RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 5)


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Dadi quickly runs to home and sees swara tensed.She goes towards her and pats her check
“What happen swara”
“Dadi…wo …ragini…she was crying .”
“She is upset i think”
“but u know na ragini ,she rarely gets upset”
“Dadi u know the reason!!!Blurt it out..u know na ragini is my life”
Dadi tells swara about her conversation with mr kapoor and Ragini’s reaction
“don’t worry dadi,i will convice my little sister”

Ragini was in her room.She was crying alot
“how can i leave my family specially swara di….and go with a strange man”
“May I come in “
Ragini turned her head and saw her beautiful sister standing
“swara d ii don’t want to talk right now”
“OMG….my chatterbox sister isn’t in a mood to talk to her sister ,shitnow i will have to give dairy milk chocolate to somebody else”
Ragini made a pout face
“Di sorry …pls give me the chocolate”Ragini said childishly
Swara gives ragini chocolate.Ragini keeps her head on Swara’s while she caresses ragini’s hair
“Ragini everybody have tosacrifice something in order to fulfil their dreams and u know na if maa wuld have been her she would bee so happy .Ragu wont u listen to ur sister?”
“I know swara di but how will I live without u and dadi”
“Ragini ur swara di will always be with u “
Ragini hugs swara
“u are right di…i will go to mumbai and show the people whatthese gadodia sister are!!!”
They both hug again
“we are also here”Swaragini looked to see their papa and dadi standing.They both ranand hug them quietly.Swara took ragini,s phone and took a selfie of them
“Whenever u miss us see this photo and remember we are alwayswith u”swara said with voice full of emotions
“and stop acting like small children”dadi interrupted whereas raginimade a pout face.Dadi and swara laughs
“Hey don’t u dare totease my little princess”
The whole night the famlybonded and spent a night full of emotions

PRECAP:Ragini reaches Mumbai

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The next morning

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