Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 17 (RagLak and RagSan)


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The episode starts with Sanskaar taking Raghvi in his arms blind folded while Raghvi has encircled her hand around his neck.
Raghvi : At least now tell me Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Ohhh you talk too much jaan, I should have tied your mouth as well
Raghvi pouts while Sanskaar laughs and he keeps her down. She has worn a long peach gown and a silver belt on her waist and three quarter sleeved and backless. Her hair with messy bun and curls left with a simple ear stud. Sanskaar held her by her shoulder and walked holding her hand while she stepped trusting Sanskaar is near her. Suddenly she felt as if he left her and got tensed.
Raghvi : Sanskaar where are you?
Sanskaar : Haa haa I’m here.
She heard the voice somewhere from far away and got tensed.
Raghvi : Shall I open my eyes? (She didn’t get a reply so she started sweating and getting tensed) Shall I open ? (She turned around) Sanskaar shall I?

She opened the blindfold and found it all dark, she heard a guitar music playing suddenly the spot light on she finds Sanskaar playing music. She widens her eyes and opens her mouth hung open. He was playing it very while Raghvi’s eyes get welled up. Sanskaar stops playing and bows while Raghvi claps her hand with a big smile on her face. Sanskaar walks to her and stands in front of her.
Raghvi : Did you learn music?
Sanskaar : For you.
Raghvi : Not bad.
Sanskaar : I have to say something important.
Raghvi : Go ahead.
Sanskaar kneels down.
Sanskaar : I love you.
Raghvi : I know and I love you too.
Sanskaar : You are ruining my proposal.
Raghvi giggles.
Raghvi : Do you know how to propose romantically?
Sanskaar : Why do you have any doubt?
Raghvi nods and smiles widely.
Raghvi : You know nothing romantically, in fact you are a khadoos.
Sanskaar stands up and wipes his knees.
Sanskaar : You are a behanji and you are talking about romance.
Raghvi : Don’t underestimate me (Sanskaar fumes while Raghvi goes on her knees shocking Sanskaar) MR. khadoos, well let me be frank with you this time.(Sanskaar looks on) I hated you the most in the world and right now you are the person who I love the most.
Sanskaar : Raghvi…
Raghvi interrupts : Shshshshsh…Only I will speak now. I promise you that I will fulfill all the duties of a wife. (He smiles and rolls his eyes up) I will keep you happy, take away all your stress with my voice, release all your pain with one hug, make your day pleasant with one kiss, all your problems will be mine, I want sleep in your embrace and awake looking at you cute khadoos face…
Sanskaar interrupts : Get up Raghvi.
Raghvi : Wait I’m not done. I want to grow old with you and want to see our kids growing. I love you Sanskaar and I want live with you forever and together, will you marry this stupid behanji?
Sansakaar makes Raghvi stand.
Raghvi : Will you?
Sanskaar nods and Raghvi smiles and gets teary and hugs him tightly.
Sanskaar : But you shouldn’t have spoiled my proposal in this way. Now what will people think about me?
Raghvi : But you already did.
Sanskaar : I have something else for you.
Raghvi breaks the hug and look on. Sanskaar makes her wear a chain with a ‘RS’on it. She smiles looking at it while Ragini pecks her forehead.
Raghvi : Done?
Sanskaar shakes his head and Raghvii chuckles and raises her eyebrows. Sanskaar steps forwards and holds her cheeks and makes him look at him and they share an eye lock. Sanskaar holds her bare back and she shivers. Sanskaar drags her closer and tucks her hair and moves his hand to her cheek and then her lips and touches it. Raghvi looks at his eyes and blushes and clutches his shirt from back. He leans and pecks on her lips and then moves back and looks at her closed eyes and smiling lips. He smiles and steps ahead and kisses on her lips and it turns out to be a passionate and a long one with lots of love and unspoken feelings in it. He held her waist with the hand which was on her face and tightened it while she clutched his shirt. She broke it and breathed heavily and looked at Sanskaar and blushed hard while he clapped twice and carried her. The lights get on and Raghvi looks around finds herself near a swimming pool and a table decorated with flowers and candle light.
Raghvi : So much just for me?
Sanskaar : Nop for my princess.
He makes her sit and he sits too.

