ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-3)


Thnx for the support frnds and ragsan has got 24 and swasan 52 but don’t be upset ragsan fans firstly its a love triangle BTW sanlakrag……plz swasan fans don’t be angry plz keep patience for ragsan fans happiness plz frnds
Recap- swaveer came to know about the rags hubby
Swaveer house

Veer- I have something for u
veer-u remember we searched in aunty house their i get ragini personal dairy
swara get up and kicked veer and given to three punch
swara-u idiot then what was the need of going to mm for bitten up by dogs
veer-i didnt thought about it
swara-if you have brain only u think na low battery
swara-shut up and read the dairy
veer-starting pages are teared
swara-then read remaining pages

today my marriage first night i am sitting in btw the bed waiting for my lucky but he didnt come …..i slept waiting for him but in mid night he came fully drunk unable to stand…i moved toward him to help him but he pull me
rags-what happen to u today we get married our love successfully reach the destination
lucky-not my your love my love story ended
rags-what are u saying we love each other

lucky-no u cheap b*t*h first u made my bro fall for you then u snatched my love kavya from me…..he fall on bed and fall unconcious
i was completely broken i know sanky loves me but i always considered him as a friend but i didnt know about kavya
next day lucky apologiesed me and ask tym for moved on i accepted it from that i was a good bahu ,friend and all but not a wife but lucky always supported me as a friend helped me he supported me for continuing my mbbs against whole family he taken care of me like a good friend
then one day we gone to a party their he seen kavya he was completely heart broken but compose himself then she came toward me
kavya-why you snatched lucky from me i beged in front of u
lucky-shockingly what rags u know about us

kavya-yes we were best friends we share everything
rags-why are u lying when u told me
kavya-okay before your marriage didnt i came to ur house
rags-yes but
lucky-shut up

he draged me from their to farm house he throughed me in a room and gone out locking it….i was broken from inside because everything is over lucky now didnt trust me then my thought was disturb by unlocking sound of door and lucky came fully drunk he came toward me and slaped me many tyms
lucky-u did all too sleep with me …today i will fulfill ur desire he tore my clothes i was naked but i manage to run to washroom and lock it i was crying vigerously and fearfully but my badluck he broken the door and dregged me throw my hair to bed and undress himself and comes on me and intimate i was crying because it was not love it is something else i am taking his name but not in pleasure but in pain my each and every part is paining like hell …..from that day it was common my life is became hell but one day we came to know i am preganent
he changed he started taking care of me he asked another chance to their marriage i agree their enter urvashi ji to make my life hell she try many thing but lucky didnt believed her one day my life distroyed completely sanky came to meet us me and lucky was happy but….next morning when i get up i was naked sleeping with sanky he is also in same condition but we both dont know what happened……after some day lucky divorse me……on my delivery date i have given birth to dead children urvashi ji is laughing on me

