ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-2)

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recap-veer in hospital

veer-what sin i have done swara for which you are punishing me
swara-sorry battery
veer-sorry my foot
u sleep veer i will come soon
veer-no swara its late dont go alone in night i cant risk the life of people in the street
swara-shut up tommorrow we have to go to baadi i have purchase a house their
swara-but a problem no cook available
veer-we will search it
swara-yeah…..u sleep i will come back in an hour
veer-okay dont be late

swara goes to her mom house which is gifted by her grand parents which is no so big but full of janki pics her medels swara goes to her mom bedroom which is having many pics on wall which reflecting the small journey of janki from childhood to swara birth she goes to her mom pic
swara-mom i am missing u so much…..today i have taken first step rest journey is impossible mom please come back i cant able to do anything without u please mom…tell ur god to send u back
climate change air started blowing fast papers in the room fall down so swara take the paper and keep it back where she found a cd..so she play the cd and by seeing it swara shocks (it will be revel later what it was)swara goes from their by locking the door
next day swara and veer goes to baadi with laguage sumi became happy by knowing they will stay in baadi in her heart she feel some connection with shona and arjun has some doubth on them

in swaeer house
swara-i think he is the one
veer-no he is the one
swara-he is big na
veer-thats why i told it will not fit in pan
swara-ehhhh what this vegetable name
veer-i dont know
swara-i think its potato
veer-i think tomato
(actually both were wrong its pumpkin)

swara-we should check in net about recipe
veer-what we do with that we only know vegetable name but we both doesnt know how its look
swara-agreed……idea we can make mix veg in it all vegetable are used na
veer-correct …and rice we have to put water and rice only na
they cut the vegetable in four part without peeling it whether it cauliflower or lemon they cut it in four part and with difficulty they put vegetables in cooker and put all ingredient incliding sugar and fill water fully then boil rice in kadahai in less water and know they search wheat flour for chapati but they again confused in besan ric flour and maida
veer-we are making mix veg then flour should mixed na
they mix it all and put water but it became pool so they mix flour but in this process they became like a guest they start arguing in this pressure cooker has given 10-15 wishle
daadi-ehh from where this unpleasent smell it is worse then bengalen fish….she goes out and call dida all baadi comes out
dadi-what are u making ehh its smell i will faint know
dida-hey marwaden i am not making u are making
dadi-know u are making
dida-are u mad look me my daughter and my grand children are here then who will cook
dadi-same i am out so who will cook
outside their arguement going on inside swara and veer regarding water in flour in all this the rice in kadhai turn to black coal and presure cooker fly because of high in presure and fall out through window and burst all became silent forgeting their fight
swara-what was that battery
veer-something flied out
swara-i think something burst
veer-but where over cooker go leaving the gas on
swara -let search
they started searching their cooker everywhere by calling its name as it will reply i am here
sumi-what is it veggies are put in cooker without pealing and cutting
dadi-and whole bottleof ingrediants were poured
dida-its smeel ehhh
sumi-whose was it
arjun-your new friends
all goes to swaeer house

all were shock see the senario flour was lying in all house veggies are lying in hall like clothes
ragini-what was they burning in oven……she goes and switch off it
sumi-where are they
at that tym veer comes to hall
veer-cooker were are u swara did u find it
from room swara-no did u check in terries
veer-yes come down we will search in study
swara comes down but they didnt seen the people..baadi people are hearing them in shock
swara-i already checked their
veer-we will launch missing report
swara-are u mad
all burst out in laugh by their talk and appearence swaeer see them and hide behind sofa
sumi-come out u two….look at your self …u are looking like ghost
dadi-what are you doing
veer-searching our cooker
dida-it died outside
swara-oh i told u na something burst
rags-what are u two making
veer-mix veg rice and roti
dadi-in cooker that was mix veg
all laugh

