Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 7 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 7

The episode starts with Raghvi getting dressed and coming to Ragini’s room. Raghvi has worn a yellow anarkali dress with only an ear stud and her hair is plaited in a fish tail. She comes and sees Ragini sitting on her bed still with pajamas. She has sat leg crossed and is crying hardly. Sumi’s five fingers print could be clearly seen in her cheek. Raghvi goes and sits with her just then Aarnav comes and sees Ragini crying and Raghvi is tearing.
Raghvi : Laado….
Ragini : Di… What am I suppose to do now? How can I face Laksh? How can I even call and tell him that a complete stranger is coming to see me? After all Mom slapped me Di (She is weeping like a small kid)
Aarnav : Omg look our lioness is crying (He goes and sits beside her) Laado baby be strong. Mom (He calls Sumi as mom) was angry. Stop worrying you have to be strong. Let them come I’ll speak with the groom and stop this…What say?
Ragini makes a cute sad face : Suchchi?
Aarnav : Haan baaba
Raghvi : Now smile (Ragini forces a smile) That’s like my good girl…Now go and get changed. (She gets up and goes near the wardrobe and picks a pink anarkali shalwar)
Raghvi and Aarnav leave.
Raghvi : I was thinking how to manage her, glad that you came.
Aarnav : I just only told it to console her or else she won’t come out of her room but I’ll try to speak with the groom.
Ragini comes out wearing the anarkali shalwar with her hair left open and she has worn a small ear stud.
Aarnav : Laado you look like an angel.
Raghvi : Haa Laado after a long time seeing you in traditional.
Aarnav : If Laksh sees you trust me he would really fall in love with you all again from the beginning.
Ragini blushes. They hear the car honking. Ragini again runs in to the room. Aarnav and Raghvi go behind them.
Aarnav : Laado…
Ragini : I’m scared what if the groom doesn’t listen to you? I didn’t inform Laksh also. Wait let me call him.
Just then Kajal enters.
Kajal : Raghvi, Ragini hurry up and come mom is calling you both.
Ragini, Raghvi and Aarnav look at each other. Kajal leaves. Ragini and Raghvi comes down Aarnav comes behind them. Ragini is looking down as she doesn’t want to look up while Raghvi look down as she is tensed. Both of them come and stand near Sumi and greets.
Two voices : Raghvi…Ragini????
Raghvi and Ragini looks and finds Sanskaar and Laksh are seated in front of them. All four of them are shell shocked. Aarnav and Meera are too equally shocked as them.

Sumi : Ji this is my elder daughter…
Ap : Raghvi and that is your younger daughter Ragini.
Sumi, Nandhani, Kajal, Mihir and Sahil look shocked.
Dp : We met your daughters before and wanted their hand in marriage for our sons. Your elder daughter’s hand for our elder son while
Ap : Your younger daughter’s hand for our younger son.
Sanskaar looks at Raghvi with shocked face while Raghvi feels a thud in her heart but manages herself without fainting. Ragini gets tears due to happiness while Laksh is on could eight.
Sumi : I’m so happy but I have to ask my daughters. (She looks at Ragini and Raghvi) Beta do you want to talk with them before you confirm.
Ragini and Raghvi look at Sumi and don’t know what to say.
Ap : I know you will want to speak so we don’t mind.
Mihir : Achcha..Raghvi take Sanskaar to your room while Ragini you take Laksh beta to your room.
Raghvi and Ragini nods and goes up while Laksh gets up and follows Ragini. Sanskaar is still seated as he is damn shocked.
Dp : Sanskaar beta go.

Sanskaar gets up and goes. Ragini enters her room and Laksh too enters. He closes the door and locks it. Raghvi enter her room while Sanskaar enter and just closes the door. Raghvi is standing near the bed very nervously. Sanskaar walks few steps toward her and Raghvi’s heart beat was audible to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Raghvi……… in the first place I didn’t know that I’m going to see a bride. It was unexpected and ok fine I’ll stop beating around the bush. I don’t want this marriage to happen.
Raghvi kinda feels relieved. She turns toward Sanskaar and moves her gaze and manages to make eye contact.
Raghvi : Even I think my answer would be the same.

