Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 2 (RagLak and RagSan)

Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 2

Recap : Intro of the heroines and the heroes

Episode starts at Rao Mansion (Abhi’s house in Kumkum Bhagya)
In the night, Ragini has not yet come home. Raghvi walks here and there tensely.
Raghvi : Mom still she didn’t call or answer my call. I’m getting scared.
Ragini enters : You don’t have to get scared di.
Raghvi : Ragini….
Raghvi runs and hugs Ragini
Raghvi : You won right?
Ragini : Haan.
Raghvi : I know my Laado will win. Let’s celebrate tomorrow
Ragini : Sure
Raghvi : Go get changed and come. I’ll make you something to drink.
Ragini nods. Sumi comes out of the kitchen with food and places everything on the dining table Sumi doesn’t say anything. In a while Ragini comes down wearing a white pajama. Ragini is continuously looking at Sumi with a worried face and Raghvi notices this.

Scene shifts to MM, Dp and Sanskaar are sitting in the living room. Laksh gets down from the stairs and comes.
Dp : Laksh
Laksh : Yes dad I’m ready for the final exam and bar exam too
Dp : Good
Sanskaar : Lucky…(Dp Stares at Sanskaar and Sanskaar notices it) I mean Laksh don’t stress yourself too much.
Ap comes with juice.
Ap : Haan beta don’t stress too much.
Dp : Enough pampering him Ap. Btw where is you pyar ki beti?
Ap : Voh…
Meera : I’m here dad don’t worry about me.
She comes and sits between Sanskaar and Laksh.
Dp : Look what time is it? It’s almost dinner time, why are you late? IN which house do girls come this late other than the ones who studies with you? Look what your dress is? (She has worn a legging and miniskirt with a baggy t shirt)
Meera : Dad…
Dp cuts her words : Now don’t give excuses. All my three children are the same. I can’t name even one of you’ll as a good one. I don’t know like whom are you growing up like. I hope at least the once who you are going to get married should be responsible, punctual and decent. Ap keep the dinner on the dining table.
Ap : Ok I’ll keep
Dp gets up and goes towards the dining table while Laksh, Sanskaar and Meera pouts there face and looks each other and suddenly burst out in to laugh.

Another house is shown. It’s not too small or too big. A woman in her mid 40s and woman in her mid 20s are taking food to the dining table and a man in his mid 50s comes and sits. After few minutes’ two guys also come and sits.
The man : Nandini, Kajal beta, Sahil and Aarnav I have to inform you something
Everyone looks on
The man : We will be leaving to Kolkata next week. Sahil, I have decided to shift my business to Kolkata. Aarnav you will have to get in to the college in Kolkata so better apply fast.
Aarnav : Ji papa
Nadini : Ji why so suddenly?
The man : I’m thinin of going back to my home town. Let’s start eating.
Kajal and Nandini start serving. Both of them also sit to eat. After the dinner all of them go to their rooms.

At Sahil’s and Kajal’s room.
Kajal : What is the need of going to Kolkata now?
Sahil : You can go and ask papa itself without bothering me.
Kajal makes a pout face.

Its next day morning
Scene at MM Dp is scrolling down his whatsapp messeges and the Ap comes with coffee.
Dp : Ap you know Sheckar Rao that south Indian lawyer who died last year.
Ap : Haan Haan, I remember
Dp : He didn’t just leave this world. He left his sign and left the world. If he is alive he would be very proud of his daughter Ragini Ananya Rao
Ap : Why what did she do.

