RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 2)


Thnx for ur responses and guys I missed u all too ……so heres the second chapter of my fiction.Hope u al like it
The first day of the revival was exhilarating. People arrived throughout the morning, and by noon, the pasture was filled with cars and the tent filled with people milling around and getting reacquainted between sermons. That night, after a supper of fried chicken prepared by some of the village women, the sing began. Swaragini were scheduled at the beginning of the program, and followed a boy’s trio . Mr Bakshi introduced them as the Gadodia Sisters.Ragini was wearing a blue gown with black flowers imprinted and was looking beyond awesome and swara was wearing a black gown. Ragini sucked in a deep breath and stepped onto the rough-sawn lumber stage. They planned to sing “Sun saathinya”

Ragini looked out at the mass of people under the spreading canvas and her heart nearly jumped from her chest. She hadn’t counted on so many, and they all seemed to be frowning. Finally, she spotted a kindly looking man in the first row who smiled when she caught his eye. Ragini locked her eyes on the man as soon as the piano accompaniment began.He was old and ragini got a fatherly vibe from him

Their performance was good except for when Swara faltered a little on the second verse, but Ragini was mesmerising. The crowd had applauded for a long time.The friendly man in the front row had watched her through the whole song, and gave her a smiling nod of approval when they had finished.

On the way back to her seat, she came face to face with the man who had watched her sing.

“Miss Gadodia, I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your singing. Your sister is pretty good, too, ‘

Ragini blushed. “Thank you, Sir.”

“No. Thank you. By the way what’s your name?”


“Well, Ragini, after everybody gets done singing’ what they planned, some of us’ll get together and just sing whatever we want. It’ll be kinda late, but it’ll be lots of fun. Would you like to join in?”

“I’ll have to ask Dadi if it’s alright.”

The man smiled . “Well, you just go an’ ask her then. I want you to sing with us.”

Ragini ran to find her grandmother. Imagine! Being asked to sing with the men was a big issue
“Dadi, Dadi. A man asked me to sing with them after everybody gets done. Can I?”

“I don’t know Laado. Who is he?”

“I don’t know his name, but he’s real friendly. He watched me all the time we were singing.”

“Well, can you show him to me?”

Ragini looked out over the milling mass of people.

“There he is, Dadi. That man in the grey suit over there talking to kaka

Ragini’s grandmother clasped her hand to her chest.

“Lordy, child. Don’t you know who that is?”


The face freezes on ragini’s curious face and dadi shocked face
Who was that mam….has he come to help ragini or spill her dreams.????
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Credit to: ridhi

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