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room as soon as Laksh locked Ragini runs and hugs Laksh really really tightly. Laksh is shocked but he felt his shoulder getting wet. He broke the hug and makes Ragini look into his eyes.
Laksh : Ragini…Are you ok?
Ragini : Laksh am I dreaming? (She makes a cute sad face)
Laksh laughs : Am I allowed to come only in your dreams?
Ragini : I got scared when mom told a guy is coming to see me. I was very much tensed Laksh. I cried a lot I told my mom I can’t get married to anyone. I was really broken Laksh. Only your thoughts were running in my head. I strongly refused and I also got slapped…
Laksh interrupts : What did you tell?
Ragini still sobbing : I was tensed…
Laksh : No after that…
Ragini : I cried…
Laksh : Last part Ragini (In anger tone)
Ragini remembers what she told.
Ragini : That’s all (She wipes her tears) I’m very happy Laksh…
Laksh : Did you get slapped?
Ragini lowers her gaze. Laksh holds both her checks, turns it from one side to another side and finds a faint finger mark on her right cheek. He gets teary eyes thinking how painful it would have been. He slowly moves close to her and gives a soft peck on her cheek while Ragini closes her eyes and she feels hundreds of butterflies along with dragonflies flying all over her body.
Laksh : Ragini…Was it the first time you got slapped?
Ragini nods : I’m happy to get slapped for you.
Laksh : Never dare to get hurt hereafter let it be your first time and last time. I’ll ask aunty why…
He turns to leave Ragini hold his hands
Ragini : Laksh are you out of your mind? They have sent us to spend some time together and you are trying to go and have a fight.
Laksh : Ohh someone wants to spend time?
He laughs and moves towards her she walks backwards and falls on her bed. Laksh gets on the bed and Ragini get tensed. Laksh comes close to her and sees Ragini closing her eyes tightly. Laksh comes closer that both of them can feel each other’s breadth

Scene at Raghvi’s room.
Sanskaar : Then I’m going down.
Raghvi : Ek minute,
Sanskaar : What?
Raghvi : Actually I promised my mom I’ll marry whoever she asks me to marry so can you convince them?
Sanskaar in his mind: Even I promised mom now what will happen? God please help me from this behan ji, if I say no she (Raghvi) won’t even consider me as a man.
Sanskaar : Yeah I’ll manage.
Sanskaar turns to leave Raghvi walks behind him. He suddenly turns backwards and both of them hit their head. Sanskaar and Raghvi screams. He opens his mouth to scold but stops seeing her cute face and rubbing her head.
Sanskaar : Voh actually I turned to tell that let’s wait for a bit longer.
Raghvi looks confusedly but still rubbing her head.
Sanskaar : It will be more real if I show them that even if we talked this long we won’t meant to be together.
Raghvi : Hmmmm yeah.
Raghvi marches to her bed and sits. Sanskaar just roams around her room and finds some picture of her with Sitar and traditional dance attire.
Sanskaar : So you like music?
Raghvi : No actually I love music.
Sanskaar : Raghvi whom do you consider the world most precious person? The person you want to be together and forever with? Whom do you love the most?
Raghvi : Ragini…

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room
Laksh looks at her sweating in the AC and starts bursting out into laugh. Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh laughing like mental
Ragini : Laksh you……
Laksh : You could have seen your face my tigress
Ragini chases Laksh and he starts running all over the room and ends up lie down on the bed and starts breathing heavily. Ragini also gets tired and falls on the bed. Laksh looks at Ragini and Ragini looks at Laksh both of them have an intense and lovely eye lock.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Yes bolo
Laksh : I love you
Ragini turns and hold his cheek.
Ragini : I love you more.
Laksh : I love you the most.
Ragini : I love you more than you love me.
Laksh : I….
Ragini : Shshshsh….I know that both of us love more than both of us love each other.
Laksh looks confusedly.
Laksh : Whom did you learn it from?
Ragini : Who else the idiot who is in front of me.
Laksh : Achcha….By the way you look like an angel today very beautiful. Miss my tom boy though…
Ragini makes her cute angry face while Laksh laughs

Scene shifts to Raghvi’s room.
Sanskaar: But Raghvi, Ragini has started loving my brother will you think her answer also would be the same?
Raghvi gets up shockingly
Raghvi : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Am I wrong? What if you start loving someone will the answer be the same?
Raghvi : Let me tell you something no matter who ever comes our bond will never break. Not even your brother can break by the way I think he is matured enough to understand that fact.

