Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 16 (RagLak and RagSan)

Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode and yeah hope you like it, I know the track is really boring but don’t worry I have few surprices awaiting for you and yeah thanks for all those who commented and supported 🙂 do keep reading and supporting 🙂

Ragini aur Raghvi Part 16

The episode starts with the doctor coming out. Ragini rushes to him and looks on.
Laksh : How is she?
Doctor : She is alright, the tumor has been taken.(Ragini smiles through her tears) you can meet her once she is shifted to the normal room.
Ragini sighs out and the doctor leaves.
Ragini : Laksh I will call di.
Laksh : I will do the needed proceedings.

Laksh leaves to the reception and pays all the bills. Vaishali comes there and taps Laksh’s shoulder.
Vaishali : I need to speak something important with you.
Laksh : Haa bolo.
Vaishali was about to speak and just then Raghvi and Sanskaar rush in.
Raghvi : Where is mom?
Vaishali : She is being shifted to the normal room.
Raghvi : Thank god (She looks at Sanskaar and smiles through her tears) thank you.
Laksh notices Snaksaar’s hand burnt.
Laksh : Snaskaar your hand…
Raghvi remembers Sanskaar’s hand burnt.
Raghvi : Snaskaar come let’s go and get it first aid.
Sanskaar : I’m fine jaan, you go and meet ma first.
Laksh is shocked with the way Sanskaar addressed Raghvi.
Laksh under his breath : Jaan?
Raghvi and Sanskaar look at each other and share and intense eyelock.
Laksh : Oi oi oi, Sanskaar? Is this is you? Jaan? Eyelocks?
Sanskaar blushes and hits Laksh’s stomach.
Sanskaar : You go, I will get it first aid.
Raghvi nods and leave along with Vaishali.
Laksh : What and improvement bro?
Sanskaar : When I’m the elder brother of the Romea I have to atleast be up to his standards.
Laksh : Fact.
Both of them laugh and hug each other.

Scene shifts to the normal room where Sumi is seen sleeping while Ragini is holding her hand and Raghvi is caressing her hair. Sumi slowly open her eyes and just then Sanskaar and Laksh enter.
Sumi : Shona (She tries to sit) Laado.
Ragini : Don’t talk to me, I don’t want to see your face.
Ragini leaves out crying while Laksh follows her. She sits and cries and Laksh also sits beside her and holds her hand. She rests her head on his chest and he caresses her hair.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : She didn’t even think of telling it to us Laksh. What if something would have happened?
Laksh : Shshshshsh…Stop crying angel, look now nothing happened right.

Scenes shifts to Sumi’s room.
Raghvi : Mom she is just worried about you.
Sumi : I understand her Shona, Ragini will never forgive anyone easily. Look she won’t speak to me at least for a week.
Sanskaar : I think by tomorrow you can leave ma.
Raghvi : I will stay with you, Ragini is having the case going on so I will stay.
Nandhani : I will send your dresses and needs through Aarnav.
Raghvi nods.
Raghvi : I will check out Ragini and come.
Raghvi comes out and so does Sanskaar. Sanskaar holds Raghvi’s hand and drags her to a corner while Raghvi looks on.
Sanskaar : My brother is there to look after your sister, let me spend few time with you.
Raghvi blushes and turns.
Raghvi : This is hospital.
Sanskaar : Ohh yeah I forgot it, when you are in front of me I forget everything.
Sanskaar turns and makes her look at him and he smiles.
Raghvi : I’m sorry for hurting you until now.
Sanskaar : I must be saying that.
They share an intense eye lock while Sanskaar’s phone rings and he answers it.
Sanskaar : Haa Meera bolo.
Meera : I’m hungry, where are you people?
Sanskaar : Haa haa we are coming now.
Ap and Dp come and Sanksaar hangs up.
Ap : Shall we leave? Raghvi beta take care of Sumi ji and also take care of yourself.
Dp : Laksh?
Sanskaar : Let Laksh stay with Ragini for a while, she would feel better dad.
Raghvi : Actually papa she is very sensitive and…
Dp interrupts : I understand beta.
Dp and Ap leaves.
Sanskaar : Take care, if you need anything just call me.
Raghvi nods and Sanskaar leaves smiling. Ragini and Laksh walk towards Raghvi.
Raghvi : I will stay with mom today.
Ragini nods aand wipes her tears.
Ragini : Take care of her and yourself.
Raghvi : Don’t you want to meet her?
Ragini shakes her head and leaves.
Laksh : Don’t worry I will take care of her.
Raghvi : Thank you Laksh for…
Laksh interrupts : You don’t have to thank me bhabhi ji.
Raghvi : Laksh…
Laksh : If you say thank you I will call you bhabhi. In between friends no thank you no sorry.
Raghvi nods and Laksh leave. Raghvi walks to the room and sits beside sleeping Sumi.

