ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-4)


recap-swaveer in jail
outside police station
shekhar-lets go and have some bath
sumi-why we should place them in oven already they are dipped in ingredient only frying is remaining
swaveer-sorry aunty
sumi-only in one condition
shekhar -u both have to call us mom dad

arjun-u are going to be my wife so practice from today
swara is boiling in anger veer hold her hand
veer-whats the need of it aunty
arjun-veer be in your limit we family members are talking whats the need you speak in middle
swara-hold your tongue arjun dont you dare to say a word against him for me he is family and u are outsider and aunty and uncle u cant be my parents and yeah the amount you spent on us we will return it ….come battery..go from their
gd mansion
arnav to swara photo
arnav-where you gone swaru because of u my life is full of happiness you help me in understanding my feeling toward khushi i miss you friend
dadi-whose photo is it your girl friend
sumi-very bad ha you are married
rags-we didnt expect this from you
arnav-what the

sid – oh asr u have extra marital affair
arjun-how khushi will react
arnav-shut up all its my college mate friend photo she was my junior
dida-u still kept her photo it means she is special
arnav-yes she is ….kind ,loving,daring always challege her seniors she had a frnd if we have to find her we have find her frnd then automatically she is found
arnav-i called her shona
dadi-whats her name
arnav-swa…….his phone rings
he goes to attend the call
outside mm

swara-u go
veer-no way
swara-i purchase u full plate chicken biryani
veer-whats the use of such biryani for which i have to admitte in hospital
swara-then what to do
veer-didnt u seen maane pyaar kiya in which heroine send letter throw sparrow
swara-battery ur not heroine nor they are salman khan
veer-but sparrow is sparrow na
swara-but where we will find sparrow know
veer-lets search
they both started searching sparrows but in last veer comes with sparrow and hand over cd and address but sparrow fly away
swara-your postman fly away

veer-i think he didnt know the address
swara-u donkey for this stupid sparrow we waste our one hour
they started fighting at some distance from mm their is a pound which is filled with wet clay and our two super star fell in it they both covered with clay they came out and see children playing they convience one kid to send cd to mm and child did its work they were standing out then a car comes from it a handsome hunk wearing pink suit and blue tshirt and blue jeans comes out
man-who are u and why are u staring my house
veer-to purchase
man-did u seen ur face…..ewww….have some bath guys fully covered with clay
swara-do your work mr six pack
man-cover his chest with his hand …..how u know
swara-shut up
man-my name is sanskar maheshwari nobody talk to me like this
veer-everything happen firsty time re
swara-winks at veer
veer-smiles and both look at sanky …and both jump on sanskar and he also cover with clay but not fully
sanky- i will not leave u two today
swaveer-first catch us
they start running they reach near pound sanky comes toward them but swaveer moved away so sanky also fall in pound and he also became same so he get up and goes to them
sanky-easy i cant run more .
so swaveer stop as sanky reach to them he started chasing so swaveer run toward mm their they stop
swara-stop …u go inside and have some bath we are also going
sanky-hey stop let me call mom … u were standing here for help na…..maa mom maaaaa
Veer- call amma also
ap-comes out and see three ghost and go inside and comes and handover a plastic bag contain some food to veer and a piece of clothes to swara and 10rs note to sanky
Veer- wao swara look today we became beggar too(audible to swara)
Swara- shhh
sanky-mom what is this
ap-see sanky car …my son has came he is calling me.u go to other house
dp-u three dont have a shame in begging do some work and if not get any work come to me i will give u work
sanky-bade papa

dp-where is sanskar he is calling me may be he is in
dp-stop ramlal open the dog if they beg or not go…..he goes
swaveer-bust out in laugh sanskar maheshwari
ramlal leave one dog swaveer see it
swara-run dog
veer-mummy german shepered he jump on swara

