Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 6 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 6

Episode starts with Ragini screaming.

Laksh : Ragini is everything alright? Hello…Hello (He gets up and found Sanskaar looking at him with shocked face)…Sannnn…..skaaar… What are you doing in my room?
Sanskaar : Ragini……?

Scene shifts to RM Ragini removes the hand and turns. She raises her hand to slap but stops.
Raghvi : Aarnav…
Ragini : Aarnav…
Aarnav : Aarnav… (He laughs)
Ragini hugs Aarnav and Aarnav hugs her tight.
Raghvi : It’s not fair Aarnav you forgot your Shona.
Aarnav still hugging Ragini : Di come and join.
Raghvi comes and join. Three of them break their hug.
Raghvi : How many times I have asked you not to call me Di? We are one year younger to you and why are you only calling me Di?
Aarnav laughs : All your sister fault. She called you DI in that age how will I know whether you are elder or younger. After all she only could tell the word Di then and I imitated her.
Ragini anf Aarnav : Di, di, di, di
Raghvi : Chup… Both of you are making me look older. (She starts tearing)
Aarnav and Ragini hold their ears.
Aarnav : Sorry meri ma ok I promise you not to call you Di.
Ragini : Di…
Raghvi started laughing : Fools
Aarnav and Ragini hold her ear.
Aarnav : Cheater.
Ragini puts her hand around Aarnav’s shoulder and three of them laugh.

Scene shifts to MM.
Sanskaar : What is going on Lucky?
Meera : Are you blind SB (Sanskaar Bhai)?
Laksh turns and sees Meera sitting on the chair (She is seated not the proper way. Her front is laid on the chairs back)
Laksh : When did you come?
Meera : I came in the beginning itself. When you were telling “Soon you are going to be mine” it was interesting so I stayed quietly.
Laksh : Both of you are really ill mannered. Before you enter don’t you know to knock?
Sanskaar and Meera nods NO. Laksh bites his teeth and fumes in anger.
Laksh : Ok now you can proceed your questions.
Sanskaar : From when this started happening?
Laksh : Today
Meera : Who proposed first?
Laksh : Me
Sanskaar : After proposing how was her reaction?
Laksh narrates everything how he proposed, how she reacted, in the morning how she reacted and how mom and dad accepted.
Meera : So fast LB (Laksh Bhai) but good choice.
Laksh : I don’t know what happened to the choice now.
Sanskaar : Why?
Laksh : While we were speaking she screamed and then the call got disconnected.
Meera : So why didn’t you call her back?
Laksh : I was answering for your questions.
Sanskaar : Then at least now call and ask.

Scene shifts to RM Ragini, Raghvi and Aarnav are speaking on random stuffs. Then Ragini’s phone rings. Ragini check the phone and blushes. Aarnav widens his eyes.
Aarnav : Did I see someone going red?
Raghvi laughs : I saw someone is glowing suddenly.
Ragini : Shut up both of you.
Aarnav : Let me answer
Ragini : No Aarnav
Aarnav drags the phone and answers it.
Laksh : Hello, Ragini everything is ok right? Why did you scream? Ragini please answer. (Tensely)
Aarnav : Yeah everything is ok and she screamed as I hugged her.
Laksh widens his eyes while Meera and Sanskaar look confusingly.
Laksh : Who are you? Where is Ragini?
Aarnav : You don’t have to care. Ragini is here only…by the way bye we are busy right now call her back later.
Laksh angrily : You…..
Aarnav hangs up.

Laksh smashes the phone on the floor in anger.
Sanskaar : Meera get some water.(Meera leaves) Calm down Lucky relax…
Sanskaar makes him sit while Meera gets water. Laksh drinks it and looks at Sanskaar and Meera. Laksh tells everything what happened.

Scene at RM.
Ragini : Don’t talk to me Aarnav. Whatever you did was wrong.
Aarnav : Laado I did it for fun.
Ragini : See now he is not answering the phone.
Raghvi : Chill Laado let’s try in a while he will surely answer.
Raghvi’s phone rings in the next room (which is her room).
Raghvi : I’ll be back in a while.
Raghvi does and answers it.
Raghvi : Hello who is this?
Sanskaar : Won’t you check before you attend the call?
Raghvi : Voh Mr. Sanskaar. Sorry I was busy so forgot to check… Tell me why did you call?
Sanskaar under his breath : Busy?
Raghvi : Hello….Hellooo
Sanskaar jerks : Ah…Voh I called to ask you about Ragini.
Raghvi pretends as if she doesn’t know anything.
Raghvi : What do you want to know about her?
Sanskaar : I want to know if she is alright
Raghvi : She is perfectly alright. Why are you asking about her?
Sanskaar : You ask her itself why did I call. Bye
Raghvi : Bye…
They hung up.
Laksh : Snaskaar what did she say?
Sanskaar : Ragini is alright, stop worrying Lucky. Also I have told you not to break things look what happened to your phone.
Meera : Even if bhabhi wants to call you she won’t be able to.
Laksh looks at them disappointedly.
Sanskaar : I had my old phone in my drawer Mee go get it.
Meera : Okie, after that let’s play something.
Sanskaar : Mee you are 22 and not a kid anymore.

