Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 9 (RagLak and RagSan)

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Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 9

The episode starts with Raghvi, Ap and Sanskaar reaching the mall.
Ap : Sanskaar park the car and come to that shop (She points out at a shop)

Ap and Raghvi enter the shop and starts selecting dresses. Just then Raghvi’s phone ring.
Raghvi : Haa Laado bole
Ragini : Di don’t select me my wedding dress as Laksh told that he wanted to select it for me other than I’m fine with anything you select. Ahh Di Laksh’s graduation is coming on this Friday so get me a nice shalwar for that.
Raghvi : Okay Laado I’ll do as you say. Anything else?
Ragini : No Di nothing.
Raghvi : Okay then bye (She smiles and hangs up).

Ap : Any problem beta?
Raghvi : Nahi Mom voh…Ragini wanted me to buy a shalwar for Laksh’s graduation.
Ap : Achcha, Okay then let’s start selecting for everyone for the engagement, haldi, sangeet, mehendi, wedding.
Raghvi smiles and nods, both of them finish purchasing. Ap notices two sarees.
Ap : Beta ek minute, that saree will look beautiful on you and Ragini. Why don’t you try it.
Raghvi nods.
Raghvi : Aunty can you get me both that sarees?
The lady gives both the sarees one is peacock pink with peacock blue simple designs while the other one is peacock blue with peacock pink simple designs. Raghvi takes the first one and goes to the trial room.

Scene shifts to ice cream parlour. Ragini and Meera are seen sitting Laksh comes and sits too.
Ragini : Laksh have you done odering?
Laksh : Haa angel. (He says it while he was putting his purse in his pocket)
Meera : Angel?
Laksh realizes what he told. Ragini also feels embarrassed.
Laksh : Mee…She is my angel so can’t I call her angel.
Meera : Then can I also call her angel? No no let it be, I like to call her as LB bhabhi.
Ragini : LB?
Meera : Laksh bhaiyaa.
Ragini starts laughing. Just then the waiter comes and serves the ice cream.
Ragini : I thought it is bulbs brand. Meera though you are just a year younger to me you talk as if you are going to nursery.
Meera : You know what bhabhi, LB has bad habit.
Laksh : What bad habit do I have?
Meera : He breaks things when he gets angry.
Ragini : Really? (She looks at Laksh)
Meera : Haa, even he broke the phone the day you didn’t answer his call.
Laksh : Meera now I will break your head. Nothing like that angel, You eat.
Ragini : I believe my nanad more than you.
Meera : His anger is very dangerous, even Sanskaar bhai gets angry but not like him. It is the only think I don’t like in him other than that my Laksh bhai is just perfect. (She says this holding his arm)
Laksh and Ragini are sitting face to face while Meera is sitting in the left side of Laksh.
Ragini : Laksh for your graduation gift what do you want?
Laksh : Graduation gift? Give whatever you want.
Meera : Bhabhi may be he is shy to ask it in front of me. (Meera laughs)
Laksh : Mee stop pulling my legs. Shall we leave? I have to drop your bhabhi also before it gets late.
Meera and Ragini : Okay.
The three of them stand up and heads to the parking lot.

The scene shifts to GM, Aarnav comes and finds no one. He takes his phone and calls Mihir. There was no respond for couple of times. Then again he tried and Mihir had answered.
Aarnav : Papa where are you?
Mihir : Voh we came (Just then the hospital bell rings, Mihir realizes there is no point to hide it from Aarnav) to the hospital.
Aarnav : Is everyone okay?
Mihir says something to Aarnav which makes Aarnav shattered. They hang up.

The scene shifts to the maal. Raghvi comes out wearing the saree just then Sanksaar come after parking. He gets awestruck seeing Raghvi’s reflection through the mirror. Without his knowledge he comes close to her and stands behind her and makes the pallu wear on her head. Raghvi gets numb for awhile. Sanskaar bend to Raghvi’s ear.
Sanskaar whispers : You look like an angel in this saree.
Raghvi blushes a bit without smiling. Ap comes there and speaks up.
Ap : Raghvi beta you look like an angel, very beautiful with pallu on your head. Go get changed we’ll pay the bill.
Sanskaar realizes what he did and composes him, Raghvi nods and leaves. They come out after paying the bill.

Sanskaar’s POV
What have you done Sanskaar? What is going wrong with you these days? Why can’t you realize what you are doing? It is like some kind of magnet is attracting towards her. What magic is she doing? No Sanskaar this can’t happen she is just only going to be your name sake wife.
Sanskaar’s POV ends

Raghvi’s POV
Why did he say like that? I know just the way I hate him he too hates me then what made him say like that? God please help me.
Raghvi’s POV ends

Sanskaar drops Ap and goes to drop Raghvi. Laksh also comes to drop Ragini along with Meera. Both the cars come at the same time. Raghvi gets down, Meera see Raghvi she gets down, gooes and hugs Raghvi.
Meera : Bhabhi you could have also joined our ice cream party. Btw how was the day?
Raghvi : it was reall good hope you enjoyed.
Meera : Haa, Ragini bhabhi is such a good company.
Raghvi : I know she won’t make you bore.

