ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-5)


recap-veer in hospital

swara-you will teach me …..do u work get lost
ritik-swaru control yourself ….dont show someone else anger on her
swara goes to the nurse ,by seeing swara nurse shiver in fear swara goes to nurse and apologies by folding her hand tears in her eyes nurse melt seeing swara condition and accept her apology swara hugs her and cry …nurse cares her hair
nurse-sis nothing will happen to him have faith in god
swara-god ….laugh he have some enimity with me the person whom i love he take me with him
nurse-sis just trust him once…….may any miracle happen
swara goes from their she get a call regarding chirag so she leave to a place where her gaurds were holding chirag swara comes and ask guards to free him and not to tauch him
swara-chirag i am giving u fair chance defeat me and go but if i win you will get a painful death
swara-they will not touch u
chirag beats her blood is flowing from her face chirag sarcatically saw how he given money to beat veer and laugh
gaurd 1-mam is defeated
gaurd 2-no mam has allowed him to beat her
gaurd 3-he doesnt know mam know marchile art ,black belt in karate and a professionally trained boxer
gaurd 2-but know he has himself invited his death by confession
by hearing chirag swara became an animal a heartless creature she beated chirag very cruelly in generally she has allmost killed him at the nick of tym ritik comes and take her to hospital
in hospital

a person enter veer room and inject poison in glucose bottle from poisons effect veer started shrinking doctor comes and panic they removes the bottle and takes him to ot at that tym swara comes ask what happen the same nurse inform about poison
swara-goes to m.d cabin ask how any one enter and infect poison
m.d-mam we are sorry
swara holds his collar and warns him that if anything happen veer she will burn him and his hospital ritik takes her out and he comes to m.d and say be prepare to face legal consequences
In baadi
arohi is standing on terrace and crying then she feel touch on her shoulder she turn and see rags she imediately hugs rags
rags-why are u crying
arohi-for swaveer
rags-how u know them
arohi-when your brother breakup with me i was 3 months preganent my dad came to know about it he takes me from here to village…..three day before swaveer came to me and told everything …they assure me to free me from dad’s capture they both idiots climb the pipe instead of me they kidnap my mom and later they join as worker and rescued me
they hear the noise from down so they also came down and see in news telecasted sharadha is framing veer has raped her but how is it possible according to airport footage it is clearly visable he was in airport and reached house exactly two mint before so it possible then say it shradha is such type girl who fames reach boys as she done it with dhruv pandey let hear it from dhruv
dhruv-i cant believe veer can do it shradha is a characterless girl for money she can sleep with anyone
arjun shutdown t.v

they get to know about chiragand veer they rush to hospital
doctor-chirag is very critical his many organs were not functioning his bones were broken he was beaten up very cruelly….we cant say anyrthing
sid-who has brought him
doctor-one mister ritik
abhi-so its clear this is done by swara
dadi started bad mouth about swara join by dida later on sumi then shekhar
shekhar-which type of girl she is she distroyed shradha and chirag …what kind of values her parents have given her
dadi-they didnt have tym to give good values to her
dada-impure blood
rags-dadaaaa ji
arjun-rags this the way to talk
rags-they abusing my shona i have to listen
arjun-u know what she did
thapki-the news telecaste in t.v is true
roshini-chirag is paying for his deed
arjun-for that so called girl u 3 are fighting with us
jeevika-arjun dont forget that so called girl is the one who helped u given love of your life back to u she given your mom her true place
rags-u know that girl
arjun-yeah swarsa jankanandi mehrari
rags-swara janaki mehra

in temple
swara climb stares throw her knee and burn kapur in her hand and reach before ideal and pay for veer safety then she see veer soul there
veer-swara what are u doing
swara-conviencing god
veer-swara my time has came i have to go
swara-no battery u cant leave me like mama
veer-but i have swara try to understand i have less time left
swara-then take me too
veer-shhh swara through you our friendship will be alive
veer-swaru u have take care of yourself for me and ltve your life happly
swara-i will left alone
veer-u have a big family arround the world…i have to go swara and diappeared
swara-cry vigerously and rush to hospital
veer is very critical his nervous are falling heart beat also shrinking breathing heavly

recap-last rituals

Credit to: unknown

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  15. Superb but plzz don’t kill Veer plzz

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