant walk more
swara-sorry i cant hold u in my arms
sanky-why can you ha…how mean u are u make me mother of your child but cant hold me
swara-mixed feeling of anger laugh ….and see an auto and get in to auto sanky hugs swara see her inocently
swara-thinks today he definitely break my bones
swara-bro go to mm….in whole journey he torcher both swara and auto driver

outside mm
swara-bro wait here…..sanky go inside
swara-its your house
sanky-you also come
swara-in anger tone go inside or i will break u and symbol of your love
sanky-cross his hand on his tommy
swara-start the auto before he come back
auto driver-yes mam come it quickly
as auto disappear and land outside of badi swara goes in take money and give it to driver and goes back as she open the door someone back hug her she turn and see sanky
swara-how u came here
sanky-at that house their a cycle i ride it and followed your auto
swara-oh god anything remaining
sanky-this the place where u brought me after marriage
swara-shut up go to your home
sanky-no and cry
swara-battery its all because of you
sanky-its is the place you bring me after marriage
swara-no i will send u to moon
swara-change ur close you fall ill
swara goes to veer room but its lock and its key was in car she turn but sanky is not their
swara-know where he gone…..she search him and find him in her room in her night suit
swara-you ….forget it sleep here
sanky nodes and lie on bed and swara in hall on sofa in night around 1 am sanky wakes swara
swara-now what
sanky-show her small fingure
swara-washroom is inside only
sanky-but their is darkness
swara-cry ..lets go swara switch on the light and send sanky in and stand outside and again go back to sleep sanky wakes her many times for different thing finally she frustrated and get into room and comes out of the room and sleep peacefully

in morning sanky opens his eyes and see his hands were tide and tape on his mouth swara comes and free him
sanky-how i came here what i am wearing
swara-cant u see u have weared my nighty
sanky-why i am here
swara-drink it u feel better….did u forget yesterday u became mother of my kid
sanky-omitte out the drink…..whattt
swara-tells him everything and warn him never drink again
sanky-apologies and after sometimes he go out and stop an auto but the auto driver seeing his face dissappear
sanky-he must be the same auto driver and stop another and goes
later swara complete the last rituals of urvashi and goes to hospital
veer-i forgot to ask u how u get that cd
swara-tell that she find it in mam’s house gifted by nano(its the same cd which mentioned in epi-2 or 3)
veer-come close to me
swara -yeah
veer slap her
veer-if you have the cd then what is the need of finding who is rags husband for that we are beaten up by dida ,public and bitten up by dogs
their talks were heared by ragjun
veer-i will kill you he takes the glucose stand and run behind swara swara throw pillow on him he throw machine on her but she escape she came out they throw injection on each other which other people swara run toward terrace their she slip and hanf on the edge of the pillar veer also slip he also hang on swara legs followed by rags she came to help them followed by sid,maan.abhi.viren,thapki,vividha .kartik,wardboy
swara-koi prasad baatrha h kya jo sb line lagake agye
they falls down all were in a ward with bandage and plaster

after two week
its marriage of sumi shekhar raglak and arjun arohi
in morning sumi shekhar marriage completed and evening ragla and arju arohi
swaveer get responsiblity of steeling laksh shoes but they forget because their full concentration on food
later girl ask abou shoes swaveer say they forget
jeevika-and arjun shoes were stolen
geet-know what we do
swara-i have an idea and tell to girls
afer the ritual know arjun and laksh standing all girls and boys were debatting
abhi-we have arjun’s shoes
arjun-you are on my side
abhi-not today
pragya-let it be arjun
sid-if you dont give money we dont give shoes
arjun-how much
roshni-we dont want your shoes take it with u and frame it
maan-show shoes and say last chance
geet-u take it and give new shoes to arjun
sanky-its not fair
uttra-everything is fair in love and war
urmi-snatch the shoes from maan hand run away
now laksh turn
swara-we want 50,000
sanky-no way he walk without shoes
pragya-look their

all see in the way their is nails and glass piece
laksh-i cant walk on it
sahil-dont worry they didnt able to steel because the two who have to stole were bussy in eating
swara-show the box this is the one na
sanky-how is it possible
sanky and sahil goes to check
swara-we have no tym give money or we are going
rags-give it
swara-leave it battery lets go
laksh-see nail and say wait and gives the money
sanky and sahil comes bhai its cheating here is the shoe
all confused
pragya-then which shoes is inside it
roshni-may be new one
sumi-open it
laksh open it and see one rupee coin and note add remaining amount and purchase new one all burst out in laugh
vidai happen all the friend goes back to their house

recap-swara do her mom’s last ritual and swaveer pack the bags for going back

Credit to: unknown

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