Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 4 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 4

Scene at RM Ragini comes down yawning and sees Raghvi doing yoga in the lawn and Sumi reading newspaper.
Ragini : Good morning mom.
Sumi : Good morning Laado (She smile looking at Ragini) I’m sorry…
Ragini : Come on mom, you’ve been telling this from yesterday.
Sumi : I don’t know whether your dad died in an accident or was it a murder, whatever it is, it’s past. Whenever you go out you are taking my peace along with you until you return home my heart is not rest Laado. Please leave this job and join the school or do any other job. Because of this job not only your life but also your di’s life also might be in danger

Raghvi enters and sits near Ragini.
Ragini : Mom we can’t live our life if we are scared of the world, whatever it is I’m ready to face and mom don’t worry nothing will happen to us. If we always do good god will never punish us mom. Please trust me mom please. This is dad’s dream and let me fulfill it. I want to stand with righteous, when you are there no one can harm us. Mom again and again we are telling that dad’s death is an accident.
Raghvi : Haa mom don’t worry when you are there nothing can happen to us. Laado no matter what happens you will fulfill dad’s dream hena?
Ragini nods and both of them look at Sumi
Sumi : I’m not always going to be there with you to protect you both Laado. Okay I will let you do this job only on one condition.
Ragini and Raghvi look at each other and then look at Sumi.

Scene shifts to MM Dp is getting ready to go to courts in his room. He comes out and sits in the dining table.
Dp : Everyday should I have to shout these three’s names. Bhagawan ji please help me…San…
Before he could complete.
Sanskaar, Laksh and Meera : Dad we are here.
Dp turns and is shocked.
Dp : These three are planning to kill me or don’t know that they are giving me shock early in the morning.
Ap : Ji if they get up early also it’s a problem if they didn’t get up also for you it’s a problem.
All three come and sit.
Meera : Lawyers has 1000s of problems hena Lucky bhai?
Laksh : Who told you Mee (Meera shortened)? We lawyers have no problem at all.

Meera widens her eyes and Sanskaar starts chocking. AP comes and taps his back. She makes him drink water while Dp and Laksh high fives. Just then the door bell rings and Ap goes to see who is it. She opens it and finds Ragini standing.
Ap : Ragini beta come in.
Laksh hears Ragini’s name and starts eating fast. Meera and Sanskaar are getting one shock after the other; they look each other and nod their heads in NO
Meera whispers : Poor Lucky bhai, dad has made him to fall in the trap this time.
Sanskaar : Exactly sissy, this time Lucky is really trapped. These lawyers always have criminal brain

Laksh finishes eating and goes to the living room and pretends that he was not expecting her.
Ragini : Good morning
Laksh : Morning, shall we start our work?
Ragini smiles : Sure.
Both of them leave to the study.

Ap smiles at them and goes near the telephone and carried the receiver just then Sanskaar, Meera and Dp comes to the living room after eating.
Sanskaar : Mom, Dad, Mee I’m leaving to office as I’m having an important meeting today.
Ap : Beta one minute (Sanskaar turns and looks on) Don’t you find that you are in an age of getting married.
Sanskaar is shocked here while Meera lets mouth hung open.
Meera in her mind : From morning one after other I’m getting shocks. Be strong Meera more shocks might come.
Sanskaar giggles : Mom I think I heard it wrong.
Dp : No Sanskaar we have already thought about your marriage. You might think that you are small but don’t forget you have two siblings after you in fact Laksh is just one year younger to you even he is in age of marrying. True that he is still studying but both of you are in that age.
Ap : Your dad is right.

Dp : I got married when I was in Laksh’s age.
Sanskaar : But dad I don’t want to get married. Please don’t force.
Ap is having tear in her eyes, she walks toward Sanskaar and hold his cheeks.
Ap : Sanskaar a parents responsibility will not be over until they see their grandchild. Even I and your dad are wishing the same.
Sanskaar : Mom…
Ap : If you are loving someone also never mind to tell us…
Sanskaar : Mom nothing like that. Whoever the girl you find I’m ready to marry.
Ap smiles : Pakka?
Sanskaar : Pakka Mom, but now I have to go.
Sanskaar leaves
Meera : Another shock.
Dp : Meera without getting shock go and get ready. I’ll drop you at the college.

Sanskaar is driving the car.
Sanskaar’s monologue : What have you done Sanskaar you told ok to marry anyone you want? Arr but what am I suppose to do? When I saw mom’s face I couldn’t say no. Now you have no option somehow you don’t like anyone particularly plus don’t want to get married too so whether I marry or not there won’t be any difference going to happen. You are going to be yourself.
Just then his phone rings and he answers it.
Sanskaar : Who is it?
Voice : Voh I’m Raghvi Rao
Sanskaar : Which Raghvi?
Raghvi : Yesterday…Accident…Fainted (She is feeling nervous)
Sansksaar : Ahh you? Yeah I remember.
Raghvi : I’ll not be able to attend the meeting today as I got an important work so I’m sorry Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Sanskaar : What meeting?
Raghvi : Didn’t you check with whom do you have the meeting with? The school building constructing meeting.
Sanskaar stops the car and checks the file and sees the details.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry I couldn’t check it. It’s ok never mind let’s postpone the meeting.
Raghvi : Thanks.
They hang up

Sanskaar’s monologue: I never knew that I have taken the contract of this behan ji. (He fumes in anger)
Raghvi’s monologue : How many Raghvi will he know? Who cares? Or may be forgot my name

Raghvi is coming out of the staff room and sees Sumi approaching toward her.
Sumi : Raghvi by evening I want your and Laado’s answer.
Raghvi looks on while Sumi leave patting her shoulder.