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room. Ragini is standing in front of the dresser.
Ragini : Of course the answer will be Di…
Laksh : Then me am I not important for you? Don’t you love me the most?
Ragini looks at Laksh shockingly while Laksh looks at her with a rage. Suddenly Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Did you get scared angel?
Laksh hugs Ragini from her back.
Ragini : Laksh… you really scared me
Laksh : Do you really think that I have understood you only that much? In fact that is what I love the most in you the way you love your sister. Really I confirmed my love for you the day you cried for your sister. How much you love for her and care for her. When I and my brother are just one year different we can’t stay without each other both of you are just eight minutes different it would be really hard for you to live without her.
Ragini : Thanks for understanding me Laksh.

Ragini Laksh and Raghvi Sanskaar come downstairs. Laksh and Sanskaar sits. Ragini is really happy while Raghvi is really disappointed.
Mihir : Beta what have you decided?
Sumi : Ek minute bhaiyaa. Don’t mistake me but from small days I have kept Ragini and Raghvi together. Not a day they go to sleep without looking at each other or not a day they start without looking at each other so even if one of them doesn’t like I will not able to make the other one marry.
Raghvi and Sanskaar looks at each other. Raghvi eventually turns and sees Ragini smiling while Laksh is also smiling looking at Ragini. Sanskaar also notices the same.
Ap : Laskh aur Ragini are you both ok with the marriage?
Laksh : Haan mom
Sumi looks at Ragini and remembers all what happened.
Ragini : Haan mom (She says mom to Ap)
Sumi, Nandhani, Mihir, Kajal and Sahil looks shocked.
Ap and Sumi : Mom…
Meera : That is how she should call you after her marriage as LB also calls you like that (Ragini and Laksh blushes)
Meera’s phone rings and she excuses herself and leaves out of the house to the garden.
Sumi : Sanskaar aur Raghvi beta what is you answer?
Sanskaar and Raghvi looks at each other.
Sanskaar in his mind : Somehow I have to get married. No matter who I marry I’m not going to acceot that relation. Why should I ruin my Laksh’s happiness? For him I’m agreeing to enter the hell.
Raghvi in her mind : I’m ready to go to hell for my Ragini, her happiness is my happiness. Even he is the only person I hate if I have to marry him for Ragini I will.

Scene out of RM Meera is speaking through phone. She hangs up and turns and bumps in to Aarnav who was also on a phone call. Meera falls on him and feels something odd and similar. Meera gets up and Aarnav too gets up. Both of them compose themselves.

Aarnav : Sorry
Meera : It’s okay
Meera turns to leave.
Aarnav : Is this your job bumping in to people?
Meera turns and looks shockingly at Aanav.
Meera : So my doubt was right are you the one bumped in to me that day…
Aarnav interrupts rudely : I’m the one Ms. Maheshwari.
Meera stumbles : Voh…Ahh…
Aarnav laughs : Relax yaar I was kidding.
Meera : Shall we go in?
Aarnav : Sure we have to see what they have decided.
Meera sighs and smile. Both of them come inside.

Sanskaar : I agree to marry her as I have no any option.
Raghvi looks shocked and a tear escapes from her eye.
Dp : What option?
Sanskaar realizes what he told and he smiles to hide his emotions.
Sanskaar : Ahh voh…I’m ready to marry Raghvi
Nandhani : Raghvi beta…
Raghvi : I’m okay too Ma

Sumi gets up and hug Ragini.
Sumi : I’m sorry laado
Ragini : Mom…
Sumi breaks the hug and hugs Raghvi and Ragini both. Maheshwari family except Sanskaar looks at them lovingly. Sumi breaks the hug while Ap gets up and comes towards them.
Ap : Sumi ji you don’t have to worry hereafter. Now they are my daughters too.
Dp : Haa…My brave and beautiful daughters.
Mihir : Dp ji then lets match the kundils tomorrow.
Dp : Yeah sure.
Ap : Shall we match it in the mandir? A place where it is common to both of us
Sumi : Ji Ap ji.

Screen freezes on sad faces of Raghvi and Sanskaar and happy faces of Laksh and Ragini.

Precap : Ragini starts working on a new case while Laksh starts practicing with his dad…Both the family gathers in the mandir… Ap, Raghvi and Sanskaar goes on shopping while Sumi is seen taken to the hospital…

Kajal Sahil Awasthi – Akanksha Chamola
Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan
Meera Maheshwari – Helly Shah

I’m really really sorry I was very very very busy with my cousins wedding and from last Sunday to Wednesday I was hospitalized as I got a food poison. I’m sorry for being irregular. I don’t know whether all of you missed me or not. Please hope you understand my situation  Please do comment and support me…Should I have to stop it or not?

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Credit to: Dafsi

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