Scenes shifts to MM where Laksh is coming out of the washroom and sits on his study and where his specs. He takes out the files and concentrates on it and works. There was a knock on his room door.
Laksh : Come in.
Meera enters and sits on the couch.
Meera : LB I have something to tell you.
Laksh : Haa princess bolo.
Meera : I’m in love with someone.
Laksh : What? (Laksh turns to her and gives a stern look) Stop joking Mee, I have
Meera : I’m serious bhaiyaa.
Laksh : What do you mean serious?
He walks to Meera and sits beside her while Meera makes a cute puppy face.
Meera : I mean I love Aarnav.
Laksh : Aarnav?
Meera nods while Laksh gives a stern look.
Meera : Will you speak with him for me?
Laksh : Meera this is an important decision in your life don’t regret after you chose it.
Meera : I’m sure bhai, he must be just like bhabhi’s not only that bhai there are many things which I like him.
Laksh smiles and kisses on her head.
Laksh : I’m happy that my sister didn’t hide this fact which other sisters usually do. I will discuss with Sanksaar and let you know?
Meera : Pakka?
Laksh : Haa baaba pakka.
Meera : Best bhai ever.
Meera hugs him and he hugs her back.
Laksh : Go and sleep if you are done eating.
Meera nods and leaves.
Laksh smiles looking at his sister and his phone rings.
Laksh : Haa jaan bolo.
Ragin grits her teeth and rolls up her eyes.
Ragini : Laksh ma’s medicine is over can you buy it for me?
Laksh : Sure Ragini, send me the picture of the perception.
Ragini : Okay, bye.
Laksh : Bye take care.
Ragini smiles evilly and sends Laksh the perception.
Ragini : Now let’s see how will you win the case.
Laksh comes out of the house and gets in to the car and drives off. The phone beeps and is Ragini’s message. He looks at the phone and looks ahead and suddenly a big truck approached towards his car.

Raghvi and Sanskaar are seen walking in the lawn; Raghvi had rested her head on his chest while he has encircled his hand around her.
Raghvi : Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Mmm
Raghvi : What made you fall in love with me?
Sanskaar chuckles while Raghvi stood and look at Sanskaar, they share an intense eyelock.
Sanskaar : You yourself made me fall in love with you. Your kindness, your care, your love, everything in you made me fall for you. Your inner and outer both beauty made me fall for you. I love you and want you to be with me forever and together. I to live a beautiful life with you.
Raghvi’s eyes get welled up and she hugs him tightly. Sanskaar hugged her back and carried her in a bridal way.
Raghvi whispered : I love you.
Sanskaar : Love you more.
They reach the car. Raghvi sits in front while Sanskaar leans to her and makes her eraser the seat belt and they share and intense eye lock e where Raghvi slowly pecks hugs lips and blushes.
Raghvi : You will be there with me forever right?
Sanskaar nods and kisses on her cheek.
Sanskaar : Will be there with my behanji forever.
Raghvi pouts while Sanskaar chuckles and walked to the driving seat and reverses it.
Raghvi : Btw where is this place?
Sanskaar : Our farm house.
Raghvi : Such a peaceful place it’s.

Scene shifts to RM where Ragini calls Laksh and there was no answer. She gets happy and suddenly her smile fades away. She walks infront of the mirror and slides her t shirt and finds faint marks of love bites on her shoulder and she touches it. She closes her eyes and tears start rolling down her cheeks.

On Ragini’s birthday night, Ragini is seen wet and shivering and Laksh us mesmerized to see her. He walks to Ragini looking at her lovingly and runs his hands over her hands and he hugs her from the back. Laksh buries his faces in to her neck and he places few wet kisses on her wet skin where Ragini rests on him and holds his hand on her waist while touhes his face with the other closing her eyes and feeling him.
Ragini whispers : Laksh
Laksh moves his face to her ear and pecks it.
Laksh whispers : Only if you are ready.
Ragini gets carried with his concern and gentleness. She turns and hugs him tightly and Laksh breaks the hug and looks deep in to her eyes. He leans to her lips and pecks it and moves back while Ragini nods her head closing her eyes. Laksh carries her in a bridal way and places her on the bed and smiles.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh looks at her innocent face.
Laksh : Only if you trust me.
Ragini : I said I love you.
Laksh looks on with a cute smile while Ragini drags him on top of while Laksh is shocked. Ragini runs her hands seductively in Laksh’s back while brushing her lips in his neck. She gives and intense look and nods her head. Laksh gets carried away with her beautiful and intense look and they get intimate.
Next morning Ragini awakes and finds herself on Laksh’s chest while Laksh is in a deep sleep. She sits up and she has worn Laksh’s shirt. She remembers all what happened in the night and blushes without smiling. She touches her neck and shoulder and closes her eyes and feels it. She hears a voice telling “He is on of the reason for you dad’s death” Ragini opens her eyes with a jerk.
Flashback ends.