Scene shifts MM in the study. Ragini is explaining Laksh and he listening very carefully. He has got a reason to become a lawyer.
Ragini : Laksh you read this section. I’m having a head ache. Let me take a few minutes break.
Laksh gets tensed.
Laksh : You are ok right Ragini? Any problem Ragini?
Ragini : No problem Laksh. You read I’ll take a break.
Telling this she goes and stands near the window hile Laksh looks at her worriedly. Then he starts reading.
Ragini thinks what happened in the morning.

Ragini and Raghvi look at each other and then look at Sumi.
Raghvi : What is the condition mom?
Sumi : Both of you have to get married.
Ragini and Raghvi are shell shocked.
Ragini : Marriage?
Raghvi : Mom are you serious?

Sumi : Yes if you accept this condition only I will let you work.
Raghvi : Mom if we get married and go who take care of you?
Ragini : Plus what if my Sasurals won’t let me work?
Sumi : Both of you can stop worrying. Laado and Shona listen to me very carefully. (Ragini and Raghvi come and sit near her legs both of them are having a layer of tear in their eye.) All your life time you can’t stay with me as well as I can’t stay with you.
Ragini and Raghvi : Mom…

Sumi : Listen…I will find a good family for you. A family which has two brothers, a family who will love you equally like I did, a family which allow you to reach your destiny, not only the family also the one who you are going to get married will also support you and protect you…I will find an alliance for both of you which will have all what I said. Please accept to marry.
Ragini : Mom but who will be with you? Let di marry I’ll be with you looking after you?
Raghvi : Are you mad Laado how will live without both of you all alone?
Sumi : No, both of you will marry together and the school will be written in your name Raghvi. Don’t worry about me, your maami and maamu will come and stay with me. Unless you accept Laado I will not let you work, if you don’t work your father’s dream…
Raghvi : No that can’t happen, Laado will you listen to your Di?
Ragini nods.

Raghvi : Mom by evening we’ll give you and answer
Flashback ends…

Ragini is having tears in her eyes.

A week has passed. In this week Ragini and Laksh have become closer and Laksh have completely fallen in love with Ragini. Ragini also has a small crush on Laksh but she ignores that feeling. On day before the exam Laksh exam day Ragini’s phone rings she is was talking with Ragivi in her room.
Ragini : Laksh bole
Laksh : Ragini come to your house terrace.
Ragini : Laksh why…
Laksh : Please.
Ragini : Ok

Another week later.
Scene shifts to Kolkata airport.
Mihir : At last we are here. (He smells the fresh air) My hometown is the best. Sahil : Papa Kolkata and Mumbai doesn’t make a big difference right?
Mihir laughs : Sahil it does make a difference. This is the place where I grew and that is the place where my name grew. Whatever the name I have without me growing how can I get the name?
He laughs while other looks on confused.
Aarnav whispers : Bhai did you understand what he meant?
Sahil nods his head in No.
Nandani : Ji did you give a call to here?
Mihir : Yeah I gave, she told that she will send the car.

Scene at MM living room. Ap, Dp, Sanksaar, Meera and Ragini are waiting for Laksh. He comes getting down without any stress or tension which he usually gets before.
Ap : Beta I’m sure that you will pass
Laksh goes near Dp and takes blessings and Dp hugs him. Then Snaky and Meear both wishes him and hugs him. Laksh walks towards Ragini.
Ragini : I know you will pass. You did the exam well
Laksh : Thank you so much Ragini. Will you come with me to my college if you don’t mind? (Ragini looks at him shocking while the rest are shocked too) Don’t mistake me, when you are with me I feel strong and confident so…
Ragini feels so happy but doesn’t show it.
Dp : Laksh…

Ragini : Yeah I’ll come with you Laksh (Laksh gives a wide smile)
Dp : Ragini beta…
Ragini smiles : It’s ok uncle don’t worry.

Ragini and Laksh leaves. Laksh gets in Ragini opens the back seat and sits. Laksh looks disappointed but starts driving. After they went a little away from MM
Ragini : Laksh stop the car.
Laksh : Ragini…

Ragini : I said stop the car.
Laksh stops the car. Ragini gets down while Laksh is looking at her worriedly. She comes and opens the front door next to Laksh and sits there. Laksh is on cloud six that Ragini came and sat near him. Laksh looks at her lovingly while Ragini blushes.
Laksh : What if I don’t pass Ragini? Won’t you accept me?
Ragini puts his hands on his hands and rubs it.
Ragini : I know you will pass so stop worrying and drive.

Screen freezes on the smiling face of Ragini and tensed face of Laksh.

Precap : Ragini says ‘No’ to Laksh… Raghvi and Sanskaar gets locked in a store room…Meera spills paint on a guy’s face… Someone hugs Ragini from behind and she screams…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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