swara-utter niche
veer-no way
swara-if u not we both will fall
sanky-he will not bit me….u run….and by the way his name is dollar
swaveer runs sanky is not running but for bad luck dog started to bark on him
veer-sanky before your dollor convert u in pond run
three of them started running but dollor didnt stop
veer-what did u give him to eat
sanky-pedigree……i thought dog smell his owner and identify
swara-not ur dollar mistake know u are smelling like buffalo only
veer–yes dude
swara-i cant run more
veer-me to
sanky-u lazzy people do some exercise i daily hold 100kilo and run
swaveer-okay and jump on him
sanky-what are u doing
swara-u told u hold 100 kilo i am 30 kg and he is 50 still 20kg is remaining
veer-look their is a pool
sanky-whose is it
swara-teri maa ke bhai ka
veer-yrr shut up ….……know jump otherwise dollar will definitely convert us to pound
three of them jump in pool then sanky look up no one is in pool accept him swaveer is hidding sanky comes out and walk to mm sanky understand someone is following him but he reach mm dollar jump on him playfully
sanky-wao sometime before u are going to eat me…baby i have to take a proper bath
he goes in all are seeing him with teary eye lucky apologies to him and all for not trusting him and rags
sanky-how u all came to know about our innocence
ap-a child came and give this cd in this clearly shown your dress is changed by rajat and rags by kavya
sanky-wao u believe cd but not ur son
lucky hold sanky feet and apologies sanky melt and all decide to go gd after sometime
lucky-why you are smelling like buffalo
sanky-long story
uttra-but bro take a bath otherwise in baadi people faint
lucky-but in car we will die
sanky-oh really ….chase began
while going to his room he see two people are talking to a kid near his gate so he go down but the two has gone so sanky approach to kid ask about the
Sanky-who are they kid
Kid-i dont know
Sanky- beta dont lie i have seen u talking and they have given 500 rs
Kid- what are u telling i am not getting
Sanky-okay lets go to your parents then u understand
Kid- no bhai…some hour before they. Given me a cd to give it your house at that tym they were covered with clay……..plz don’t tell to dad
Sanky- okay go and play………who were they .…..if they are really my well wisher then why didn’t helped us before
In swaveer house
Both are doing their work veer is talking to his patient and swara working laptop they here noise from outside
swara-battery this baadi should be named as circus
veer-exactly yrr all time something happen
swara-know what happened
veer-lets see ..

swara-i am not intrested
veer-come na
outside maheshwaris have came and they were aologiesing to rags and lots of drama is going on at last rags forgive them and ap invite them
ap-sumi my uttra marriage is fixed with sahil u all have to come
sumi-sure you too have to come on arjun’s marriage
sanky-when it is fixed
lucky-with whom
sahil-whats her name
uttra-what she do
sumi-stoppp…their she (pointing toward swara) her name is little weird swarsa janaknandhni mahrari
sumi-in short u can call her
uttra-shona………..she goes toward swaveer and hug them
ap-you know them
uttra-yes they are my friend and they
swara-we are her true friends
uttra-ha but they help me
veer-in shopping

uttra-why are u not allowing me to say
sumi-what beta
veer-that we have borrowed 15rs from her……veer sign uttar not to tell anything
All- laugh
Sanlakrag goes to hostel plaza for lunch and sumi takes swaveer to same hotel but they didn’t see each other they having good time sanky has gone out for attending call and laksh to bring ice cream
Sumi and swaveer. Are also having good time but sumi say something by hearing it swaveer start crying like kid
sumi-what happen why you are crying it must be fun
swara-s*xy plz tell its a joke
sumi-no it will be fun
veer-fun you brought us here and feed us expensive dishes and telling you have not brought cash
sumi-we will run
swara-ehhh s*xy its five star hostel look their bounchers and guards here high security either they throw us to jail or we have to clean dish toilet
veer-if we able to run the next moment police will be behind us
sumi-now what we will do
swara-veer you were telling about a tantric na i think i should consult my kundali
sumi-innocently smile
swara-hahaha …….get ready to clean dish
sumi-do something

swara-u sit here we are coming
swara-battery you go their and i go there
both roam in whole hotel but did find a way at counter veer view go on laksh who is busy in talking with waiter veer see his wallet and he pick it with out kowledge of and swara see sanky she think to steel his wallet she try but sanky caught her hand their small fight started sanky is winning then swara got an idea so she kissed his cheeks so sanky stand shock swara runs with wallet
swaveer tell eachother what they did
veer-by uniting them we will became good criminal
swara-pay the bill and lets go