flashback end
swara-then what happened
before veer could continue arjun comes snatch rags dairy and raise hand to slap veer but swara hold his hand
arjun-????shouts who give the rights to read my sis dairy
swara-then you should keep it safely
swara-yeah me
arjun-i will not leave u
swara-first hold me
arjun-i will kill u
swara-then i will miss u
arjun-u chimpange
swara-u gorilla
veer-shut up
swajun-u shut up
at that tym they hear a noise so they came out and see fight btw dida and dadi sumi shekhar holding hand at that tym swara get a phone so she go to attend it (call from delhi bhalla house )
swara-hello ruhi ,adi (they are vedio chatting)
both-hi bua
swara-hows you two devils
adi-bua we are fine hows u
swara-me two
ruhi-bua papa is very angry on u he is searching u like mad
swara-i know he is worried for me if i say i am here he will come here and take me
adi-we are missing you
swara -auh my baccho i will come to u….but be careful if he came to know that u both know about me he will not leave u both
adi-yes bua
swara-okay baccho talk to u later bye
ruhi-okay bua …..but call was not cut they hear the shout of raman
adiruhi-feared by seeing angry face of raman
raman-dont dare to lie you both…………………………..at that tym ishita and all comes running to childrens room
ishita-plz raman dont shout look at them they were shivering
raman-not today madrassen dont dare to support them
mr bhalla-are u mad why are u shouting at kids
raman-yes i am mad
romi-what happen bro
raman-we are searching for swara like a mad their is nobody left from whom i didnt ask about her
ishu-we know raman not only u we are also worried for her….she is my sister also
mrs bhalla-raman we know u tried max to find her she is similar to see as simmi
raman-mom dad here we all were worried for her but ishita your children already know about her where is she
raman-yes luckyly i was passing from here and i heared their talk
ishita-ruhi adi its true
ishita-tell us where are is she
ruhi-no we promised bua we dont tell
ishita-beta we are worried for her she is all alone
adi-ishima she promised us once her work finish she comes back
raman loose his temper and slap both all became shock
raman-i already lost one sister i cant loose other
many emotional talks continued final ishita convience ruhi and adi
adi-bua is in india
ruhi-she is in kolkatta in baadi
raman-book ticket for tommorrow i going to kolkatta….goes
simi-ishita u also go with him i feared from his anger
mrs bhalla-in terms of anger swara is also no less
its all was heared by swara and she told this to veer
veer-what that phyco angry bird he is coming first thing he will do is slap me for helping u????
Swara- he will reach her after two days…….
Then they hear noise from outside so swaveer goes out see
Dadi- u characterless girl again u are after my

Dida- your son is behind my daughter
Arjun- who want such man who don’t have the guys to face the problem
Sumi- behave urself he is your father
Rags- in which means did he ever fulfill his responsibility
Dadi-hey u shameless girl who said he is ur dad

Shekhar- mommm they are my children and she is my wife
Swara to veer- look old loin wake up from sleep just wait and watch know
Dida- correction is not was according to law she was know his wife is janaki
Dadi- your daughter black magic on my daughter in law..…thats why she leaved us
Ragini-janaki maa leaved because of your son betrayed her
Arjun- because of this man we separated from our little sister
Here entered urvashi clapping
Urvashi- wao u cheap women first u snatched her happiness know her place
Arjun- behave yourself I quite because u are janaki maa sister
Urvashi- I am not here to waste my tym I came here to through u all out from baadi because it is purchased by mehra group
All- shocks
Urvashi ask her guards to through all out and say this marriage will not happen without consulting janaki
Arjun- according to law you have to give notice. Before
Arguement continue its know out of control so suddenly all hear the roar of a lioness all turn and see swara by seeing swara urvashi shocked and her guards run away arjun see all this
Swara- urvashi ji mehra group is owned by janaki mam and swara mam who are u to possess their property
Urva- I …i …i amm he her sister
Swara- In business their relationship……show me document were they allowed u to do what u want
Urva- that I don’t have
Swara- its criminal offense….….after to week shermishta ji and shekhar ji marriage
Urvashi- it can’t be happen
Swara- why
Urva- jan… get a tight slap from swara
Swara- don’t u have shame to take dead person name ….for fulfilling ur desire…do u know the meaning of sister before mam marriage u already know the marriage of shekhar ji and sumi
All- shocks

Swara- yeah u dadi how more u distroy your son life look he has family but he is alone being a father he is childless how long u will alive u want him leave his rest his life alone…if u agree for marriage u get d-i-l grandchildren
Veer- your daughter is getting happiness after long tym why you against it
Swara- ragjun may u didn’t need you’re dad but think of ur mom she need some one share here sorrow to stand beside her…u two always live with ur pain did u think about her
Everyone didnt get second chance god is giving u dont kick it out all understand dadi apologies to dida and sumi and rag arjun then they accepted shekhar as their father
Urvashi- i will not let it happen