dadi-it is boiled veg
arjun-what was in chadai
rags-bhai i think new dish
dida-and which flour was that
swara-all flour
dida-i understood u two doesnt no cooking c also
dadi-bengalen they doesnt even know the difference of salt and sugar
veer-dont worry tomorrow we will cook carefully
sumi-plz no dear by his smell i though we are living near sewage
dadi-we all prepare food for u two come to our house
dida-but for god sake dont cook
dadi-right bangalen in morning u come to my house in lunch u go anyone house
sumi-go and change ur dress
swara-hey come all have selfie
they all were enjoying first tym dida and dadi support each other all were enjoying….as arjun has some douth on swara he thinks she has some bad intension so he doesnt like her much and didnt like that she is around his mother
sumi-u too go and change i will burry the dead body of cooker and help in cleaning the mess u created by u too
swara-thnx s*xy
arjun-wait why you will clean mom ….did their parents did teach them or i think their parents given birth and forget about them
dadi-i am also agree with him
veer-actually we never didnt house hold work
ragini-i accept it you didnt know but swara being a girl she doesnt know even cleanlyness
swara was fuming in anger but controlling and veer is fearing because he know about her anger
arjun-may be her mother was busy in kitty party…..and now she may be in any party or cassino or
before arjun could speak further he was lying on floor and his nose is bleeding sumi and ragini goes toward him and make him stand and see swara who’s face was cool and laughing some mints ago turn into angry and dangerous face
swara-shouts everybody get outttttt

everyone was taken back by her anger but standing their
swara-i said leave otherwise u all have to regret and arjun i know u dont like me but u have no right to abuse my mom…if i start to taunt u …u cant able to bear it…know get the hell out of my house….battery i am going to freshen up when i come i dont want to see anyone here…she goes
veer-i ask apology from her side but plz u all go from here
sumi-okay beta but i didnt expected this much anger in her
veer-actually aunty her dad left her when she was small and one month before she lost her mother
all are having guilt to hurt her
sumi-i go and apologies
arjrag-we go mom
veer-if u both go to her now she will definitely kill me plz u can talk to her in morning when she became normal
all goes silently all where feeling guilt
veer walks to swara’s room and slowly open the door and see swara lying on the floor and crying vigerously by holding her mom asthi kalash veer heart broke to see her like this he goes to swara and sit beside her and cares her hair swara hugs him and cry
swara-why all leaves me veer why everyone didnt like to stay with me….promise me u wont leave me ….know only u are my family …anything happen to you i will die
veer-shhhh swara calm down i am not going anywhere i am with you always ….and by the way who is this veer
swara-smiles battery
veer-thats like my god girl
swara hugs him ..veer keep her head in his lap and sing song for her soon swara sleep and veer hold her in his arm and place her in bed and comes out and clean the house sit thinking
veer-if anything happen to me swara will breakdown completely i have to find a better half for her
in morning swara wake up and see veer sitting sofa and sumi and dida preparing breakfast in their kitchen ragini is dusting arjun is helping his dida and mom….swara kicks veer he get up by jerk
swara-battery get up
veer-yeah what happen
swara-i think we slept in s*xy house yesterday
veer-but this house also look like ours
arjun this is your house only and they apologies and swara forgive them all enjoy their breakfast then they are going
swara-arjun wait i wanna talk
all other goes accept swara veer and arjun
swara-gives camera which he placed in hall
veer-gives micro phone to arjun
swara-we dont know any house hold work but know how to handle people like u
arjun-who are u? i know u are not an research student and he is not practicing delhi he is a famous dentist of us you are here for some big reason
swara-impressed and clap good you are a good lawyer sharp minded but i am not a prey that you can catch eassily i am loiness no one can rule me
arjun-over confidence let see….he goes
swara-battery be careful next tym now we saved but he will not accept deafet eassily …thnkfully we have kept cctv camera in house
veer-now what to do
swara-go for exploring kolkatta get ready

in arjun room
arjun on call
arjun-did you get any information about swara and shona
caller-sir swara madam is bussy in some project in chicago and
arjun-and what
caller-no information regarding shona we trace her call over man followed her but no use she is very smart
arjun-collect all information fast and cut the call
arjun-first tym i have facing a person like u ..game will be thrilling shona
in night
swara and veer are drinking alchol in terrece and see shekhar looking to dida house in standing in his terrace swaeer jump to his terrace
veer-uncle bad habbit
shekhar-u too
swara-buddy be cool if u love her just say it
shekhar-its not eassy u dont no anything
veer-do u wanna a drink
swara-its a medicine u feel light
then three started drinking and shekhar tell everything which they already know
swara-then remarry her
shekhar-its not possible
swara-but it is not impossible
shekhar-my children hates me
swara-show your love to them
shekhar-how and faint
swara veer take him to his room and go to their house
veer-your dad is very heavy
swara hold veer collar -today you said it but never say it again because of him and his ex-wife my mom always cried because them society taunt her nobody helped her i have seen her in dying every moment i have no other option to bring out from that pain i became the spoil rich girl
veer-if you hate them this much then why you want to unit them
swara-i came her unity my mom best friend family and fulfill my mom last wish ….good night and goes
veer-swara i cant blame u but all loves you want you ….i pray to god that day never come when ur family know about your hatred

