Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 3 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 3

Recap : Dp speaks about Ragini with Ap…Laksh sees Ragini’s photo and feels odd…Raghvi and Sanskaar meets…Meera teases Laksh

Laksh is on Ragini. They are lost in each other’s eyes as Ragini screamed seeing Laksh falling on her Dp and Ap run and come.
Dp and Ap : Laksh…
Laksh jerks and gets up. Ragini and Laksh composes themselves and feels awkward.
Laksh : Dad…
Dp : What dad? What were you doing?
Meera : Dad…
Dp : I’m asking Laksh and not you
Laksh : I was chasing Meera and fell on her as my leg slipped. I’m sorry (He looks at Ragini and tells)
Ragini calmly : It’s ok.
Ap : I’m sorry beta it was an accident.
Ragini : Aunty you don’t have to be sorry.
Dp : Take you seat beta. Why have you come to meet me?
Ragini : Uncle Dave sent me to teach…
Dp : Ahh are you the one? This is my son Laksh Maheshwari. He is your student.
Ragini looks at Laksh with widened eyes.
Ap : He is really talented and intelligent, the thing he is not interested. I hope you will help him in studying.
Ragini : Don’t worry aunty I’ll try my best to help him.
Dp : Make sure we are not disturbing you.
Ragini : No no uncle I don’t have any cases so I’ll help him, you don’t have to worry. I’ll make him somehow pass the exam (She gives a ‘you are dead’ look to Laksh)
Dp : Then beta you can start from today as there is no enough time.
Ragini : Yeah sure uncle.
Ap brings drinks and gives to Ragini. Meera who was still standing with her mouth wide open couldn’t digest what is going on. She looks at Laksh who was grinning at Ragini like a crazy person. She walks near him and pinches his arms Laksh and he screams in pain which makes him embarrsed. Dp gives a killer look to him.

Scene shifts to the road where Sanskaar’s and Raghvi’s car hit.
Sanskaar in his mind : It was my mistake. I didn’t in the indicator, this lawyer ji not going to leave me for sure.
Sanskaar : Voh..
Raghvi interrupts : I’m sorry ji, actually it was my mistake. I was lost in my thoughts so didn’t notice your car approaching (She speaks softly).
Sanskaar mummers : Is she really a lawyer, I can’t believe myself that she has won four cases.
Ragini : Ji…
Sanskaar : Ahh…yeah…I’m sorry too…Your forehead it’s bleeding (She point at her forehead which has small cut)
Raghvi touches it and sees blood in shock she faints. Sanskaar runs towards her and carries. (Their accident didn’t happen in the middle of the road but just in a corner.) He doesn’t know what to do. He put her in his car and drives faster as he is tensed.

Scene at AH (Awasthi House)
Aarnav is sitting in his room and filling some application form through laptom Sahil enters.
Sahil : Aarnav are you busy?
Aarnav : A bit
Sahil : No your bhabhi wants to go and buy some things, thought of asking you to drop…
Aarnav : Are you busy bhai?
Sahil : Arey Aarnav bachcha (Sahil while walking towards Aarnav) if I go your bhabhi will want the whole mall.
Aarnav smiles : Ok I’ll go with her

