RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 6)


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The next morning all woke up but there eyes were clearly showing emoticons of proudness and pain of separation.Ragini got ready in a jeans and white top with denim shrug.She was looking awesome.She went towards her mothers photo
RAGINI:Sumi maa…Iam very nervous.Do u think I will be able to stand up to their expectation.How willI I be able to live in a big city like Mumbai without my family.Swara told me to be strong but u know na i cant even stay without her for even a minute then how will I
“because u don’t have to…..”came voice from behind her
Ragini turned behind and saw swara standing there

“Swara di!”
“Yes my sis…u know what mom told me when u were born”
Ragni nodded her head in a no like a child.Swara went towards her and held her hand
“Mom told me that we are swaragini and maybe in future we may get separated but our soul will always be one and u know what maa always wanted to makeus a singer”
“U are right Swara di….we are swaragini and we will stay like that forever”
They both hugged each other
“Laado…shona…get down .Mr Kapoor has came”dadi shouted from downstairs
Ragini and swara went downstairs with teary eyes.Ragini saw mr Kapoor waiting for her.He was in a tuxedo .Swaragini came down and touched Mr Kapoor feets while he blessed them
Mr Kapoor took ragini bags
“ready to go beta!”
“Uncle before I go Ihave a condition”

All looks at Ragini shockingly
“What are u saying laado” dadi said
“dadi one minute…so kapoor uncle will u fulfil my condition”
“Beta what is the condition”Mr kapoor asked in a tensed voice
Raginiwent towards swara and held her hand
“Kapoor uncle …we are swaragini and ragini is nothing without swara so please if u don’t mind can we pls take swara also with us.She is a very good singer .Plzzzz add her in ur group too’
Ragini looked at Mr kapoor hopefully whereas dadi and shekhar were elated to see swaragini’s love.
“Well in that case …it will be my pleasure to fulfil our condition.Swara can join our group too”
Ragini jumped with joy and swaragini hugged each other tightly. Swaragini title track playsin bg.Shekhar comes towards him

“Mr kapoor thank u for making our daughters dream true and please take care of my daughters”
“Dont worry shekhar ji i will take care of swaragini like my own daughters”
Swaragini hugged dadi and shekhar tightly .
“Dont cry beta …our blessing will always be with u”they told swaragini.Mr kapoor made swaragini sit in the shiny back car and descended from there.But instead of sadness there was more of happiness as their dream was coming true.Swaragini held each others hand and smiled at each other .They knew that till swaragini were together no problems would even dare to touch them,they will be together through thick and thin……….

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