Swara- first u help urself look behind ur in laws came
Police came arrest urvashi for fraud swara stops and came near her and speak in her ears
Swara- u didnt leave any opporunity distroy my mom happiness know its your turn to face helllits swara janaki mehra promise,..…take her
Sumi comes and hugs her and say u are an angel who comes for us only fill our life with happiness how would I thank u
Swara- by giving pani puri treat
Sumi- okay then arrange three scarf??
Swara- s*xy
They all where involved in discussion arjun comes to swara
Arjun- who are u ?? Who u know about choti maa .
Swara- ask ur useless informers
Arjun- I will find out
Swara- this song u singing from many days
Arjun- u creep b*t*h
Swara -hey try some desi
Arjun- do I look abhishek of house ful3
Swara- don’t live in misunderstanding u are like gorilla….try to go but arjun hold her hand and pin her to wall this seen is seen by dida and dadi
Arjun- look I know u are here for some big reason …you are good but I am best …I think u …swara turn him and pin him to wall
Swara- look don’t play with me I have nothing to loose but u have many thing
Arjun- oh really what can u do
Swara- arjun just imagine if I can make urvashi shiver even though she had court order……..I can convince ur old grand maa’s to give ur mom her rights then if I want I can destroy us mom’s happiness in a second
Arjun-shocks ….hold her neck u will not do anything
Swara kick him with knee to his private places arjun leave her
Swara- never mess with me gorilla….and goes
Arjun to himself- first tym I am facing a strong competitor and very mysterious person like u….who are u
All were sad and crying by the news of janaki’s death their emotional talks continue
In morning
All were in hall of baadi ragini comes wearing a casual dress as she going meeting without any expression
Swara- what yrr its your parents marriage not ur patients
Ragini- when I said…… for their marriage I have take 15 days leave
Swara- then show in ur face that u are here for marriage
Rags- means I have to laugh like a mad

Swara- u can sing its give peace to ur mind
Rags- know u teach me how to sing
Swara- why not
Rags- okay let’s have face off if I win you have obey me u win I will do what u say
Arjun- wait a sec three rounds first cooking second singing third impress elder or do whatever get money but not use ur money….we u don’t know cooking u can take veer help or anyone to learn cooking
Swara- okay
Veer hit his head
Shekhar- look he provide problem to her with solution i think he really care fore her
sumi-i know him if he love someone he trouble them its his style

