Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 5 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 5

The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh entering the college. Laksh goes toward the notice board and starts searching for his name. Ragini nervously bites her nails. She remembers what happened the day before Laksh’s exam.

Ragini reaches the terrace and looks around and notices Laksh looking up at the sky. Ragini goes and taps his shoulder.
Ragini : Laksh why did you come? Do you have any doubts?
Laksh turns. Ragini’s heart skipped and butterflies started to fly all over body.
Ragini in her mind : OMG he so handsome and dashing. In this moonlight he is so stunning. His eyes are like glittering brownies… Wait, Laado from when did you start admiring a guy? But still why do I feel that there is some sort of connection between he and me…Am I in love with him? No no no can’t be…No way…
Her thoughts were broken by Laksh’s soothing voice.
Laksh : I love you

Ragini widens her eyes in shock and lets her mouth hung open. Laksh shakes her. Ragini jerks and come back to her sense
Ragini : What did you say?
Laksh : I said I love you…Listen Ragini I don’t know to give any kind of long speeches when proposing…I think in these three words I uttered by my mouth is enough to prove that I love you
Ragini : Laksh so fast? Wait am I dreaming?
Laksh drags her toward him.
Laksh : You are not dreaming…I never know when I fell in love with you but I realized I’m in love with you and want to spend my whole life only with you…Accepting it or not is up to you…I also know you will accept me…
Ragini : Laksh give me a chance to speak… What if I don’t accept?
Laksh : I won’t do anything I’ll try to move on
Ragini : What if I accept?
Laksh : I will love you each and every second more than I loved you the previous second.
Ragini : Laksh you are confusing me…If I won’t accept you it won’t affect you right?
Laksh : Obviously it would…You are the first girl I fell in love with and it would take time to forget you but I will not able to completely forget you…I will fall sick, I will have to be Devadas for a few time…
Ragini : How can I believe you?
Laksh tightens his grip makes her look deep in to his eyes.
Laksh : You will find the truth in my eyes so study my eyes…
Ragini is looking in to his eyes and Laksh is not moving his eyes from her. Their lips are just millimeters away from each other. Laksh suddenly loses his grip and Ragini walks few steps behind.
Laksh : Did you find?

Ragini nods her.
Laksh : Then shall I take the answer, as YES?
Ragini firmly : NO
Laksh looks on confusingly.
Ragini : You have to do one thing (Laksh looks on) this is not to make you prove your love but this is to fulfill my wish.
Laksh : What?
Ragini : You have to pass this exam and become a lawyer…I promised myself that I will marry a person who has a dream as mine… I want to stand with righteous…
Laksh comes and hugs her from behind.
Laksh : So you love me?

Ragini : I won’t give you false hope…Will you make my dream your dream also?
Laksh : Only because of you I started learning sincerely and determined myself to become a lawyer…I promise to make your dream mine if I pass, what if I don’t pass?
Ragini breaks the hug and turns toward Laksh
Ragini : Put your full trust on your love, if god wants me to be with you he will surely make you pass…Now go or you will get late tomorrow…All the best
Laksh : I’m scared to lose you Ragini (His voice is cracking) I don’t know why but your distance really kills me…I joked that I will move on if you leave me but really I don’t know what will happen to me if you leave me
Ragini comes to him and holds his cheeks.
Ragini : I know you will pass your love will make you pass…Now go and all the best…
Flashback ends…

Scene shift Maheshweri Constructions Raghvi comes and gets down from her car. She walks towards lift and goes up. She reaches the floor and walks towards a room and knocks the door.
The voice : Come in…
Raghvi : Good morning Mr. Sanskaar
Sanskaar : Good morning Ms. Raghvi, take your seat.
Raghvi : I have got the sign for all the necessary document so when will you start the work?
Sanskaar : It’s been two weeks since we met. Give me a minute. (He checks his Laptop)…
Raghvi : Ahh yeah, I had some work in school
Sanskaar : Ammm what about coming month 5th?
Raghvi : Yeah that’s fine
Sanskaar : If you don’t mind can I ask you a question?
Raghvi : Sure…

