ragini i am coming your swara is coming (epi-1)


thanks friends for your support i will reavel the pair later and their story will also starts later know i am focusing mainly on uniting gadodiya family….an voting lines for open till 25june
recap-swara knowing about love circle
swara-but who is her husband
veer-i think laksh
veer-i think sanky no lucky no sahil
swara-shut up u battery ….here i am confuesd with sanlak u are bringing sahil also
veer-i thought that
swara-if u think again i will break ur head know go to your house and pack ur bags to go to india
veer-i cant come here lots of patients are their i cant come living them if anything happen to them
swara-your assistant may attend them and moreover no one die by tooth pain
veer-u dont know how my uncle died because of tooth pain
swara-cross her both hand …..and how ur uncle got tooth pain battery
veer-a truck hitted him and his 32 tooth were broken by truck and he died
swara-ahhh shut up u double battery go to your house and be in airport at 7;30 if i didnt see u their it wont be good for u
veer-okay but how u will enter in baadi
swara-with my legs
veer-i mean how u enter in their life
swara-ehhh dont trouble ur useless brain go and do your packing and onlypack desi dress
veer-but why

swara-so that we dance in baadi to grap their attention
veer-are u serious i mean
swara-i am giving to minutes get out or i will kick u out
he goes and swara pack her bags and open the cupboard and take out her mom asthi kalash
swara-mom i dont know how i will unit them but i will fulfill ur last wish…caller manager
swara-i am going to india give all updates by mail and call
manager-sure mam
swara-bye …cut the call
she moves toward window and looks out
swara-i am coming ragini your swara is coming
swara is searching veer
veer-i am here
swara-lets go

in kokatta
sumi-maa what happen to u
dida-i am worried for ragini and arjun future
sumi-maa i have said many tyms to them to think about their future
ragini-mom if i am burden to u just say it clearly i will go from here
sumi- laddo i only want to see u live happly
ragini-i am happy i cant always smile
arjun here them
arjun-behaviour yourself ragini….mom we are happy in our life why cant u understand
sumi-arjun today me and dida is their for u but we will not be always their ….u cant spend your life alone
arjun-mom i will be their for rago and she will be for me
ragini-we can live as u lived by getting betrayal from shekhar gadodiya
sumi heartbreak by hearing ragini
sumi-ragini i was not alone my maa and u to were with me
ragini-thats why we living such a life
sumi with teary eye goes ragini comes in sense and think what she said
ragini-mom i doesnt mean it
but sumi goes without hearing dida turn ragini and gives tight slap to her
dida-how dare u say such words to her u know how much she tolerated this society…….. did hardwork like a machine so that both your demand will be fulfilled
ragini-i am sorry dida i didnt mean it
arjun-lets ask sorry from her
dida -let her be alone sometimes
arjun and ragini became sad for hurting their mom
it all was heared by shekhar he curse himself

in park
sumi is crying very much then someone tap her shouder she turn and see shekhar sumi wipes her tear and start go but shekhar hold her hand sumi jerk his hand
shekhar-plz sumi listen to me
sumi-what i have to listen shekhar
shekhar-i know i didnt worth u time but …i am sorry because of me ur suffering because i didnt stand for u plz forgive me
sumi-no i am sorry …i cursing myself to marry a spin less man
sumi-dont shout because of u i lost my dignity years ago because of you i loss that person who stand with me ,my children childhood and their life spoiled because of u janaki took away my younger child my beti shona
shekhar-she was also my daughter…that i couldit face anger of mom i was afraid to loss her i afraid sumi…but i am happy u raised our kids with value which janaki failed to but swara is small she will be mature by the tym
sumi-dont u dare shekhar …..they are my kids not your and moreover janaki all alone raised swara with her hardwork she has given luxuaries life ………and yeah u abused janaki infront ofme never do it infront of swara u heard na what she did to a man who abusedher mom
shekhar-i also beared the punishment by seeing u both in helpness …plz sumi give me my punishment plzzzzzz…i am dying daily by seeing hatred in my children eye ….i am missing swara…but more arjun and ragini
sumi-they already given punishment shekher being they have their father but no one use ur surname arjun ragini is not gadodiya they are ragini bose and arjun bose and swara as swara janaki mehra is a shame for a father its equal to his death
shekhar-heart breaks and tears are flowing from his eyes and sat ur right sumi
sumi run from their to cliff and broke down and cry whole heartedly
two persons are seeing her from distance
first person-u go and bring something
second person-okay swara
swara-battery not swara
veer-okay shona
swara goes near to sumi ..sumi see her but swara talk passing sumi
sumi-thinks i thought she comes to consolve me but she
swara-oh god i am coming to u nothing left for me i failed in exam by bubbli run away tomorrow how will i drink milk …god i am coming no boys are interested in me…..that buffalo size kamali also have bff i am coming she starts to move
swara-thinks choti stop me i dont want die from here if i fall my single bone also not be remain and turn at sumi and turn and walk by mini step
by seeing swara act sumi burst out in laugh…… swara see her became happy
sumi-laughing beta i know u did it to make me laugh thnx beta
swara-yeah this i want u have a such preety face smile s*xy
swara-yeah ….actually if u have cried more then u have died without climbing
sumi-confused…what but how
swara-if u cry then ur eye start pain then swelling then blindness then u walk here their then u fall then it hurt blood comes out then weakness then tireness then hospital then heavy med…before swara continues
sumi-stopp i cant bear more by holding her headby her pam i will never cry promise
swara-thats my good girl
sumi-whats your name
swara-swarshi archana janaknandini mehrari
sumi-look confused
swara-u can call me shona
sumi became emotional
swara-come have some golgappa
sumi-no its okay
swara-look at urself u are became pale
sumi-but beta i dont have money know
swara-dont worry
sumi-how can i
swara-consider me as your daughter know come