in swaveer house
veer-wao swaru wao what a move its called suicide …cooking we both doesnt know about it anything and more over u agree for singing u idiot donkey is shreya goshal infront of ur singing talent u only know how to play guitar
swara-looking to my face know no one can give 1rs to me in short
veer-ragini will win and arjun will not leave u
swara-what will we do
veer-think….it evening i go and buy something
swara-evening waoooo
veer-what happen by imagining defeat u gone mad
swara-no battery evening means sandhya..sandhya means sandhya rathi remember her husband suraj rathi he is a chef we mate him in australlia
veer-yes he can help us
swara-where is my phone
veer-here it is
swara call suraj(dbh)
swara-hello suraj ji
suraj-yes speaking whose is this
swara-swara janaki mehra we mate in australia
suraj-yeah remember how can i forget u dear u helped me and sandhya and my parents alot in australia…wait i put call in speaker
bhabo-hows u swara
swara-i am fine bhabho and u and sandhya bhabhi and my ronaldo
babasa -i fine i missing u ..plz visit india with janaki in our house
bahbo-ha chori we are missing u both we will show u complete rajasthan
sandhya-and our rajasthani culture where is aunty i want to talk to her
swara-bhabhi she is no more …she gone leaving me alone one month before
suraj-and u are telling this know swara i called u sister not simple i considered u my sis
sandhya-we are sorry when u need us we are not their with u
bhabho-you are not alone u are my daughter where are u know
sandhya-and u didnt bother to informs us
swara-sorry bhabhi…..and tell her everything
suraj-dont worry i will send u video
swara-thanx bro
suraj-for exchange u and veer has to come rajasthan after finishing ur mission
swara-promise thanx…cut the call
swara-veer cooking problem is solved
veer-and singing problem too
veer-u remember rahul jaikar(ykah)
swara-he will sing
veer-no stupid his wife manvi she is a great singer and my best friend i told her about our problem and she agreed
swara-wao we will win ….look suraj bhai send vedio
in exittment they jump veer hand hit swara as result her phone fell in water tub and distroyed
swara hit veer blue black in evening then both are watching tv veer’s face is covered with bandage sumi comes their
swara-s*xy come have seat ….u got time to come by getting your family u forget us
sumi-what are you saying anyone forget god u both are not less then god to me
swara-s*xy ….we are kidding tell what you will have
sumi-nothing….veer what happen to you
veer-a bull hitted me
sumi-omg did u shown it to doctor
veer-i am habbitual of it dont worry
sumi-if any problem plz consult to ragini…..u two come i want u to introduce to guest
swara-aunty why they bother to meet us
sumi-dear all want to me u both even maa and maa ji has send me here call u
sumi-not but come
sumi-she is shona and he is veer
rags-shona dont be uncomfortable know u to are our family
sumi-arjun rags introduce your friends
rags-thapki,vihan,manvi, ,jivika,urmi,radhika,samira,kartik,yuvraj,jigar,geet,pragya,aradhya (all are from serials)
swara-hi everyone
veer-anyone more required its marriage or trade fair
swara-its indian culture
veer-okay lets go and order something i am so hungry
swara-me too yrr
in arjun room
sid ,maan, abhi and arjun
sid-bro u are telling like this …she is only simple girl
arjun-no yrr she is not she is not like she is looking
abhi-yeah u are right i also noticed by her expression its clearly seen that she completely know about your family friend as
arjun-as did complete study on us
maan-u didnt get any information regarding her from your source
arjun-no maan this tym my source also failed we followed her track her phone but no use
sid-bhai it seems that she is very sharp
maan-tomorrow she is going to loose its sure because in round she definite loose
sid-no bhai from arjun talk its clear she is not the one who will eassily accept the defeat

in swaveer house
swara-battery biryani is ausome
veer-yeah but did u think what you will do tomorrow
swara-no yrr lets watch t.v today football match final na
they were watching match in interval they watch newes channel in which chef sanjiv kapoor interview is going on in which tell that he is in kolkatta after two day his new is launching…swara and veer look at each other and smile

they both go out pragya see the and think where they are going in night and goes and sleep in mid night they both comes hiding and analysing baadi that nobody see them veer is walking by holding one end other is holded by swara
swara-be careful handle with care
they enter their house and open the big bag mouth a person is in it with tie hand and his mouth is sealed
with tape (yes u guess it right it is chef sanjeev kapoor) they untie him firstly he shout didnt ready to listen so swara takes knife and veer vask so sk became silent in fear and swaveer tell him everything even their orginal identity….after sometime sk became cool and friendly agree to help them they three share good tym and swara promised to sponser his show but sk denies because he consider them as his friend
swara-sk be comfortable

sk-okay….but how u will from all
veer-dont worry sir
next day
arjun maanvi sid geet and chirag checks swara house and takes swaveer mobile and put camera they find anyone as they goes veer takes out mobile from shoe rack and bring in front of camera by hiding from camera and record swara working in kitchen and place in front of camera know it is only showing recording
know swaveer take out sk from fridge they had stopped the fridge and material inside it also taken out yesterday only know sk is cooking and veer is helping him swara is learning recipe as food is cooked veer take sk in his room and lock it remove phone they comes out where rags is already waiting swara keep her dish dida and dadi is judge first they taste rags food
dadi-ausome too good

