Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 8 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 8

The episode starts with Raghvi sitting near the window and looking at the sky. Ragini comes in while speaking with Laksh.
Ragini : Haa Haa babaa I’ll give you a text once my work is done.
Ragini hangs up and goes near Raghvi and finds that Raghvi is lost in her own thoughts. Ragini goes and shakes Raghvi.
Ragini : Di what are you thinking about? Ohho thinking about jiju?
Raghvi smiles and shakes her head.
Raghvi : No Ragini I was thinking how much we have grown up and how soon we have grown up.
Ragini sits next to her.
Ragini : Ha di you are right. Come let’s have dinner.
Raigini and Raghvi come downstairs and sit in the dining table.
Nandhani : At last Sumi your dream is coming true.
Sumi : Haa Nandhani.
Kajal : Maami you were scared that Ragini won’t accept right? See I told you that she will accept this proposal for sure.
Sumi : Haa Ragini I wanted to ask you this, what made you accept this proposal?
Ragini nervously looks at Raghvi and then Aarnav. Raghvi was sitting infront of Ragini while Aarnav left of her.
Aarnav whispers : No point of hiding Laado so tell.
Ragini : Voh mom…I and Laksh love each other.
Sumi, Mihir, Nandhani, Kajal and Sahil look shockingly.
Sumi : What?
Ragini : Mom I went to teach for a boy right? (Sumi nods) He is only Laksh. He told his family and they have brought an alliance. I’m sorry mom for not telling, it was not very long that I accepted him it was just two days ago and when you were talking about the alliance I refused because of him only. I didn’t know that you were talking about his family.
Sumi comes and hugs Ragini.
Sumi : I’m sorry Laado, you could have told me right? No fault is mine I only could have told about the family.
Ragini : No mom it is ok. I’m very happy that my choice is your choice too.

Scene shifts to MM everyone are seated in the dining table.
Laksh : Thanks a lot mom. This is the best surprise ever.
Ap : Don’t thank me, thank your dad as he is the one wanted to surprise you.
Laksh widens his eyes and looks at Dp.
Dp : A small surprise for fulfilling my wish.
Laksh gets up and goes near Dp and kneels down.
Laksh : I love you so much dad
Dp : I love you too beta.
Both of them hug each other.

It is morning scene at RLF (Rao Law Firm)
Ragini : Rishi are you done with the researching about the new case?
Rishi : Yes madam.
Ragini : Have the clients come?
Rishi : Yeah
Ragini : Then ask them to come to my cabin.
Someone knocks the door.
Ragini : Yes come in.
A girl comes in. Ragini looks on.
The girl : Good evening madam,I’m Kriya Raati there was an advertisement asking for a PA. I have applied for it and was called.
Ragini : Rishi can you please interview her.
Rishi : Yes Madam.
Ragini smiles and leave while Kriya smirks.

Ap reaches the temple along with Sanskaar.
Sanksaar : Mom yesterday also you made me postpone all the meetings.
Ap : Until you get married this will only happen.
Sanskaar : Mom…
Ap strictly : Kya mom? Remember your promise.
Sanskaar : Whatever. You go in I’ll stay here.
Ap : What is wrong with you Sanskaar? Your Daadu’s death was natural and still blaming god are you out of your mind? When you were kid as not to hurt you we didn’t force, after that you went England so you lost touch with religion but now?
Sanskaar : I know mom but I can’t change my behavior so you can go.
Ap turns to the temple and folds her hand (In a Namaste manner)
Ap : Bhaghawan ji at least the one who he is going to get married Raghvi has to change him.
Sanskaar who was leaning on the car jerks when he heard Raghvi’s name. Ap leaves while Sanskaar looks at the temple and eventually shakes his head. He opens the car and sits.