sanky-lucky a thief has stolen my wallet
lucky-never fear when lucky is here…..he check his pocket but didnt find …….guys i think my wallet is also gone
sanlak look toward rags
rags-dont look at me its your treat so i didnt brougt money
sanky-rags u should keep na
lucky-if any emergence comes so
rags-shut up arrange money …..acidenty all ice cream falls on rags
lucky-i have booked a room here come
sanky-i will arrange money
swaveer were checking the remainig cash at that tym sanky comes toward them
swara-battery did he recognise his wallet
sumi-know what we do
swara-just keep quite
sanky-aunty can u plz give some cash i will return you tommorrow
veer-talk it
sanky-not this much
swara-take it may be useful
sanky-i will return it tommorrow
swara-its your only no need to return ….bye
swara-drop aunty to baadi and comesoon
in hotel room
rags is cleaning her dress but tap is leaking so completely wet try to stop leak so calls lucky he come and try stop and succeed but he also became wet both look each other and laugh ……laksh looks rags lovingly and comes toward her and she moves back hits to wall lucky comes to her without wasting tym he passionately kiss her lips after sometime they break the kiss rags comes out lucky back hugs her and kiss her back rags go toward door but lucky comes andlock the door ags try to say something but lucky kiss her

rags also involve and with same force she also response lucky one hand is caring her back and other opens the buttons of rag shirt soon lucky removes rags clothes now she is in bra only lucky hold her in his srm and place her on bed andundress himself rags is on lucky she is kissing and bitting lucky ….he rolls know he is on her he kiss her lips then burry her face in her neck and kiss her neck and give love bits then he remove her bra and kiss her complete body and rags hands were on luckys backs then he enter into her she takes his name in pleasure they were making love as they were hungry from years they were not ready to leave each other they made love whole night
sankky come to the room before knocking he hears the sound so he understand whats going inside he goes from their he has tears in his eyes he enter the lift their he see swara in scarf
swara-why you are crying
sanky-non of your business

swara-dude by sharing pain reduce…….if you love her be happy that she got her love
sankybreak down swara make him stand and takes him to his car make him sit and she sit in driver seat and takes him to sea shore
swara-cry as much u can when waves come they will take all ur sorrow
sanky hugs her and cry swara break the hug
swara-hey mr six pack you are not looking good in tears bye take care and handover his wallet to him and goes swara goes with veer
sanky cry whole heartedly but suddenly swara words hit sanky mind ‘mr six pack’
sanky-it means she is the same girl ……what she up to who is she

in baadi
swaveer comes and see their lagauge is packed whole baadi is standing out swaveer go and see raman and ishita
swara-oh god volcano has came
veer-lets runn away
raman(angerly)-do think about it……and comes toward swaveer and give tight slap to them
everyone shocks shekhar try to speak but swara sign him not to speak
ishita-raman what are u doing
raman-shut up ishitaaaaa not today
swara-bhai dont show my anger to bhabhi
raman-not a word both your lagauge is packed come with meet to delhi
veer-bhai lets go in
raman-u keep quite being stopping her u are encouraging her
ishita-plz raman dont make a scene come inside
raman-madrassan i am warning you not to interfere
swara-battery take the bags and keep it inside
swaveer-take their laguage and move inside
raman and ishu also come inside
swara-keep the bags inside the room battery and order something
raman-do i look mad to u are u not getting
ishita-swara do u have any idea we are gone throw after knowing janaki maasi dead and ur missing
raman-no single mint has gone when mom didnt cry by remembering uu
ishita-plz come back all are missing you mummy ji and papa ji is dying to see u
raman-miss swara janaki mehra i am warning you ………i cant see tears in my mom eyes any more
Swara(anger)-what about my mom tears Mr Raman Kumar bhalla …….u can forget but i cant forget when my mom came to your mom what she did she denoted her as characterless and thrown her out and when my mom was on hospital she called your mom but you mom didnt bother to talk also…………..that i swared i will see ur mom face again…..if a situation came to get her help i will prefer to die

Raman- teary eye beta I know she did wrong beta…….she didn’t know the truth…..when bua called us we didn’t know about her condition… When we know the truth it was maa who collapsed and said us to find u
Ishita-swara from that day mummy ji didn’t eat properly nor sleep properly
Swara- I know about it that’s y I send her favourite wine and snacks to her…know she is fine
Raman- yes know……what a mint that means maa also know
Veer- yes
Ramishita- whattttt