Meera leaves making pout face just then Ap enters.
Ap : Sanskaar I was searching you all over the house
Meera enters with the phone.

Meera : Mom if I or SB or LB is not there in our room we will surely be in any room of ours. So no point of searching under the table, behind the cupboard or…
Ap : Chup Meera… Sanskaar beta if you have any meeting tomorrow cancel them. We have to go somewhere important.
Sanskaar : Important? But where mom?
Ap : You will get to know tomorrow.
Meera : Only SB right?
Ap : What is this SB and LB I have told you not to call them like that.
Laksh and Sanskaar : Let her mom
Ap : Whatever…No all of us our going…I’m going to mandir tomorrow, once I come back let’s go…
Ap leaves Meera gives the phone to Laksh.
Meera : Stop breaking things…Do you know that seven times you have changed your phone for the past three years… I mean from the day is started using phone but me only twice but both of them are in a good condition.
Sanskaar : She is right your table lamp six times, your dresser three times. (He walks toward Laksh and caresses Laksh’s hair) There are so many ways to control you anger kiddo learn one of it…

Meera : Hmm yeah maybe he doesn’t know to control his anger because he rarely gets angry.
Laksh : Thanks for the advice dear sibs now both of you can leave my room.
He pushes Sanskaar and Meera out and locks the door. He takes his broken and shifts the sim to his temporary phone. He keeps it beside his bed and waits for Ragini’s call.

It’s morning Laksh jerks and gets up in his sleep. He takes his phone and found four missed calls from Ragini. He calls her back her but there was no respond. He goes to the washroom and gets changed in to his track suit. He comes down and finds Meera and Sanskaar also with track suit.
Laksh : What are you both doing early in the morning?
Meera : I thought of getting some fitness so from today I’ll be joining SB
Dp : My children are doing wonders day by day
Sanskaar : What are you doing with tracks?
Laksh : I’m going to courts what else obviously to jog. I wanted some fresh air.
Meera : Then come let’s three go together and while returning let’s eat ice cream.
Sanskaar and Laksh : Done.
Three of them leave. They reach the park, three of them are jogging together suddenly Laksh stops. Sanskaar and Meera stops and turns.
Meera : Got tired so soon?

Laksh isn’t moving.
Sanskaar : Usually first day would be like this.
Laksh : Ragini…
Meera : What Ragini Ragini Ragini all the time?
Laksh suddenly runs. Sanskaar and Meera too run behind him. They find Ragini and Raghvi in track suits (Ragini is wearing a short sleeved t shirt and a three quarter bottom while Raghvi is wearing a three quarter sleeved t shirt with a long bottom) along with Aarnav. Laksh goes and stands in front of Ragini.
Ragini : Laksh… What a surprise?
Laksh says nothing but drags her to a corner. Aarnav and Raghvi look confusedly. Then they see Sanskaar and Meera are having the same look as theirs. Aarnav looks at Meera and smiles but Meera ignores him. Sanskaar and Raghvi share an intense eye lock.

Ragini : Laksh why did you bring me here?
Laksh holds her by her waist and drags her closer. Ragini’s heart starts beating faster. Laksh and Ragini share a strong eye lock.
Laksh : What were you doing last night? Why didn’t you answer the call? Who is he? What went wrong with you?

Ragini : Laksh relax…I’ll explain you everything. First leave me this is public.
Laksh leaves her. Ragini holds his and squeezes it to confirm that she is ok. She leaves it and looks at Raghvi and Aarnav. She give an ‘I’m alright smile’
Ragini softly : Laksh he is my cousin my mamu’s son Aarnav. They shifted from Mumbai to Kolkata yesterday. I screamed because while I was speaking to you he came and hugged me from my behind and I got scared (Laksh’s expressions change)
Laksh : Why did he hug you? And…
Ragini softly : Nothing like you think. He is like my own brother. Let me confirm you one thing that you should never doubt me or my love. No one can ever take your place Laksh and no can be replaced too. I have met so many people in my life but never felt the feeling I’m having for you for anyone, you are special Laksh. From the first day I met you I got a feeling that I never had for anyone. I love you and only you. My love only will increase for you. There will be no person I can think of rather than you and…
Laksh is having tears, he shuts her mouth with his index finger and hugs Ragini tightly and Ragini hugs him back and caresses his back.
Laksh : Enough no need to say a word. I’m sorry I was scared and tensed what happened to you not that I doubted you…I’m wrong I thought you started loving me as you promised only but I was completely wrong…