Inside Laksh’s car Ragini removes the seat belt.
Laksh : Are you upset?
Ragini : Why would I? The ice cream was awesome.
Laksh : Not that Ragini, are you upset about me getting angry and…
Ragini : And it is dangerous when you get angry. No I actually want to see your that face too.
Laksh looks at her confusedly.
Ragini : So that I can learn how to calm you down.
Laksh : No one has ever thought in this way. They always say me to change.
Ragini : Laksh always wife is a different character. She cares like a mother, teases like a sister and advices like a friend. I don’t want you to change for me I want to accept just the way you are.
Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Ragini : You know who taught me this? My Di, she always want me to be perfect, in her eyes I must be a perfect character for everyone. She doesn’t like to get praised in front of me. She is my soul mate.
Laksh : Love you. You are just perfect enough (He shakes his head) no, too perfect for me. People use to call me Lucky but today only I felt it.
Ragini: Shall we make a move?
Laksh : Yup.
Both of them come getting down out of the car.

Ragini : Meera and Laksh why don’t you have a coffee and go?
Meera : Good idea but bhabhi you are very bad.
Ragini looks at Meera confusingly.
Meera : You only called me but not you jiju?
Ragini : Where I don’t see him.
Laksh : There he is inside the car.
Laksh bends and finds Sanskaar on a call he knocks on the window and Sanskaar nods. Sanskaar gets out of the car hanging up the call.
Laksh : Sanskaar, come let’s have a coffee and go.
Sanskaar : No both of you go and have. I’m going home I have an important work
Ragini feels bad and looks at Raghvi hoping that she would convince him.
Laksh : Come on Sanskaar just a cup yaar.
Meera : Bhaiiiiiiii…….
Sanskaar : Okay.
All of them come in, Laksh, Sanskaar and meera sits.
Ragini : I will fresh up and come.
She runs upstairs.
Raghvi : What do you want to have, tea or coffee?
Laksh and Meera : Coffee
Sanskaar is lost in his thought. He is thinking whatever has happened that day. Raghvi is waiting for Sanskaar’s reply. Laksh notices this and hits Sanskaar with the elbow.
Sanskaar : Ouch Lucky…
Laksh : Stop dreaming and tell Raghvi what do you want? Coffee or tea
Sanskaar : Coffee is fine.
Kajal and Sahil both of them come they greet everyone. Ragini comes wearing a white t shirt and a pajama along with Aarnav.
Sahil : I and your bhabhi are going out to have dinner and bring you all dinner.
Aarnav : Okay.
Kajal and Sahil leave. Aarnav sits while Ragini goes to the kitchen. Laksh who was continuously staring at Ragini was notices by Meera.
Meera : Stop eyeing her like this bhai.
Aarnav and Sanskaar laugh while Laksh feels embarrassed.
Raghvi comes out with the tray and Ragini comes out with another tray with some sweet. Ragini sits next to Aarnav. Raghvi serves and sits next to Ragini. Sanskaar sips the coffee and gets lost in the taste.
Laksh : Wow Raghvi this tastes awesome.
Meera : Haa bhabhi best coffee ever.
Aarnav : Shona is perfect in everything.
Raghvi gives a stern look to Aarnav. Aarnav gulps.
Aarnav : I mean both Raghvi and Ragini.
Laksh understands the reason behind this but Sanskaar and Meera looks confusingly.
Sanskaar : By the way wear is aunty and everyone?
Raghvi : Haa Aarnav I was about to ask.
Aarnav : They went shopping somewhere far they will get late.
Ragini : Tomorrow is our engagement.
Aarnav : They will directly come to the engagement.
Laksh : Then it is fine.
Sanskaar : Shall we leave?
Meera : Yeah even I have college work.
Laksh : I have no work…
Aarnav : So are you going to stay here?
All of them control their laugh.
Laksh : I mean I’ll come a bit late both of you can go.
Sanskaar : Okay, Mee come lets go.
Meera : Then bye everyone. (She hugs Raghvi and Ragini)
Sanskaar and Meera leave. Aarnav and Raghvi go upstairs.

Laksh goes near Ragini and sees Ragini blushing.
Ragini : Why did you stay you could have gone na?
Laksh : Even now I can go.
He moves Ragini holds his hand. She drags him out to the garden and makes him sit down and she too sits beside him.
Laksh : You wanted me to go na?
Ragini : But you stayed to spend time with me right?
Laksh : Tomorrow we are going to get engaged are you happy.
Ragini : What kind of question are you asking? I’m happy that I don’t have words to describe.
Ragini rests her head on his chest and he encircles her wait.
Laksh : Okay angel then I’ll leave there are a lot of work to do.
Ragini : Five more minutes?
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Okay okay now go.
She gives a peck on his cheek and Laksh give a peck on her forehead.
Laksh : Then meet you tomorrow, bye and love you.
Ragini : Take care and I love you too.
Laksh leaves.