Raginni remembers Laksh proposing her, their moments together and how much he loved her. She starts crying loud hugging her self and falls on the ground.
Ragini’s POV.
You loved me unconditionally and in return what did I give you? Nothing but your death. I love you Laksh, each time I speant with you I speand as yours. Every time I have you myself with my consent. I love you hut I can’t live with you. Im sorry Laksh I’m sorry.
Ragini’s POV ends.

Ragini there was a knock on the door, she wipes her tears and rushes to it and opens it and finds Raghvi smiling. Raghvi hugs Ragini tightly.
Raghvi : I’m so happy Laado, today Sanskaar made my day. I’m so happy that words are not enough for me to share my happiness. (She feels something wet on her bare shoulder and broke the hug and found Ragini crying) Laado what happened?
Ragini : Laksh (She falls down) My Laksh…
The doorbell rings and Ragini rushes and finds Vaishali opening it. Laksh enters and Ragini runs and hugs him tight while he is shocked.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini moves back and holds his face and caresses it.
Ragini : You are fine right? Laksh nothing happened to you right?
Laksh : Relax I’m fine Ragini.
Raghvi walks to them and caresses Ragini’s head and takes the medicines from Laksh’s hand.
Vaishali : Maybe she got scared because you got late, Laksh take her out little.
Laksh nods and takes Ragini out of the house and makes her sit on the bench. Vaishali looks at Raghav.
Raghvi : What if she does anything to him?
Vaishali : She won’t, as she now know the consequences of getting separated from him.
Raghvi looks on while Vaishali holds her hand and takes her to the troom.
Raghvi : What do you mean?
Vaishali : This is human psychology Raghvi, she loves him but this is point where she completely realized it. If in any case she doesn’t realize it she would try to do something to him but not something big.
Raghvi : Is she undergoing a mental trauma?
Vaishali nods.
Vaishali : Someone is brain washing her and also if something happens to Laksh more than anyone she can’t bear it. You saw how much she got scared right? Probably she would have tried to do something to him but with god’s help he is fine.
Raghvi : What can we do to bring her back to normal?
Vaishali : It is hard, the person who is brain washing her must tell it to Ragini by him or herself.

Scene shifts to the lawn where Laksh has made Ragini rest on his chest and Ragini has clutched him tightly and has her eyes closed.
Laksh : I’m fine.
Ragini : I love you, you scared me by getting late.
Laksh : Love you too and I’m fine.
Ragini looks at him with teary eyes and he smiles and pecks his forehead.
Ragini : What made you take so long?

Laksh’s thinks….
Laksh sees the car coming towards him and drops the phone down and it gets switched off and he changes the car direction and holds the break. He thinks it was not done by purpose and reverses the car but through the back mirror he sees the truck reversing towards his car and he drives off and comes to the main road where he was able to get rid of the truck.
Laksh stops thinking.
Laksh : I couldn’t fins few medicines.
Ragini : What happened to the phone?
Laksh : Charge got over.
Ragini hugs him again.
Ragini : I got different kinds of feeling the more you got late. Glad that you are alight.
Laksh breaks the hug and makes her look at him. She smiles though her tears while Laksh kisses on her lips and she reciprocates. They break and Laksh carries Ragini.
Laksh : Go have a peaceful sleep, tomorrow you have a case to handle.
Ragini : Don’t leave me Laksh, I’m scared to let you go alone.
Laksh : Don’t worry I’m fine.
Ragini : I will drop you home.
Laksh chuckles and pecks her forhead.
Laksh : I said I’m fine.
Ragini : I will ask Sanskaar to pick you.
Laksh : Angel I’m fine.
Ragini pouts while Laksh reaches her room and places her on the bed.
Ragini : Take care, promise me that you will never leave me alone.
Laksh smiles and walks out leaving Ragini confused.