Scene shifts RLF
Ragini : So they are telling that they won’t give the land which is owned by you?
A man : Haan ji. They are asking a big amount of money if we want to get the land.
Ragini : Sampath ji then why didn’t you file a case until now? It is ok leave it to me. Make sure all the necessary documents are here. If I need you I’ll call you.
Sampath : Thank you so mach madam ji.
Sampath leaves while Rishi enters.
Ragini : Poor people. How can these rich people have no heart? Greediness overloaded. (She makes a sad face)
Rishi : Hmm yeah Madam, by the way I interviewed about Kriya and she is not fully qualified but some what she is good. We will have to train ad take.
Ragini bites the pen’s tip and thinks Rishi looks on.
Ragini : Then the duty is yours, you will have to keep an eye on her plus give her strict training. (Rishi nods) by the way did Vaishali call?
Rishi : Ahh…voh…no
Ragini : Ohh ok…you can leave.

Scene shifts to MLF (Maheshwari Law Firm)
Dp and Laksh are walking in the hall way while everyone greets them. Dp shows room where a name plate is fixed as ‘Laksh Durga Prasad Maheshwari LL.B Attorney at Law” Laksh gets teary.
Laksh : Dad…
Dp smile and gestures him to enter the cabin. Dp makes Laksh sit in the seat.
Dp : Do you like the cabin? It is designed by me and…
A voice : How is the cabin Mr. Laksh Maheshwari?
Laksh turns towards the door.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Haa I and Dad only designed it. Though you are a lawyer it doesn’t mean the place you are should be typical.
Dp gets a call and leave.
Laksh : it is really beautiful.
Ragini sits in front of him.
Ragini : So sir start working sincerely without day dreaming.
Laksh in accepting a command way : Yes madam. So shall we leave?
Ragini : Mandir hena? I really don’t go
Laksh : Seriously? Even Sanskaar doesn’t go (Ragini looks on) He lived with Daadu more than mom or dad so he loves Daadu more than mom and dad. Daadu was a very religious person when Daadu died Sanskaar blamed god for taking Daadu away from him even when Daadu believed in god so much. How childish, by the way why are you not going?
Ragini looks down with teary eyes. Laksh make her look in to his eyes.
Laksh : Hey baaba what happened? Why are you tearing? Did I tell anything wrong?
Ragini shakes her head
Ragini : I remembered dad, even he was very religious. From the day he died I stopped stepping in to mandir. I love my dad the most, he believed in god but god…
She starts crying while Laksh hugs.
Laksh : Meri baaba please stop crying, I can’t bear when you cry. (Ragini hugs Laksh tightly putting her arms over his shoulder like a small kid and cried vigorously) Arey Ragini what is this crying like a kid? Here your let’s match our kundils somewhere else. Ragini…
He breaks the hug and makes her sit. He makes her drink water and kisses on her forehead. He looks at Ragini’s cute crying face with running nose. He takes the tissue box and hands it Ragini while Ragini looks confusingly.
Laksh : Wipe your tears and nose.
Ragini : Why can’t you?
Laksh makes an ewwww face.
Laksh : How can I wipe your running nose phlegm?
Ragini makes a sad face. Laksh takes the tissue and wipes her face. Laksh holds his ears and makes a cute puppy face.
Laksh : I’m sorry…
Ragini interrupts : You don’t have to be sorry. I get emotional when it comes to dad Laksh.
Laksh : Princess death is a natural thing which we can’t predict so forget the past. Will your dad like you crying like this? What will your dad think about me if you cry like this?
Ragini shakes her head.
Laksh : Ok then smile and let’s step to mandir together.
Ragini : Okay now let’s leave.
Laksh : You were looking so cute when you were crying. (He imitates the way Ragini cry)
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Laksh…

Scene shifts to mandir. Sanskaar is sitting near the temple inside the car. Sumi and Raghvi come and get down in another car. Sanskaar doesn’t notice Sumi but notices Raghvi. Raghvi goes in front of the mandir and prays. Then bends and takes blessings. She has worn a white shalwar with apple green duppata and Patiala trouser. She has half left open her hair. She climbs the stairs and removes her slippers. Sanskaar is lost in Raghvi’s beauty he eventually gets down and follows Raghvi. Raghvi goes in front of the Krishna ji’s idol and hits the bell and starts praying. Sanskaar comes and stands behind her. Her duppata is flying all over and covers Sanskaar’s face. Raghvi finishes praying and turns he leg stumbles and falls while Sanskaar holds her. Both of them get lost in their eyes.
A voice : Ahm ahm it’s not nice to romance in front of god.
Sanskaar and Raghvi come back to their senses and compose themselves.
Sanskaar : Ragini…Laksh…
Laksh : Bhai what are you doing? Wait…(He looks around) where are you standing?
Sanskaar realized that he standing inside the mandir and remembers Annapoorna’s prayers.
Sanskaar in his mind : Why did I come in? How? What made me come in?
His thoughts are broken by Raghvi’s voice.
Raghvi : Laado what are you doing in mandir?
Ragini : Voh…Di..