Sanskaar : You and your sister look alike but how come your desires and tastes differ?
Raghvi laughs Sanskaar is mesmerized to see her laugh
Raghvi : People only see the difference of a twin why is it always like that? Even we have similarities actually I think it is more than the differences… Any way god only know why are we different in that few things…Okay now I have to leave as I have to be home early today…
Sanskaar : Ok you can leave
Raghvi leaves.
Sanskaar’s monologue : I don’t know why I liked her laugh but I hate this kind of soft creatures.
Raghvi’s monologue : For some reason I hate him I don’t know but he showed me what a hate is. I have never hated anyone may be his attitude is what I hate…
Raghvi leaves she presses the lift button and it doesn’t work. Sanskaar’s room is in on before the last floor. She searches for the staircase just then she collides with Sanskaar.
Raghvi : Sorry

Sanskaar : It’s ok by the way what are you searching for?
Raghvi : Voh stair case…
Sanskaar : We don’t have stair case
Raghvi : Whaaaaaaaaaaat? If it is an emergency what will you do?
Sanskaar : We have emergency exits
Raghvi : Fine tell me where is the emergency exit?
Sanskaar : Come let me show you, even I’m going down
He was about to open a door just then lift door opens and a girl comes out of it.
The girl : Saaanskaaaaar
Sanskaar : Oh shit Piya

Raghvi : Piya???
Sanskaar drags Raghvi and opens the door. Both of them get in to it and gets shocked.

Ragini’s thoughts suddenly break with a loud scream of Laksh.
Laksh : Raaaaaaaaaginiiiiiiiiiiiii, I passed
He runs and comes toward Ragini who is having tears. Laksh hold her shoulder and confusingly looks at her. Ragini smiles and hugs him tight Laksh is on cloud seven. Laksh hugs her back.
Laksh : What if I would have failed?
Ragini : Chup…
Laksh : Tell me
Ragini : The same thing would have happened
Laksh breaks his eyes and looks at her.
Ragini : I wanted you to pass the exam for your Dad because I saw how much he wanted to see you as a lawyer I know you would do anything for me. I don’t want anyone to dream with me but help me to male my dream alive and this is a small treat for your dad for making me your teacher and…
Laksh smiles : And…
Ragini hugs him again and he hugs her back.

Scene at MC (Maheshwari Constructions)
Raghvi : What is this? Where is the emergency exit?
Sanskaar : This is a store room can’t you see? Broom, mop, buckets are there. I think the next door is the emergency exit.
Raghvi : Now what will we do?
Sanskaar : Stop panicking Ms.Raghvi. Once that Piya goes we will leave.
Raghvi : Piya?
Sanskaar : Haan my friend
Raghvi : Then why are you hiding?

Sanskaar : Actually she is a psycho she is loving me it seems and always comes to meet me.
Raghvi giggles while Sanskaar stares her.
Sanskaar : I think she would have gone by now. So let’s go.
Sanskaar opens the door and it doesn’t get opened.
Raghvi : What happened? Wait let me try

Sanskaar : Stop panicking I thinks we are locked.
Raghvi : Bhagawan ji please help me…
Sanskaar tries to open and finds hard to open it. He starts tapping, he checks the time and it is lunch time so all the employers have gone to eat. He then fins something odd and turns to see Raghvi fainted. Sanskaar gets tensed.
Sanskaar : This girl will faint without a reason. Now what am I going to do?
He taps the door and pushes it hard and breaks it. He carries Raghvi and come out. He starts sweating like nothing, he places Raghvi on the couch and splashes water. Raghvi opens the eye and is unable to speak.
Raghvi : In…. (Breaths heavily and points towards her hand bag) haler …
Sanskaar rushes to her bag and searches for it he takes the inhaler and makes Raghvi inhale it. Raghvi inhales it thrice and comes back to normal. Sanskaar looks at her worriedly.
Raghvi : Thanks…I’ll leave now
Sanskaar doesn’t respond as he is shocked. Raghvi leaves.

Scene at MM Laksh and Ragini come Ap and Dp who were sting in living room gets up.
Ap : Laksh what happened beta?
Laksh : Ahm I made it mom
Dp : I know my son would be a lawyer
Dp hugs Laksh and Ap joins them. They break the hug.
Laksh : All thanks to Ragini dad
Dp : That is true
Ragini : No uncle It can’t be. He is the one studied.
Laksh : Somehow the reason is you.
Dp and Ap look at each other.

Laksh : Mom voh… Dad I have to say you something
Ap : What beta? Tell…
Laksh : I’m in love with Ragini
Ap and Dp looks shocked.
Dp : Laksh how can you misuse your…
Ap : Wait ji let us ask Ragini for her answer.
Dp : Ragini beta…
Ragini : I accept him
Ap and Dp gets shocked then eventually smiles…Laksh looks at Ragini and Ragini winks at him. Laksh widens his eyes.