Swara- don’t worry I will back after fulfilling my mom last wish
Raman and ishita convinced and swaveer tell their current problem by hearing them both raman and ishu burst out in laugh
And they discussed
Next day
Raman inform everyone that shona and arjun can’t happen because he didn’t want to make her sis marry to a devorseed man
Arjun- you can’t do it
Rags- what’s wrong in it
Sid- how u can break the alience
Raman-i will ask u before fixing her alliance…she is my sis raman Kumar bhalla sis her would be the one who can give her all happiness
Protect from all danger
Sumi- that arjun can also do
Ishu- how aunty ji when he love someone else….. Ur and uttra marriage didn’t last due this reason that u both someone else
Dada- u are talking about whom
Veer brought arohi by seeing her arjun eye fill with tears then many talks continue then finally arjun. Marriage is fixed with arohi and raman and ishu goes but raman gives warning that to come back after completing her mission
Swara- s*xy with two marriage fix third one also
Maan- whose
Swara- raglak
Sumi- what
Swara- you get your answer is your daughter smile
Rags blush and run away sumi hold her hand infront of swaveer
Sumi- u are angles who came to make our life heaven
Swara- don’t do this
Veer- your our frnd
Sumi- then treat from my side
Swaveer-know way. And run from their
In arjun room
Abhi- one thing I must say she has done her homework brilliantly
Sid- her one shot and u clean bold
Arjun- first tym I have seen such person
Maan- you know whats her strength

Sid- veer
Abhi- if you have to make her week then separate both of them
Arjun- how
Voice from back – I can help u
They turn and see shradha
sid- how
Sharadha-that you leave on me and goes
Swara has gone out for purchase shradha enter and after some time she run out and shout help me veer is misbehaving with me all were shock and police comes and arrest veer swara comes and ask what happen veer tell her everything
Swara- inspector he can’t do it
Insp- prove in court
They call ritik and everyone for help check CCTV but no use
Ritik tell her its molest case we can’t do anything without proof or shradha has to take her case back
In baadi
Arjun- shrdha what you have done who told u to do this
Maan- we said to separate them not separate them
At that tym swara comes and fold her hand in front of arjun and shradha and fall on her feet and hold shradha feet to save veer
Swara- plz save him plz we will go from your life plz
Arjun try to say something but shradha pick swara
Shradha- not so easily you have troubled us so much
Swara-a plz I beg u
All comes out asr see her swara phone ring she takes it and run to station..all are confuse what to believe
All goes in arjun and his fend has guilt and shradha. Smile victoriously rags notice asr expression
Rags- don’t worry veer will be saved truth will be win but I am worried for shona
Asr- dont worry for her for shradha and your brother they didnt know they messed with real beast
Rags- what she can do to my bro he is powerfull
Asr- rags u cant imagine her power and influence
Rags- what
Asr- you know who is she

Rags- shona
Asr- no rags she is your sister swara janaki mehra
Rags was happy and shock and feared
In station
Chirag gives money and say beat him that much that his every part will cry for death ……he goes then urvashi give money to inspector say kill him
They beat very much veer cry taking swara name in last he pray to god to take care of his swara then swara reach she enter the cell and see veer and go toward him and sit and hug him and keep his head in her lap
Veer open his eye and see swara veer’s body is bleeding
Veer- god has listen to my last wish to see u
Swara- shut up battery
Veer- take good care of my swara
Swara- why are you saying like this
Veer- yrr ur battery’s battery is getting low and faint
Swara shocks and remember how her mom leaved her know veer swara shout veer name loudly and cry and ask for help then ritik came and gives release order and take veer to hospital
All came to know about veer………..they rush to hospital
City hospital
Swara fold hand- doctor save him what you want tell which technology or want specialist do whatever but save him
Doctor- we will do our level best

Ritik- control yourself
Swara- break down ……….how first mom gone leaving me then veer no he can’t go……….ritik I want information
Ritik– okay
All games
Sumi- I go and console her
Rags- we maa
Arjun- I never imagine thing go like this
Ritik- arjun don’t worry about her ……arjun if you want to worry worry about your frnds………or giving suggestion to u know her full concentration is on veer …….if anything happen To veer …..no one in the world can save shradha
Arjun and came to know about Chirac act
After an hour
Doctor comes
Swara-how is he doctor
Doctor- he is very critical only any merical can save him
Swara collapse on the floor sumi is coming toward her but she hear the roar of tigeress yeah its swara
Swara on phone-show how a girl feel when she is molest……..and that Chirag he should beg for his death got it..and she is my target
All became extremely shock
A nurse came- speak in low voice
Swara in anger- push the nurse …….now u will teach me how to speak

Extremely sorry for late and episode is not good

Recap- shock shock………last ritual

Credit to: unknown

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