Scene shifts to MM Ragini is waiting for Laksh in the study. She is walking around the room and finds three photo frames are hung in a row. The first one in the bottom its written Raghuvar Raj Maheshwari Bachelor of Law, then the next one Madhav Dewaraj Maheshwari Bachelor of Law is written in the bottom and the last one Durha Prasad Maheshwari Bachelor of Law is written on the bottom. She walksh ahead and find hundreds of Law books and certificated. She then turns and finds Laksh staring at her.
Ragini : Don’t you want your photo to be hung?
Laksh : I never wanted to but now I feel to.
Ragini looks confusingly. She remembers that she promised Raghvi that she will come to the mall and call her. Ragini is calls and Raghvi’s phone is shown ringing in the car. Ragini gets tensed and she drops a message.
Laksh ; Are you ok?
Ragini : Yes I’m ok. So let’s begin.
Ragini is explaining some og his doubt and he too studies it interestingly.
Ragini in her mind : He is not that bad, the only thing is that he is not interested.
They hear they door bell and ignore is but Ragini feels something odd. She feels to go and see who is it so she gives Laksh a section to read, she gets up and goes near the study room door and is shocked.
Ragini shouts : Di
Laksh gets shocked hearing Ragini’s voice and gets up. Ragini runs towards Sanskaar who is carrying Raghvi. Sanskaar shell shocked to see Ragini.
Ragini : Di…Di… awake (She is crying)
Sanskaar under his breadth : Di…
Hearing Ragini’s cry Dp, Ap and Meera comes to the living room and is shell shocked to see Raghvi (Sanskaar is carrying in a way that her face is seen by everyone and about the precap this is how Raghvi entered :D) Sanskaar place Raghvi on the sofa.
Ap : What happened Sanskaar?
Ragini : Can I have some water?
She starts tapping Raghvi’s cheek and gets tensed. Laksh and Meer are shocked to see them. Dp call the doctor while Ap brings water.
Ap : Here beta water.
Ragini takes it and sprinkles on Raghvi. Raghvi slowly opens her eyes and sees Ragini.
Raghvi : Ragini…
Both of them hug each other. Raghvi starts crying badly.
Ragini : Nothing happened to you Di, stop crying. Everything is ok I’m here and you are safe.
Raghvi calms down and drinks water. Ragini caresses Raghvi’s hair.
Ap : Beta both of you are.
Ragini : We are identical twin sisters. She is my di Raghvi.
Raghvi still tensed but folds her hand greets. Sanskaar explains whatever happened.
Meera : You call her di? But why she is just…. (She doesn’t know what is the difference)
Ragini : She is eight minutes elder to me but still she is elder right and I like to call her ad Di as she deserves to be called as Di
Meera smiles nodding her head
Ragini : Di how many time have I told you not to get scared of blood?

The doctor comes greeting everyone. She checks Raghvi and dresses her wound. Laksh is looking at Ragini’s caring nature and smiles while Sanskaar looks at Raghvi’s innocent face and gets irritated as he hates innocent people.
Doctor : Nothing serious, I’ll give some pain killers once she drinks it continuously for three days she will be ok.
Ragini : Thanks doctor
Doctor : By the way you are Ragini Rao right?
Ragini : Haan
Doctor : I heard about your case which you won yesterday. Congratulations.
Ragini smiles : Thanks
The doctor leaves.
Raghvi : I’m so proud to be called as your sister.
Ragini : That’s for the world di, but always you are the best for me.
Dp : Beta you can teach Laksh from tomorrow. I think you have to take your sister home; she won’t be able to drive too.
Ragini : Di your car?
Sanskaar : I have already asked it to repair it and better teach some law to you sister.
Ragini : When I’m there for her she doesn’t need to learn anything Mr. Maheshwari. I’ll always be her protecting shield. (She says with a pinch of attitude)
Dp : What are you doing beta? (He looks at Raghvi)
Raghvi : I’m doing a school which my Mom started
Dp : Inspiring sisters.
Ragini : Then uncle, aunty we will leave. Ahh Laksh if you don’t mind read the next ten sections so it will be easy for me to explain.
Laksh nods while the rest looks on. Raghvi and Ragini greet everyone and leave.

Ap : Both of them are like angels how beautiful, kind, lovely, talented, caring…
Dp : Ap they have all the good qualities. Laksh you can go and start reading don’t dare to give that girl a hard time and you Sanskaar can’t you look and drive? What if something would have happened?
Dp leaves in anger.

Raghvi and Ragini enter. Sumi who was sitting and watching TV notice them.
Sumi : Raghvi beta what happened? Everything is ok right?
Raghvi : A small accident…
Sumi gets shocked and something flashes in her mind.
Sumi : Acctident? Ragini nothing happened to you right? Everything is ok na?
She hugs Ragini and cries and Ragini hugs her back
Ragini emotionally : Mom…
Raghvi looks at them and smiles. Sumi breaks the hug and hugs Rahvi and Ragini both.

The screen freezes on the hugging position.

Precap : RagLak moments…Raghvi calls Sanskaar…Laksh is seen checking his results in the board…Awasthi Family comes to Kolkata

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Credit to: Dafsi

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