dida-u are the best
arjun-can i call ambulance
arjun-becoz know shona food would be tasted
dadi and dida taste swara’s food
dadi-marvallous pure authentic marwadi dish i also dont able to cook it
dida-same as kolkatta dish….it taste as some chef has made it
all shocks so all taste it
arjun-it cant be possible u dont know how to cook
swara-i learned it
ragini-im one day
pragya-then tell the recipe
swara-desribe it
dadi and dida announce shona winner of first round…….manvi comes and after her rahul also comes as stage prepared two stages where prepared in stage swara comes with guitar and behind her a curtain is hanging their manvi is standing jugalbandi start
rahul-her voice is so familiar as i heard many times
again swara win in last round ragsd touch everyone feet and get money she place money in pouch swara comes to fer and say kabutar rags turn to see in mean while swara snatch the packet and give to dadi and dida
rag-mummy (like a child )she taken my pouch
sumi-oh mera baccha
swara-what cheating ur bro only told to get money in any way….so i won
chirag-let it be rags ..this small and low class like that ony her mother has given her such vlues
swara-battery bring that packet
veer-here it is
swara-take it rags i know u wore only desiger dress its desiner with matching jewellry
all goes to their house swaveer thnx sk and manvi and send to their destination
in rags room
all rags and arjun frnds were present they open the packet and see 4 lehnga from kaira and daimond jewellry
maan arjun abhi bihan sid goes to guest room
maan-lehnga is from kaira its worth 75 lakh easily
sid-its daimond
abhi-something is wrong somewhere
in dnr time rags comes wearing pink lehnga see is looking like princes all were happy to see her
while sumi is as usual in front to t.v for knowing about swara then news display two big activity happen mehra group are sponsering sk show second chirag mehta’s industry estates property everything is sealled know all where shocked chirag is heart broken everyone is pity for him and consolving him at that tym his phone ring
chirag-hello whose this
caller-ur newly formed enimy
caller-shona hows my gift baby did u seen the news
chirag-u did it
swara-what you thought bacteria like u abuse my mom i will leave u…its only trailor dont dare to mess with me by hearing arjun i am not an angel i am a beast
swara-shocked waooooo….tell this to maan,sid ,abhi,viren too…cut the call
afterwar chirag tell this to maan and others to

sid-yrr she is not only sharp and mysterious but power

ful and dangerous too
maan-without power and money can do it
abhi-we have to start investigating from starting

swara and veer did frndship with uttra with lots of efforts and came to know about rajat that he isa womaniser so they think to expose him by using his weekness
veer-but swara i will not allow u to with rajat if he do something then i cant face myself
swara-he cannot and more over u are with me na i know u want lets him harm me and by the way who told u i am going to him
swara looks to him and smile veer understand
veer-no way
veer-no no swara u cant do this to me
swara-u have no option
veer-its not fair

swara-everything is fair in love and war
veer-mummy and start cry
after sometimes veer goes to his room and comes out wearing black gown vig wearing high heel as a complete and stylish girl
swara-wao battery ur looking stunning
veer-shut up
swara-ohho babes dont be angry
veer-i cant walk in heel
swara-wear less heal dumboo

aftersome times both comes out swara says ur know jacklien walk like her not like sanju baba….. sumi is standing and see both and comes toward them
sumi-who is she
swara-my friend veera
sumi-if you dont i say something
swara-what s*xy
sumi-she is perfect match for veer look their name also match veer veera
swara-s*xy we will think about it we are going out bye
sumi-bye but come before 10
outside baadi swara burst out in laugh and veer gives kill u looks
swara-congrats aunty fixed your marriage with yourself
veer-so funny les go