Ragini’s POV.
I love him and I’m not ready to lose him. I love him to the extent where I loved my dad. (She folds her hand and thanks god) Thank god for making me realize it go please protect my Laksh.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Ragini dozes off in Laksh’s thoughts. Laksh gets down the stairs while Raghvi walks to him and both of them look at each other. Laksh leaves out and gets in to his car and drives off Next day the court is shown and Ragini and Laksh seen looking at each other.
Judge : According to the proves and statements the court considers that the property belongs to Mr. Singhania also there won’t be any further misunderstanding among the villager and Mr. Sighania.
Ragini smiles and looks at Laksh while Laksh smiles back. Both of them comes out and Ragini gives quick hug.
Ragini : All best Laksh, you won it.
Laksh : Thank you.
Ragini walks ahead while Laksh looks on.
Ragini : I want treat.
Laksh : Go home and get changed and wait, I will come and pick you.
Ragini turns to Laksh and gives a flying kiss.
Ragini : As you say prince.
Ragini walks to her car and gets in and looks at Laksh through the back mirror and miles. Laksh gets in to his car and drives off. Ragini reaches home and walks up to her room while Raghvi comes with a cup of coffee.
Raghvi : So you won this case too?
Ragini shakes her head smiling deeply.
Ragini : No my life won it.
Raghvi looks at her shockingly.
Raghvi : Your life?
Ragini : Haa di my Laksh.
Raghvi : But Ragini you wanted kill Laksh.
Ragini : Yes I wanted but… (Ragini realizes what Raghvi said and looks at her) so you did know?
Raghvi nods.
Raghvi : Yes I did know, but I never knew my sister was this low.
Ragini : No di I have realized that I love him.
Raghvi : After the nights your spent with Laksh?
Ragini looks shockingly at Raghvi while Raghvi gives a tight slap on Ragini’s cheek.
Ragini : Di…
Raghvi interrupts : Shut up I said, you think I don’t know whatever you do. I’m your sister and each of acts of yours is known by me. I would have been happy if you would have reliazed this before you spent…
Ragini shouts : Enough, I know I did mistake by trying to kill Laksh but trust me I loved him from the beginning. (She falls down and breaks out) I loved him as well as love him. I’m not that kind like you think di. I love him genuinely that is the reason I let him touch me.
Raghvi makes Ragini stand and Ragini hugs her.
Raghvi : I know but I don’t want you to do any more mistake. Forget dad’s death laado don’t dwell on your past.
Ragini nods and beaks the hug, Raghvi wipes Ragini’s tears.
Ragini : I’m sorry that I hid you everything.
There was a knock on the door.
Raghvi : Wipe your tears, past is past from now on be happy.
Ragini nods and smiles. Raghvi opens the door and Aarnav enters.
Arnaav : Missed you both so much..
Raghvi : We too.
Aarnav : Shall we go out today?
Ragini and Raghvi : Not today.
Ragini and Raghvi look at each other and smile.
Aarnav : What do you both have to do?
Ragini : I’m going out with Laksh just a few weeks more for the wedding.
Ragvhi : Same here?
Aarnav : You are also going with Laksh?
Raghvi : Aarnav…
Aarnav : Just kidding Shona.
Ragini : Both of you leave now, I have to get ready.
Raghvi and Aarnav smile and leave. Ragini walks to her wardrobe and takes out a above the knee navy blue frock strapless and wears it. She ties her hair in to a messy bun and does a light make over. She wears a small stud and the chain Laksh gifted. She comes out taking her shades and wallet. She gets down and finds Laksh already seated in the living room and talking with Aarnav and Sumi. Laksh looks at Ragini and he just can’t take his eye off. Raghvi comes with drinks and serves Laksh and just then the doorbell rings. Aarnav walks to the door and finds Sanskaar.
Aarnav : Well the next jamai is also here Sumi ma.
Sanskaar looks around and finds Laksh.
Sanskaar : Lucky you never told you are coming here.
Sumi : Come in beta.
Laksh finishes drinking and looks at Ragini.
Laksh : Shall we leave? (Ragini nods) Ma then we are leaving.
Sumi : Take care
Ragini and Laksh come out and gets in to the car. Laksh stares at Ragini while she raises her eye brows asking what. Laksh leans to her and pecks her lips.
Laksh : This is for looking extra beautiful.
Ragini blushes while Laksh drives off. Scene shifts to RM where Raghvi comes down getting ready in dark blue Anarkali with her hair plaited to a side.
Sanskaar : Then I’m also taking your daughter ma.
Sumi smiles.
Sumi : Take care.
Both of them get in to the car.
Raghvi : So Mr. Khadoos today what do you have for me?
Sanskaar : Ms. Behanji wait watch btw today you are glowing like a bulb, yesterday’s affect is it still there?
Raghvi blushed while Sanskaar pecks her lips and drives off.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s and RagSan’s faces


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