Scenes shifts to the parking lot. Laksh sits in the driving seat and Ragini is lost.
Laksh : Shall we go out somewhere? If you are not tired?
Ragini : Why do people who we love us leave us Laksh.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : You are asking questions which our daughter should ask in future.
Ragini : I don’t want a daughter, in fact I don’t want a child.
Laksh looks at her shockingly.
Laksh : But I want.
Ragini : Then you itself look after your children, I can’t run behind kids.
Laksh : As you say highness.
Laksh drives off in an empty road near the sea breeze while Ragini feels relaxed. Laksh stops the car in the shore and gets down. Ragini was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and black trouser while Laksh in white shirt and black trouser.
Laksh : How do you feel now?
Ragini : Much better Laksh, thank you.
Laksh : Ragini people will leave our life in natural way or in an accident, repenting on it is foolishness. By dwelling in the past you are spoiling your present and future both. (Ragini stops and looks at Laksh and Laksh holds her hand and makes her look at him) even if you tell me o not I know that you are still dwelling in your dad’s death. (Tears roll down Ragini’s eyes and Laksh wipes it and hugs her) Forget it Ragini, you can’t bring your dad. You have to move on. Take your own time and move on. Do whatever you want to do to feel better and get over your dad’s death
Ragini : Thanks for clearing everything Laksh, I will do what I have thought to do to move on.
Laksh : I promise you that I will always support you in whatever the decision you take.
Ragini : Love you.
Laksh : Love you more.
Laksh pecks her forehead and looks at her eyes which are welled up still holding her cheeks. Ragini drags Laksh and kisses on his lips and he reciprocates and tears roll down her cheek. The sea breeze was making them go crazy, Laksh tightened his grip on her waist and Ragini caressed his hair. Laksh breaks the kiss and wipes her tears with his cheek and hugs her. Both of them get lost in each other. The moon was dancing to the breeze and the waves were calm. Ragini breaks the hug and Laksh carries Ragini and throws her to the water and Ragini drags Laksh in to the water. Both of them fully get drenched in water.

Scene shifts to MM where Sanskaar sits on the couch and remembers all what happened. He smiles and takes out his phone and dial’s Raghvi’s number. Raghvi answers and shown sitting on the hospital couch along with Aarnav.
Raghvi : Haa Sanskaar bolo.
Sanskaar : Missing you.
Raghvi laughs.
Raghvi : Just an hour before we met and so soon you started missing me?
Sanskaar : One hour, it seems like a day. Now I understand what Lucky is going through.
Raghvi laughs while Aarnav looks at her.
Aarnav : The Raghvi I’m leaving bye.
Raghvi : Haa Aarnav bye.
Sanskaar : Aarnav?
Aarnav leaves.
Raghvi : Haa, he came to give my things.
Sanskaar : Btw tomorrow get ready at sharp 6.00 p.m
Raghvi : What for?
Sanskaar : in a white gown.
Raghvi : Gown?
Sanskaar : And hair in a bun.
Raghvi : Hair in a bun?
Sanskaar : I will come to pick you.
Raghvi : First answer me.
Sanskaar : Love you and good night, sleep tight princess.
Raghvi smiles and blushes while Sanskaar hangs up.

Scene shifts to RagLak where they are drenched fully. Ragini is shivering in cold, Laksh walks to the car and gets his blazer out and makes Ragini wear it. Ragini and Laksh share and intense and lovely eye lock.
Ragini : It is already night.
Laksh : I will drop you home.
Ragini nods and they get in to the car. They reach RM and Ragini removes the blazer.
Laksh : You can have it.
Ragini smiles and nods, Laksh pecks her lips.
Ragini : Good night.
Laksh : Take care and good night.
Ragini gets down and looks at Laksh and she goes in while Laksh looks at her and drives off.

Ragini enters her room and closes the door and remembers all what happened to day.
Ragini’s POV.
His love is making me weak. I have to control myself. His touch, his look, his words everything is making me weak. Do I really love him? (She moves her hair back) I have to do something, I can’t get distracted.(She throws the blazer and sits on the couch) Ppromise is a promise, I will take my revenge and it is final.
Ragini’s POV ends and she hears a pot breaking sound from her balcony. She turns and get shocked.

Scene shifts to a man who is smoking sitting on a rocking chair, he laughs evilly
The man : Everything is fair in love and war. I’m using your daughter to destroy my enemy. Your death is a great big advantage. (The man turns and reveals to be Uncle Dave) Shekhar Rao and Durga Prasad Maheshwari, my long time friends as well as my long time enemies.

Ragini gets shocked to Laksh in the balcony, she opens it and Laksh enters.
Laksh : Ms. Ragini Rao you forgot all you documents in my car.
Ragini : Thank god you brought it.
Laksh hands it over and turns to leave Ragini holds him by his hand and Laksh turns back. Laksh looks at Ragini and she gives an intense look. Laksh gets attracted to her look and moves towards her and tucks her half wet hair. Ragini hugs him and clutches his shirt while Laksh breaks the hug and carries Ragini.
Laksh : How can anyone look so beautiful as you?
Ragini blushes and Laksh places her on the bed and Ragini is still clutching his shirt. Laksh leans to her and moves back but Ragini’s beauty is just attracting him and them share and intense eye lock.
Screen freezes on Ragini and Laksh eye lock.


And yeah so how did you find my todays episode good or bad? please do comment and let me know how did you find it as it would be a great help … Meet you with another update soon 🙂

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