Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 15 (RagLak and RagSan)

Hello Dafsi here with another chappy and ueah thanks a lot for your comment it really made my day I’m really sorry for not replying to all of you personally. The thing is I’m not that active as before on tu as I have started concentrating on my studies…I’m sorry for the writer who I commented on your ffs before the simple reason is this and yeah I read at times but don’t get a chance to comment but I will try my best to at least write something short and here we go…

Ragini aur Raghvi episode 15

The episode starts with Ragini and Vaishali rushing to hospital along with Maheshwari except Laksh to the hospital.
Raghvi : What happened to mom?
Aarnav : Relax Shona nothing, the doctors are checking her.
Raghvi wipes her tears and looks at Sumi through the glass window.
Raghvi : Did you tell Ragini?
Aarnav :Her phone must be in silent.

Scene shifts to the court. The court has assembled and Ragini stands up to proceed. Judge turns to the proposition party and looks on.

Judge : Do you have someone to speak or do the court needs to provide you an lawyer?
A voice : Sorry for delay lord.
Ragini and the rest tunrs and is shocked.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh enters and stands opposite Ragini.
Judge : Yes begin.
Laksh turns to Ragini and smiles and Ragini who is shock at him gives a blank look.
Laksh : My lord my …… (he points at the person who is standing in the…..)is a great business as I and you both along with others here know him very well. Mr. Singhania who owns this land has proceed all the necessary documents (the clerks gives the document to the judge) to show that he owns this land and it is a part of his property written to him from his father.
Ragini looks at Laksh shocked in the way he is speaking.
Ragini : Objection my lord (Laksh looks at Ragini and they share an eye lock) It is true that it is his father whoe owned the land of 500 acres but his father has given it to the villagers. I have proceed the hand written statement of promising to give the land to the villagers by his father.
The judge takes a look while Ragini and Laksh look at each other with stern look.
Judge : Do you have anything to say Mr. Maheshwari?
Laksh nods.
Laksh : it is true that his father has written that he would give a land to the village but he has not mentioned anything regarding the land mark, quantity or which land or when. The hand written statement which Ms. Rao presented over here only sat “I will donate the land which I own to the villagers of Gangapur after my death and it will be owned for village purposes such as farming and agriculture. The lands total control will be given to the hereafter village headmen” (He finishes reading and looks at Ragini and then the judge while Ragini is shocked how can he argue so well)
Ragini’s POV.
How can he argue with his love? He loves me unconditionally and immensely. Can a persona go opposite to the person who they love? How come he is so well prepared? What I did was thinking of that night and planning how to finish him off? I only knew my opposition is a newbie so I took it easy who knew it is my own enemy? No Ragini be strong and do something that this case will postpone so you can get well prepared.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Just then her chain of thoughts breaks to Laksh’s phone while the whole court looks at him. He searches for his phone in pockets while Ragini smirks. Laksh’s phone goes silent and Laksh takes it out while the judge gives a stern look and just then he gets a message.
Judge : Mr. Maheshwari please switch off your mobile. You are disturbing and breaking the court house rules.
Laksh reads the head of the message and is shocked. He switches it off and then looks at Ragini and suddenly holds his head and faints. Ragini without her knowledge shouts Laksh’s name and rushes to him. She starts tapping his face and then takes the water and splashes on his face. He slowly opens his eyes and then looks around and finds Ragini sobbing. Laksh stands up with the help of Ragini and Ragini holds him. He releases himself.
Laksh : Can I get more time as my health is not good?
The judge nods and writes something.
Judge : This hearing will be postpone to the 28h of July 2016. The court is dismissed.
The judge stands up while Ragini rushes to Laksh, both of them .
Ragini : Laksh are you okay? (She caressed Laksh’s face and he looks on at her with teary eyes) You scared me Laksh. What happened to you?
Laksh : I’m fine jaan but ma…
Ragini interrupts : What happened to mom? Laksh tell me what happened.
Laksh holds her cheek while Ragini looks on.
Laksh whispers : She is in ICU. (Ragini is shocked and she moves back. She felt as if her world is turned upside down.) Ragini…
Ragini takes a deep breath and wipes her tears.
Ragini I’m strong Laksh (she smiles through her tears)nothing can happen to mom.
Laksh nods and both of them rush to the parking lot. They reach the hospital, Raghvi sees Ragini and runs to and both of them hug each other. Raghvi breaks down while Ragini caresses Raghvi’s back.
Raghvi : Mom…
Ragini : Nothing will happen to her di, she has to live for her daughter.
They hear the door opening and Raghvi breaks the hug and rushes to the doctor.
Raghvi : How is her condition?
Doctor : Still we can’t say anything, she is fighting with her death.
Raghvi closes her mouth with her hand while Ragini just stands still and tears roll down her cheek.
Ragini : Look doctor, I don’t care how much money do you spend or what you d but please don’t say that you can’t save her.
Doctor : I understand Ms Rao but you will have to stay, we can’t tell anything right now.
Laksh comes and holds Ragini by her arms, she turns and hugs Laksh really tight and cries out. Raghvi runs out while Snaksaar drags himself to run behind her. Raghvi runs to the temple close to the hospital and starts praying. Sanskaar also reaches and finds her praying, he looks at her lovingly among his tears. Raghvi takes the diya and light is on her palm and Sanskaar rushes to her and throws the diya away and his finger burns.
Sanskaar : What are you doing?
Raghvi : My mother is fighting with death and I have to do this for her.
Sanskaar : Raghvi stop being foolish, hurting yourself is not right and I will never let you do it.
Raghvi : What bothers you Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : What do you mean what bother me? Who else will bother about you if it is not me?
Raghvi’s face is soaked with tears and she is looking on shocked. Sanskaar looks at her with a rage while Raghvi jerks his hands but Sanskaar holds it back.
Raghvi : Leave me.
Sanskaar shakes his head.
Sanskaar whispers : Never.
Raghvi : Stop showing fake concern towards me, I don’t want your sympathy.
Sanskaar : I don’t have to show you sympathy or any fake concern, I can’t see you hurt and it is just because I just love you. (Raghvi shell shocked) Understand?
Sanskaar says it in a breath and he realizes what he said. Its starts raining heavily and Raghvi and Sanskaar share an intense and painful eyelock. Raghvi jerks his hand and runs out and Sanskaar runs behind her and stop her and pins her to a tree.
Sanskaar : You are allowed to hurt but I will also get hurt along with you. I just only know that I love you and will love only you Raghvi (Both of them are drenched in rain Snaskaar tucks her hair behind Raghvi’s ear) I love you from the day one but was not ready to accept it. I don’t know even if this is the right time to confess my love but you made me tell it. I wanted to propose you with a candle light dinner where you are wearing a red hot saadi with your hair left open and I want to kneel down in my legs with a ring in a hand like every guys do. I wanted to tell a big speech on how much I love you and what will I do for my love but you just…
Raghvi kisses on his lips before he could complete shocking Sanskaar. Sanskaar too reciprocates. It was intense and passionate kiss indeed. Raghvi breaks it and hugs Sanskaar.
Raghvi I love you, I don’t know when or where or how or what but it just happened. (She cries) I don’t know whether to be happy right now or sad right now Sanskaar. My mom is fighting with her life and I have no idea what to do.
Sanskaa breaks the hug but still his hands around her waist.
Sanksaar : I understand your pain but don’t think of hurting yourself as it is not the solution but even now if you feel that you want to lit the diya then come.
Sanskaar drags Raghvi and climbs the temple. He takes a diya and lights it on his palm and Raghvi looks shocked.
Raghvi : Sanskaar…
Sanskaa interrupts : Shshshs…(He takes her palm and places it under his and Raghvi looks at him with teary eyes with much of love while Sanskaar is behind Raghvi and Raghvi starts hitting the bell) When I and you became one it doesn’t matter who bears the pain.