Ragini comes in while Laksh leaves. Raghvi who was looking at them smiles, she goes to Ragini’s room. Aarnav also comes along with Raghvi.
Aarnav : Tigress has turned in to a love bird.
Ragini : Shut up Aarnav.
Raghvi : Here are your dresses. Laado how was the day by the way?
Ragini : Awesome. How about yours di?
Raghvi : It was good. Here Ragini I have bought the dress you wanted.
Ragini hugs Raghvi.
Raghvi : Best Di ever.
Aarnav : Girls you are forgetting that I’m here.
Ragini and Raghvi looks at Aarnav and then three of them burst out in to laughter. Just then Aarnav’s phone ring.
Aarnav : It is an unknown number.
Ragini : Just answer and see.
Aarnav nods and goes out.
Ragini : Di…
Raghvi was folding Ragini’s clothes and arranging in the cupboard.
Raghvi : Hmm bolo Laado.
Ragini : Are you happy with the marriage?
Raghvi looks at her shockingly.
Raghvi : What made you ask this Laado?
Ragini : You answer me first.
Raghvi comes near Ragini and holds Ragini’s cheek.
Raghvi : Haa I’m very happy. Why babaa, everything is okay with you and Laksh right?
Ragini : Nothing is wrong with Laksh but Sanskaar…
Raghvi : Ohh are you thinking about his behavior. Laado he was disturbed by something from the morning, stop worrying Laado.
Ragini : Hope everything is fine.
Raghvi : Okay, you take rest I’ll get you something to drink.
Ragini : Di you look more tiring than me. You go and rest you don’t have to bring me anything.
Raghvi : Okay, once the dinner comes I’ll awake you.
Ragini smiles and nods.

Scene shifts to MM, Laksh is in Sanskaar room both of them were playing video game. Ap enters puts her mouth hung open. She goes from behind and holds their ear.
Laksh : Mom leave it is hurting. (He struggles with pain)
Sanskaar : Ouch mom it is hurting. Leave our ears.
Ap : Both of you are getting engaged tomorrow and now playing video games.
Sanskaar : Mom from tomorrow we will forget how to laugh also so let us enjoy.
Ap : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Kya Sanskaar??
Laksh : Yeah mom we won’t have time to play with these things hena Sanky?
Ap : I have no idea how are you both going to manage your family life.
Ap leaves fuming in anger. Laksh and Sanskaar laughs. Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s phone beep, both of them look at each other.
Sanskaar : Why is it at the same time?
Laksh : Don’t know, check your message.
Sanskaar’s message from Raghvi : It is kind an urgent I want to meet you before the engagement happen. Can you come to my home?
Laksh’s message from Ragini : Laksh I want to meet you before the engagement. Can you come now?
Both of them read it loud.
Laksh : Hope Ragini is alright.
Sanskaar without his sense drags Laksh’s hand and runs out. Laksh looks at Sanskaar surprisingly.
Laksh : Sanskaar let me drive.
Sanskaar : No I will.
Laksh : Sanskaar you have no control over your driving so let me.
Sanskaar : Whatever drive fast.
Both of them sit and Laksh drives. Both of them reach GM and comes in opening the door.
Laksh : Ragini… Ragini…
Sanskaar : Raghvi… Raghvi…

Screen freezes with the tensed faces of Laksh and Sanskaar.

Precap : Raghvi is looking at Sanskaar and Laksh with teary eyes and Ragini is shocked behind her… Aarnav apologizes in front of everyone… Ragini Laksh and Raghvi Sanskaar exchange the rings…

I’m firstly sorry for not posting for a long I have already give you the reason already…And yeah secondly I’m sorry this in the previous Precap : Raghvi sings a song and Ragini dances… there was a part like this but it is not going to happen in this episode but in one of the future episode…Please do comment and keep supporting…And yeah if you do like this ff lease comment on my promo…
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Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan
Meera Maheshwari – Helly Shah

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  1. PP

    It was awesome and yeah give time to ur family too……
    Will be waiting for next one……?
    But don’t worry take ur time………

  2. Ammu

    Superb episode and plz plz plz don’t end soon. We all loved it a lot dear. Plz continue

  3. Aastha

    first of all dont stop ur ff. i like this ff very very much. i’ve a guess that arnav msg to sanlak? if ragini came to know that san didnt like raghvi? i’ll wait for ur nxt update.
    last but not least today epi is awsm. my fav scene in this epi is san says u r looking like angel to raghvi.

  4. Dafsi

    Hello everyone thanks for your comments I have to reconsider about stopping as many of have asked me not to stop sooooo I might stop but I might be irregular Im sorry for that and yeah thanks alot for your comments it really matters to me alot 🙂 please do keep reading and supporting

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