in pub
swara gives money to a waiter and hide waiter introduce veera as princes of veerpur so rajat thinks to take advantage and give money to waiter to mix drug in veer drink but he didnt mix veer act to be faint so he take veer to his car and place in his car
rajat call someone say do all arrangement
inside car
veer-plz come on time otherwise he will rape me
swara-dont worry utra already left from her house
rajat get in and drive the car to his farm house and swara pick up uttra
uttra-where are we going shonu
swara-uttu be its surprise
in farm house
rajat hold veer in his arm
rajat-she is so heavy
he takes veer to his bed room and make her lie on bed veer back is in his front rajat open his shirt and comes toward veer
veer in mind-mummy how pathetic feeling it is omg swara plz come fast
rajat sensually touches veer back with his fingure veer is cursing his decission rajat open the dori and kiss is back and veer’s is crying from inside and think today i definitely loose my virginity rajat turn veer and burry his face in veer neck
veer-plz swara come fast otherwise i cant show my face to anyone
rajat is going to kiss him his hot breath is falling on veer face but at that tym swara enter by breaking the door uttra is shock to see rajat …same as rajat swara make rajat stand uttra give tight slap to rajat police comes and arrest him
uttra cry vigerously same as veer cry like kid hugging swara
veer-cry and show the bits and say he open my dori he could has taken my virginity mummy
swara-i came na dont cry
uttra shock to see
swara-uttra he is not a girl he is veer
uttra-whatt and bust out in laugh

swara-go and change here is ur clothes
swara-uttra u waited for the one u luv know give chance to the one who love u
veer-means to arjun
uttra-he dont love me he married me for sake of ragini he love someone else her name is arohi
swaveer hit their head by their pam and drop uttra to their house and gone to baadi sumi call the for dinner after having dnr they all were sitting in terrace dadi comes say my nephew has came i brought him here a handsome man enter the terrace dadi he is arnav singh raizada
swaveer-looks eachother and toward asr and jump without anyone knowledge and land in hospital
wardboy-i giving u free advice you to parmently book a room here ur tym and money will be saved
veer-u are right
swara-oh god day after tomorrow raman bhai come and know this asr
veer-u plz consult ur kundli to tantric
swara-shut up

in evening
swara is gone out to purchase food and veer is alone sumi shehar dida dadi rags arjun comes with sweets and fruits veers ful concentration is on sweets so he did hear what they said and reply in yes swara comes sumi hugs and tell they are here for asking u for arjun and veer agreed and arjun also i am happy arjun smrink and go
swara-today i will kill you
swara throw fruits on him veer sart to run then swara takes out knief and run after him he runs out of baadi swara follow him veer run to maret swara takes pumpkin and hit him veer ui maa and their vegetable fight started vendore try to stop them but fail veer run and see cycle he take it start riding it swara comes she also take cycle but owner of the cycle comes to stop herbut she pull him and go after veer from road side she take pot and throw on him but he bend so it hit other people veer throw cycle and run to a house swara to follow him it is the house of SSP they both enter and start throw thing ssp comes out to see but he get hitted they both mess complete house and goes to kichen and through floor on each other
veer-throw turmaric powder on swara

swara-chilly powder
as such all ingredient are on them then they take eggs and throw on each other ssp comes to kitchen he try to stop but they start throwing egg on him ssp fire the gun both stop
next day
sumi shekhar and arjun comes to police station our two star in lock up looking like alien
three of them talks to ssp
veer-we steel ,fight ,enter someone house without permission ,kidnapped, i became a girl , and know in jail only killing is remaining

swara-that i will do one day
constable comes and take them out
ssp-did u know what they did to my house ….they completely distroyed it beaten me
sumi-i apologies on their behalf
ssp- let forget out me …..law and order ki essi ki tessi krdi….distroyed the vegetables which were placed to sell ,broken pot,some people were injured .stolen cycle
three looks toward swaveer and they smile innocently
arjun-i will pay pennalty

sorry friend for delay i am a big dhakkan i take time to think….i sorry today story is not goodplz tell whether to expose swara true identity know or later
recap-sanraglak seen……..a cd delivered to mm….raman angry volcano break on swaveer……ishita help in breaking alience with arjun…..arnav having swara photo on his vollet……..veer is arrested for charge of molest on shradha

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