Ap and Sumi both together : What are you all doing in the mandir?
Ap : Sanskaar came to drop me Sumi ji
Sumi : Raghvi came to drop me.
Ap : Then Ragini?
Laksh : Ragini and I came to see how everything is going on.
Sumi : Laksh beta you made Ragini step in to the mandir.
Laksh : Nahi mom, the same reason what made her stop coming made her come here. Her dad, for her dad she came. But the thing which I’m still shocked is what my bhai is doing here.
Ap realizes Sanskaar is standing in mandir.
Ap : Arey Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Voh mom… I came
Ap : Somehow you came right?
Sumi : There the pandit ji is coming. Did you bring the kundil Ap ji?
Ap : Haa, here.
All of them sit beside the mandir. Ragini and Raghvi are sitting together. Laksh is sitting in the other side of Ragini and Sanskaar next to Laksh. Ap is sitting beside Raghvi and Sumi beside Ap (in a half circle.) Laksh is holding Ragini’s hand.
Ragini whispers to Laksh’s ear : What is it doesn’t match?
Laksh : Who cares? Do you believe in these things?
Ragini : I don’t but…
Laksh : Then my angel be calm. I have trust it will match.
Ragini nods while Laksh smiles. Pandit ji nods her head.
Ragini : Why is he nodding his head like this?
Laksh : Haa he is nodding to show methat your bad times are starting.
Ragini pinces Laksh’s hand while he controls his pain.

Raghvi closes her eyes and prays the god. Sanskaar is continuously staring at Raghvi.
Raghvi : Baghawan ji please make everything ok.

Sumi : Pandit ji is everything ok?
Pamdit ji : Haa. Both the kundils matched very well. Their match is really suiting. Both the couple will lead a happy life.
Ap and Sumi gets really happy. Ragini and Laksh looks at each other and smile.
Ragini : Di I’m so happy. Not only me you must also be happy hena?
Raghvi fakes a smile : Haa Laado.
Ragini’s phone rings she gets up and goes. Sanskaar gets up and goes near the car upset while Laksh notices it and follows him.
Laksh : Sanky are you okay?
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky I’m ok.
Laksh : Then why are you looking dull?
Sanskaar : I’m sad as our bad time is starting.

Scene shifts to the Kolkata Collage of Designing. Aarnav come to the parking lot after the college finished and finds Meera standing with her friends. She looks tensed and continuously is staring at the watch. Aarnav walks towards her.
Aarnav : Excuse Meera are you alright?
Meera : Hi Aarnav yeah I’m fine. (She smiles at him)
Friend 1 : Mee do you know him?
Friend 2 : Anyways he looks damn handsome.
Meera : Shut up Aditi (Friend 2). By the way Sawitha (Friend 1)this is my bhabhis cousin Aarnav.
Sawitha : Bhabhi?
Swara : Not bhabhi it’s bhabhis, plural woman.
Aditi : Singular or plural you never told that your handsome bhai’s are getting married. Ohh my Lucky boy who is the lucky woman to get married to him?
Aarnav wides his eyes and hangs his mouth wide open.
Meera : Aditi it’s none other than Ragini Rao the famous lawyer who is getting married to your Lucky boy. Wait what did you tell your lucky boy?
Aditi makes a sad face : Haa I had a crush on your brother.
Meera tries to squeeze her neck.
Meera : Glad that you didn’t tell it before or this would have done before itself.
Meera leaves Aditi and starts laughing. Aarnav gets mesmerized in Meera’s laugh.
Sawitha : Yes Aditi you are right. I don’t know who stole my Sanky’s heart too?
Meera : You too Sawi…
Sawitha : I was just kidding you woman.
Meera : It’s Ragini Rao’s elder sister Raghvi Rao.
Aarnav : Ok Meera if you are fine then I’m leaving. Bye
Meera : Bye.