at that tym veer comes with scarf and handover to swara
swara-he is my frnd veer and wear this scarf
sumi -then how can we eat golgappa
swara-i said to cover your face not mouth
then they goes to golgappa stall sumi is standing between veer and swara they firstly enjoyed golgappa then three compete with eachother lastly they tired of eating
swara-i cant eat more
sumi-me too
veer-me three
swara-how much cost bhaiya
swara-winks at veer
he understand he hold one hand of sumi and swara hold another hand
they start running shopkeeper run behind them but they catch an auto
sumi-breathing heavly …why we run
veer-because we also dont have money
swara-dont speak loudly
sumi-dont tell me we are going to jump
swara-no s*xy
veer-stop the auto we have to purchase some item u wait here
driver-then extra charge for waiting
three exist auto and hide when auto driver look in different direction they run away
sumi is laughing whole heartedly -thnx for such lovely day plz come to my house and have thing
veer-aunty today i dont have the gutts to eat anything
sumi-then come take some rest
swara-its late u go ur children where waiting for u and we come some other day
sumi-promise then we enjoy together
swara-promise…give ur no.
sumi-gives it and take thier no.
sumi wave by to swaeer and goes to baadi and enter her house and see ragini and arjun arranging dinning table which is filled with many dish and dida is comind with dessert sumi sweets
sumi-to herself in my life i fear from many thing but not from food but today omg
they see sumi

arjun-come mom
ragini-hold her ears and apologies
sumi-its okay ragini
ragini-come we made all ur favourite dish
sumi’s eyes comes out fear at that tym swara calls her
swara-s*xy you forget ur bangel
sumi-through it because seriously i am going to die
swara-what happen
sumi-tells her everything
swara-bust out in laugh
sumi-very bad u are laughing very bad
swara-tell her something which is mute
sumi-does it work
swara-100% go my sherni and cut the call
sumi-comes out sit in chair
arjun and rags serve her plate full of food sumi see it and faints
three of them worry for her….. ragini checks her but didnt understand what happen to her
arjun-what happen to mom
ragini-dont know bhai her bp and everything is normal
dida-then what happen to her
ragini-take her to hospital
sumi in mind-oh god know they will take me to hospital…shona come soon
at that tym they hear the knock on door
dida-who came at this tym
ragini-u go and handle
dida open the door
dida-who are u both
swara-namastey aunty we are shermista ji frnds she left her bangel in auto we came to return it
dida-oh thnx bacccho
swara-can we meet her
dida-beta she is unconcious
swara-act as she dont know ..how what happen she was alright before 30 mints
dida-we also dont know
veer-let me check her i am a doctor
at that tym arjun comes holding sumi in his arm
dida-beta let him check he is a doctor
arjun-but dida who is he
veer-that i will tell later let me check her
arjun place her in couch
veer check her and take out marble because it look like tablet and place it in her mouth..sumi open her eyes slowly…all became happy and hugs sumi
dida-thnx beta thnk u very much
ragini-where do u practice
before veer could speak swara say

sumi-thnx veer and shona …i told u na about my children and mom they are them
dida-stop discussion have something
three eye comes out in fear
veer-no dida she should not eat anything till morning
veer-becoz of medicine
dida-okay uboth come
swara thinks do something other u are gone
swara-no aunty i am pure vegetarian
veer-shocks and think
swara-vegetables are eaten by animal no by humans
arjun-then veer u have it
all feed him and night he curse his decision to come india by holding his stomach lying in hospital

recap-swara veer climb mm wall to find rags husband…..then rags room……beaten up by dida

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