next day
swaeer goes to gadodiya mansion for breakfast
swara-what u think about proposing s*xy
shekhar-u two are mad..its my age to propose some one
veer-we are not saying to propose someone …propose ur love
daadi-what are u three discussing
shekhar-nothing maa i am going to shop
swara veer followed him and try to convience him but failed
swara-buddy plz confess and make everything fine its too late think about your children
somehow shekhar agree and then they go to park where usually sumi spent tym
swara-go and talk to her
veer-wait ..i have hired goon to misbehave with aunty then uncle will rescue her
shekhar-are u serious
then goons come who were perfect body builder swara and shekhar look a each other then toward veer
shekhar-from which angle u think i can bit him
veer-but u have to they are teasing her
shekhar-i will see u afterwards
swara-god bless u
as shekhar goes but arjun comes and beat them they try manythings but all gone in vain but one day they reserved whole park and decorated beautifully with sumi’s photo when sumi enter she is surprised and happy ….then see shekhar….and turn to go but shekhar hold her hand
shekhar-sumi i know my mistake is unforgetable but plz forgive me plz give me another chance
sumi-are you mad do u know what are u saying it cant be possible
shekhar tried hard convience her but failed so shona and veer comes out sumi shocks to see them
sumi-u two i know shekhar has manipulated u two
swara-no aunty he told us everything
sumi-then also
swara-aunty everyone should get second chance
sumi-i dont think so he is worth of it
veer-aunty plz listen to him plz
sumi-shut up turn to go
swara-wait a mint…..which mistake did years ago u dont repeat it ……because of your ego dont distroy your children future …u both know you both were responsible that their present destroy if their next generation comes they also have live as your children living …….you both were answerable to them think……..lets go battery
know in park sumi and shekhar left
in swaeer house
swara-did u find who is ragini hubby
veer-no yrr….idea in her purse their should be her marriage pic

they wear monkey cap and snatch a cycle from kid and search for ragini then finally they search her in market they snatch her purse but public catch them and start to beat them but they manage to run away they see a bench and search photo but their bad luck in photo rags sanlak are present
swara-how is the groom
veer-how i know
swara-u idiot for this photo we are hitted by public
veer-one more idea
veer-we can search it in her room
swara-good idea
they again where the cap and enter ragini room throgh pipe and they are searching while rags and dida are having dinner arjun is not at home dida gone to kitchen to drink water their she see two shadow in rags room she inform it to rags
swara-here is nothing
veer-their should be any photograph
swara-are u sure
veer-yes come on
they comes to mm compound by jumping the boundry but for their bad luck they jumped infront of dogs(german shepered)
swara-are u seeing the same that i am seeing
veer-yes …..if i am blind
swara-then what
veer-then i at least cant see them
dogs comes toward then they run and throw pipe they enter dp room and started inspecting their
veer-rags has married 60yr old man look rags is standind in bridal dress with him
swara-battery idiot look their the big photo in which he is standing with his wife…..any douth look both are sleeping lets go dumbo

theysearch laksh room their also they see casual photo then goes to sanky room their they see ragini photo album but they didnt see the face of sanlak ..suddenly sanky hear some sound
sanky -whose their ……switch on light …..but didnt find anyone ….see his cupboard door is open so he lock it put key in his pocket and switch off light
swara was standing in the edge of balcony as she move little she may fall down but manage to see sanky lock cupboard in which veer is hiding swara hit her head with pam and comes to room
swara-only this was remaining…..swara place her ears near cupboard and say are u alive
veer-yes but how long i dont know
swara-ok shhhh
swara moves toward sanky he was sleeping shirtless wearing black pajjama swara try to take key but sanky open his eyes and pull swara and comes on her holding her hand tightly crossing figures
sanky-who are u
swara -think swara today u are gone
sanky -are u dumb
swara-leave me
sanky-what are u doing here …… he try to switch on the light by leaving her one hand but before switch on light swara takes vask which is in table and hit in sanky head he fall unconcious swara takes out key from this pocket and free battery they hear some sound so in fear they jump from balcony and bitten up by dogs they straightly land on hospital bed
swara-battery if u ever dare to think i will kill u
their they see rags and ask about her to nurse
nurse-she is ex daughter in law of dp and ex-wife of laksh
swaeer jump in happiness they finally know about her husband and in union
swaeer-jai ho garman sheepered ki

recap-battle field in baadi….urvashi entry…..swaeer try to break love polymer

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