Raghvi, Aarnav, Sanskaar and Meera smile. Sanskaar walks towards Raghvi and stands near her.
Sanskaar : How are you now?
Raghvi : I’m alright…
Sanskaar : Aren’t you shocked?
Raghvi : Shock of what? (She smiles)
Sanskaar : Did you know then?
Raghvi : Mr. Sanskaar don’t you have a habit of asking things clearly? When you ask me “Is Ragini alright?” without any explanation what should I give the answer as? Now you are asking “Did you know then?” how come I know what are you asking about?
Meera : It’s because he doesn’t like to speak too much.(She smiles)
Sanskaar : Did you know that they love each other?
Raghvi : Yes
Sanskaar : Then why didn’t you want to make them together?
Meera : SB are you blind they are together?
Raghvi : May be he can’t see properly. By the way answer for your question is I wanted them to sort out things on their own. If I come in between them, for every problem Ragini will come near me.
Meera : Smart…
Aarnav : By the way are you studying in Designing College Of Kolkata?
Meera looks confusedly and she nods.
Meera : Why are you asking?
Sanskaar rudely : Haa why are you asking?
Aarnav : No I think I saw her there.
Meera : Are you studying there but I don’t know you na

Sanskaar : Do you know everyone in your college?
Meera : Haa, SB don’t forget I’m the secretary of the college.
Aarnav : I’m new to the college final year. Anyways nice to meet you I’m Aarnav Mihir Awasthi.
Meera : Oh yeah nice to meet you too I’m Meera Durga Prasad Maheshwari.
Sasnakaar : There comes the love birds.
Laksh : Sanskaar……
Ragini : Aarnav this Laksh Maheshwari and Laksh this is Aarnav Awasthi
Both of them shake their hands.
Aarnav : Super possessive ahh..
Laksh : Amm kinda yeah
Ragini : But I love it
Raghvi : Yeah she was damn angry on Aarnav for doing that thing.
Aarnav: Hmm yeah first time she went against me for something that means you are really important.
Laksh looks at Ragini while Ragini blushes.
Raghvi : Fact…She would go against anyone but not me and Aarnav.
Sanskaar : Then my brother must me really Lucky
Meera : He is Lucky. See he has a super brother and a lovely sister and now beautiful and talented…ahh what should I call it ahh… Meera’s bhabhi (all of them laugh while Ragini and Meera hug each other)… If you don’t mind shall we leave I’m getting late for my college.

They bid bye and leave. Its evening scene at MM. Ap and Dp have got ready and waiting for Sanskaar, Laksh and Meera.

Ap : Sanskaaaaar………Meeraaaaaaaa…….Lakshshshshsh…….
Meera and Laksh come down. Meera has worn a bell trouser and a blouse while Laksh has worn dark blue denim and white t shirt and a dark blue leather sleeveless jacket
Ap : Meera what have you worn? I asked you to wear that shalwar right?
Meera : It is too heavy mom and I’m not comfortable too.
Ap : No Meera at least where some good clothes. Come I’ll get you.
Ap drags Meera to her room.
Dp : Where is Sanskaar?
Laksh : Dad he…
Sanskaar : I’m here shall we leave now?
Sanskaar has worn a white t shirt and dark blue blazer with blue denim. Ap brings Meera down. Sanskaar, Laksh and Dp gets shocked to see her. She has worn white Anarkali simple dress with only a long silver ear ring and her hair plaited in a French braid left on a side.
Ap : Shall we leave?
Laksh : I never knew my sister is also an angel
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky she is really beautiful.
Meera : Bhaaaaaai……….

All of them leave.

Scene at RM.
Sumi : Ragini you promised me that you will get married.
Ragini : Mom I did promise but not so soon and I’m leaving now as I have an important meeting with a client.
Nandhani : But beta we have already asked them to come.
Ragini : But I don’t want to get married now Ma (She calls Nandhani Ma).
Sumi : Give one reason for why you can’t marry.
Ragini looks at Raghvi and Aarnav with teary eyes. Her mind starts filling with Laksh’s thoughts.
Ragini : Ok fine mom whoever let them come I’m going to tell them to their face that I’m not ready to marry.
Sumi comes and gives a tight slap on Ragini’s cheek which makes all of them shock. Ragini while holding her cheek looks at Sumi.
Ragini : Mom…
Sumi : I said go and get ready. Raghvi take her and make her ready and you also get ready.
Raghvi : Mom…
Sumi shouts : I said go…

Ragini and Raghvi looks shocked as their mother never spoke rudely with them or never even raised her hand. For the first time she slapped one of them.

Screen freezes on the shocked face of Ragini and Raghvi

Precap : Ragini and Raghvi comes wearing a long anarkali shalwar…Sanskaar says“I have no option so…” …Sumi hug Ragini…Meera gets shocked hearing something…Laksh places a soft peck on Ragini’s cheek…

Kajal Sahil Awasthi – Akanksha Chamola
Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan
Meera Maheshwari – Helly Shah

Thanks for the comments guys by the way i’m not 100 % sure of updating the other two stories today…I’m sorry please do read and comment

Credit to: Dafsi

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