Dp : I’m so happy so that now you can practice together.
Laksh : Dad there are so many things we can do together why are you always putting law in middle?
Ap : Laksh…
Ragini blushes while Laksh laughs
Laksh : Mom I didn’t mean anything.
Ragini : Bow I have to leaving (She takes blessings from Dp and Ap. She gives an intense look to Laksh and leaves)

Raghvi reached RM and is shocked.
Raghvi : Kajal bhabhi, Nandhani maami
Raghvi takes blessing from Nandhani and hugs Kajal.
Raghvi : Where is Sahil bhai and Aarnav? What about mamu?
Nandhani : Raghvi beta take some rest. How many questions will you ask? Aarnav went to college to fulfill some formalities with your mamu while your lazy bhai is sleeping.
Sumi : Go and have wash get changed and come. Ask Ragini also to come.

Raghvi comes to Ragini’s room after changing Ragini is seen sitting on the couch. Ragini smiling alone looking at the phone and Raghvi finds it odd. Raghvi tip toes and comes close to Ragini and sits near her still Ragini is sunk in to her phone while Raghvi peeps and smiles.
Raghvi : Have some shame Laksh…
Ragini comes back to her senses and realizes Raghvi is reading her message. Ragini starts sweating looking at Raghvi staring at her
Ragini : Di…Voh…Ahh…Di

Raghvi : What is this Laado? Why are you sweating? Whom are you messaging with?
Ragini : Di…I thought of telling you…bbbut (Ragini stammers.)
Raghvi starts bursting in to laugh while Ragini looks at Raghvi confusingly.
Raghvi : You…(she laughs) Should have (laughs as she can’t stop laughing) seen your face…What happened to my lioness?
Ragini : Di…
Raghvi : I know you would have never choose a wrong person as your life partner. I’m so happy for you…
Ragini : Thank you di…you will also get your partner very soon
Both of them hug each other.

Sumi comes out speaking through phone.
Sumi : Haa ji ok ok. Tomorrow is fine.
She hung up.
Sumi : You know Nandhani how hardly I accepted these two accept for the marriage. Tomorrow one family is coming to see them.
Kajal : Don’t worry mami I’ll make all the preparations nicely see will you everything will be awesome.
Nandhani : Achcha we’ll see my bahu’s work at least here.
Kajal : Maa
Sumi and Nandhani laughs.

Scene at Designing College Of Kolkata.
Meera is coming out of her classroom along with her friends. She is having two small paint tins. She was talking with her friends and suddenly collides with a guy and she falls on him both the paint tins will fall on his face. Because of the paint his face is covered but they share and intense eyelock.
Meera’s friend : Mee are you ok?

Meera gets up : Haa I’m ok..Are you ok? I’m sorry I didn’t see you.
The boy : It’s ok don’t worry.
Meera smiles and leaves with her friends while the boy looks on. Someone comes and knocks his shoulder. The boy turns.
Mihir : Aaaaahhhhhh
The boy : Papa it is me Aarnav
Mihir : Aarnav what is wrong with you? I’m done with the formalities. I asked you to explore the college not to play with paint.
Aarnav : Papa it was an accident.
Mihir : Ok let’s leave.

Ragini is standing in her balcony speaking with Laksh while laksh is seen sleeping on the bed and Raghvi is enjoying her sister’s lovey dovey talks while reading a book sitting near Ragini. Sanskaar comes in Laksh’s room and is shocked to see Laksh’s state. Laksh has put his leg up on the wall and is surrounded by dresses and is hugging a pillow. Laksh didn’t notice Sanskaar.
Ragini : So now sleep. Tomorrow I’ll be a bit busy as I’m taking a new case.
Laksh : Amm from next week I’ll be joining dad’s firm.
Ragini : Really? Here for your convocation what should I wear western or traditional.
Laksh : Haan…by the way I prefer traditional
Ragini : Boring
Laksh : You will look like an angel for any dress but I want to see you in trad as I have already seen you in western
Ragini : Ok done.

Suddenly she feels someone’s hand on her waist and she screams…

The screen freezes on screaming face of Ragini and shocked face of Raghvi.

Precap : Laksh smashes his phone on the floor…Sanskaar, Meera and Laksh goes jogging… Aarnav and Meera become friends… Ragini and Raghvi gets shocked…

Kajal Sahil Awasthi – Akanksha Chamola
Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan

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Credit to: Dafsi

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