Scene shifts to the hospital, Ragini is resting her head on Laks;s chest while Laksh is caressing her hair. Laksh holds by her arms and takes her to a side and makes her look in to his eyes and holds both his cheek and pecks her forhead while Ragini closes her eyes and lets the tears roll down.
Ragini : My dad also left me and now…
Laksh places his index finger and shakes his head.
Laksh : Trust me nothing will happen to ma.
Ragini : Am I bad Laksh, that god is punishing me like this? He took away dad and then now he is making my mom suffer.
Laksh shakes his head and gets teary and he hugs her tighly.
Laksh : I promise you that I won’t leave you.
Ragini hugs him tightly and closes her eyes.
Ragini in her mind : But you have to leave me Laksh, it is promise I made to my dad. I will get the revenge done to the person who killed my dad.
Laksh break the hug and makes her sit and makes her head rest on his chest and kisses on her head. Tears roll down her eyes and she looks at Laksh and then remembers all her moments with him.

Scenes shifts to the mandir wherr Sanskaar’s hands turn while Raghvi also feels the heat. Raghvi looks at Sanskaar while Sanskaar smiles and makes her look front. Raghvi’s eyes get welled up while Sanskaar hold her tightly.

Screen freezes on the faces of RagLak and RasSan.


Hope you liked the epi, i know it is short but I will surely give a lengthy epi for sure and yeah so tel how was chap today? do commentand yeah thanks alot for all those who commented and supported both personally and publicly…So the next update will be tomorrow along with Sasural Swaragini ka and yeah there are more twists and turns to come so keep reading and supporting 🙂

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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