RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 1)


Guys I am ragini and I was the writer of swaragini:the heart wants what it wants but I had to discontinue it due to my boards exam but now I am back with my new fan fiction.Hope u all like it

Ragin and Swara i Gadodia was a Bengali and lived in a village of Kolkata.Ragini was the second child born to Shekhar and sharmistha after swara.As were most people in village, Gadodia family was lowermiddle class, but proud, and had a great love of family and friends. Family and friends were important in times of trouble. When her father hurt his back, the neighboring farmers all pitched in to harvest his crop. When Swararagini’s mother died, her widowed grandmother stepped in to fill the void. Dadi was the only mother Ragini really remembered.

every each month gathering would take place inside the tent. Each congregation would send their best singers, and there might even be a professional group or two who’d kept the ties to their rural roots. Rumor had it the Thunderz would even be there. Everybody knew about the Thunderz They were really famous band
Ragini and her sister Swara was going to represent her collage at the sing on Monday night..Both of them were damn excited
“di I am very excited “a girl hugged swara from back.Swara turned to look at her sister who was looking damn cute
“Ragini this is the 12th time u have told it”swara told.Yes that girl was ragini.She was extremely pretty .She was just 19 whereas swara was 21
“but di u know na singing is my passion”
Ragini made a pout face.swara couldn’t help adoring her little sister.Just then an old lady entered
“omg…u two sisters haven’t slept till now’
“Aww…my sweet dadi,u know na swara di was not letting me sleep”
“dadi..she is telling lie”
Dadi held both of theirs ear”you both are getting naughtier especially ragini”
“sorry dadi”both of the sister’s shouted
Dadi left their ears and the trio shared a family hug

PRECAP:The gathering
Guys I would continue on the basis of ur response so pls comment and give me ur reviews.By theway I am really happy with raglak reunion and really adoring their cute scenes

Credit to: ridhi

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  1. ridhi i really missed u . where u u did not complete the ff u said family is going for picnic but u did not complete
    anyway nice ff that too ragini has lead surly i will read

    1. sorry for discontinuing it……was busy due to my boards & I missed u all too

  2. Awesome… plz continue…

    1. thnx anaita…glad u liked it

  3. A different concept but nice

  4. awesome

  5. Awwww! Cho chweet??

    1. thnx Riya…..big huggg

  6. Very nice

    1. thnx prateeksha

  7. Superb dear and plz continue

    1. thnx ammu &I will surely continue

  8. Nice cntnue

    1. thnx S priya…

  9. I missed ur previous ff.I loved ur ff( the. Heart wants what its wants.) .this ff is simply awesome.I am hpy the ragini is main lead in this ff

    1. Thanks R & S…glad that u still remembered me

  10. Super start…

  11. good start…..good luck

  12. RIDHI…. I really missed you a lot……. Y can’t you continue that ff tooo. …. Pls make it swasan and raglak yaar… These days no swasan and raglak ff…

    1. I missed u too subi…completely lost track of that ff…but would soon write a raglak and swasan ff for u

  13. please ridhi atleast update one episode of ur last ff. even during my study leaves and my board exams i used to check for ur ff. please do justice yaar. and please tell me what was that tragedy?? please please please update atleast one episode i beg u. please……………

    1. so sweet o u greshu…I will try too make a prologue of its ending for u

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