Just the Sanskaar, Laksh and Meera come.
Meera : Good morning dad.
Dp : I can’t believe my eyes, AP pinch me
Laksh : Some things are hard to believe only dad but you have to accept.
Ap to change the topic before Laksh gets yelled
Ap : Ji what did she do?
Dp : Ahh yeah, She is just 23 and has won four cases. Two minor cases and two major cases. See in my whatsapp group how proudly they are speaking about her. I wish I could have got a daughter like her with lawyer’s blood.
He hands over the phone to Ap, she sees it.
Ap : Not only smart and talented also very beautiful. Ji if you can’t get a daughter like her at least we can get a bahu like her right.
Meera : Maa… Show me the girl who is worth to take my place.
Dp : Wish so, btw Meera not to you place somewhere above you
Ap : Show her to Sanskaar
Sanskaar : Maa, why should I see her? If you want to make her your bahu (he points toward Lucky who is yawning) he is available.
Laksh : Not interested bhai
Ap : Once see will you?
Sanskaar : What kind of Mom are you?
Ap makes a pout face.

Laksh : Ok mom I’ll see her for bhai
Laksh takes the phone and is mesmerized to see her angelic beauty. Sanskaar peeps but it doesn’t affect him but he could hear Laksh’s heart beat is rising. He eventually smiles. Dp and Ap notices it. The post man comes.
Post man : Sir post
Sanskaar goes and signs and takes.
Sanskaar : Laksh this is for you. I think uncle Dave has sent it.
Dp : Ahh yeah he told that he will send a lawyer to Laksh to make him pass his final. He told that he will post
Meera : Dad when there is technology why is he still stuck in to post?
Dp : Not all the people have moved on Meera.
Laksh opens it and smiles. He starts blushing.
Dp : Stop blushing like a girl Laksh and give it to me
Laksh hands it over and goes. Sanskaar and Meera looks at each other confusingly.
Sanskaar : Mom I’m leaving now.

Scene at RM
Ragini is still seen sleeping. Raghvi runs upstairs.
Raghvi shouts : Laado…Laado get up
Ragini : Di fifteen minutes please.
Raghvi : Get up.
Ragini : Please
Raghvi caresses Ragini’s hair.
Raghvi : Laado then I’m leaving to Mandir . I know you won’t step in to mandir so you come to the City Mall directly.
Ragini : Ok di.

Raghvi goes downstairs and sees Sumi checking some files.
Raghvi : Mom for how long are you not going to speak with her? It’s almost been a year.
Sumi : Shona you better not force me to speak with her. You know how your dad died and do you want your sister…
Raghvi interrupts : Mom please, nothing will happen to her and I’m telling you dad’s death was an accident.
Sumi goes in crying. Raghvi gets teary but comes out and gets in to the car. She is driving her car and is lost. Suddenly another car comes and crash. Raghvi hurriedly gets out and from the other car Sanskaar gets down. Sanskaar is shell shocked to see her.
Sanskaar : You
Raghvi get scared and looks behind to see if anyone was standing and find no one.

At RM Ragini’s phone rings she manages to find it and answers it.
Ragini : Hello who is speaking?
The voice : It’s me uncle Dave, beta can you go today?
Ragini : Voh uncle yeah sure I’ll go message me the address.

At MM the door bell rings. Laksh is seen sleeping on the bed looking at the ceiling and smiling. Meera comes in and notices him.
Meera : Bhai everything is ok right?
Laksh : Meera I have asked you not to enter my room without knocking the door?

AP goes and opens the door and is shocked to see Ragini.
Ragini : Durga Prasad Maheshwari.
Ap : Come and sit beta. I’ll call him.
Ragini comes and sits.

Scene in Laksh’s room.
Meera : Bhai stop dreaming about someone who you will never get and study.
Meera runs downstairs and suddenly stops Laksh was chasing her.
Laksh : I will surely get her
Laksh too comes down in shock seeing Ragini he loses control and falls on Ragini. Ragini who sees him shouting and falling on her screams. Laksh is on Ragini.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s and Raghvi’s shocked face

Precap : Raghvi enters MM… All the Maheshwari’s are shocked…Sumi hugs Ragini and cries…RagLak and RagSan moments

Kajal Sahil Awasthi – Akanksha Chamola
Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan

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