RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 4)


Thank u guys for ur comment.Heres the next chapter.Hope u enjoy
A month later, Ragini stepped off the school bus and saw a shiny black car parked in front of the house. When she went inside, a man in a suit was sitting at the kitchen table talking with her father and Dadi.

“Of course, you’d want her to finish collage, but she won’t have to live in Mumbai. She’ll just have to go there to make recordings. I heard her sing that Saturday night. If things go like I think they will, she’s going to sell a lot of records. I’ll get her some public appearances, too, at fairs and such, but that’ll probably be in the summer, and I’ll keep ‘em as close to home as I can.” The man looked up as Ragini walked to Dadi’s side. “Ah, there you are, Christine.”Ragini at once recognised the voice ,it was karan kapoor
“Hi sweety ..how are u??”
“Fine uncle…by the way what are u doing here”she asked nervously .
Mr kapoor looked at dadi so that she could make Ragini understand
“Ragini…wo…mr Kapoor…”
“Stop freaking me dadi and spill out whats happening”she said with a stubborn face
“Actually Mr Kapoor wants u to go to Mumbai with him and he wants to give u a chance in the thunderz”dadi said in one breath
For instance ragini was elated as her dream of becoming a singer was going to be true but suddenly her mind took her to another bundle of thoughts….she would have to leave her village ,her baba,her dadi,her friends and most importantly her better half Swara and go with a strange man.How can she leave fer family and just think about herself.How could she be so selfish
‘no….no…go from here….i am not going anywhere leaving swara and dadi”
She looked at dadi and then mr kapoor and then ran away as fastly as she could whereas dadi and mr kapoor lay there helplessly
“mr kapoor ….i am sorry…she is an emotional girl pls forgive her..i promise i will convince her by tomorrow “
“u better convince heras tomorrow i will leave for surez”
With this he stepped iin his shiny black car and descended in his shiny black car and descended
Dadi POV
I have to convinue my laado …i will not let her spoil her life..i cannot see her dreams shatteres but how will i convince her ,she is so stubborn but only one person can convince her…..SHONA

PRECAP:will swara be able to convince her…who will ragini choose:dream or family

Guys who do u want opposite ragini…..sanskaar or laksh .please comment and even don’t worry I will come up with more raglak and ragsan ffs

Credit to: ridhi

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  1. Raglak plz…. And make it long

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  2. Actually dear now a days raglak become se adorable couple, looking perfectly for each other, so I will always go with them Becoz sanskar doesn’t suits her, he can be a good friend

    1. Yes raglak is totally adorable

  3. Raglak please

  4. Ragsan…sanky suits ragini more than laksh..

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    1. thnx for ur comment

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  5. Nice… anything is fine dear Ragini suits both of them equally if you are choosing Sanskaar for Ragini why don’t you introduce a new character against Lakshr? Just a suggestion only 🙂 Anyways like your story line…

  6. nice episode?

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  7. ragsan pl….
    they look so cute together

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