Meera’s phone rings.
Meera : Where are you bhai?
Laksh : Mee we are on the way just give me five minutes and we will be there.
Meera : Who is the other one coming with you SB?
Laksh : No your bhabhi
Meera : Yaaaaay…. Ok come fast.
They hang up. Meera turns towards her friends and Aarnav.

Scene shifts to Mandir.
Ap : Ok Sumi ji I will drop Raghvi beta after shopping. You can go if you are feeling tired.
Sumi : Teek hain Ap ji.
Sanskaar takes blessings from Sumi and Sumi leaves. Raghvi gets impressed but doesn’t show it.
Ap : Come beta get in. Ragini beta could have also stayed but if she doesn’t like can’t force right?
Raghvi : Ji mom, but don’t mistake her from childhood she doesn’t like shopping and stuffs.
Ap shakes her head and smiles.
Ap : Nahi nahi I know she is really kind and simple. Even Sanskaar doesn’t like shopping.
Raghvi opens the back door of the car.
Ap : Beta sit front I will not mind it.
Raghvi nods and sits. She feels uncomfortable. Sanskaar fumes in anger and gets in. Ap gets in to back seat and they leave.

Scene shifts to the college. Laksh’s car comes and starts honking. Meera drags her friends and goes towards the car.
Meera: Bhai bhai bhai come out.
Laksh comes out and removes his shades.
Laksh : Kyahuwa Mee?
Ragini too gets down and walks towards them.
Meera : This is my beautiful bhabhi Ragini and bhabhi this is Adit and Sawitha my friends.
Ragini : Oh hello nice meeting you all.
Aditi and Sawitha : Nice meeting you too
Laksh : Mee was this the reason you were shouting?
Meera grins and nods.
Laksh : Ok girls then we are leaving bhai.
Aditi : Congratulations Lucky bro (She hugs him while he is stunned)
Ragini smiles while Meera and Sawith giggles. They beak the hug Laksh gets in and Ragini sits in front and Meera gets in the back seat.
Ragini : How was the hug Laksh? (She smiles)
Laksh : Mee you have weird friends. When she knows I’m getting married and also in front of my fiancé how can she hug?
Meera : Chill bhai it was casual hug. Bhabhi did you feel jealous?
Ragini : Why should I Mee? After all I know it is a casual hug. (She laughs) You could have seen your face turning as if you ate lime pickle.
Laksh : Vey funny. What kind of wife are you going to be or don’t know?
Ragini : Do you want me to be a typical one?
Laksh gives a weird look while Ragini and Meera laugh. Ragini puts her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini : I trust you Laksh. Trust is what is needed to live a happy life.
Laksh smiles.
Meera in her mind : She is just perfect. I have got the world’s best bhabhis.

Scene shifts to Kolkata Hospital. Sumi is seen taken through a trolley bed. Mihir and Nandhani seemed tensed. They enter her in to the ICU.
Nandhani : I think now it is the right time to tell them.
Mihir : No Nandhani Ragini and Raghvi are not stron enough to bear the truth. After it is their wedding, do you want them to look sad and worried. They won’t even agree to have their wedding.
Nandhani : But Mihir…
Mihir : Everything will be ok…
Nandhani hugs Mihir.

Screen freezes on the tensed faces of Mihir and Nandhani.

Precap : Raghvi sings a song and Ragini dances…Aaranav gets to know about Sumi’s illness…Meera’s and Aarnav’s prank on Sanskaar and Laksh…

Please keep reading and supporting…Thanks for all your love and care towards me…I’m still not completely ok…I need your support so please comment…I don’t know what connection does I and CVS have…In my other ff Sasural Swaragini Ka I thought of making Parineeta negative then the real story made Parineeta negative…Then in this thought of making Sumi ill and there the CVS are doing the same…So on and off I have to change my ideas too…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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