Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 14 (RagLak and RagSan)


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The episode starts with Laksh and Ragini are entering GM. Ragini unlock the car door.
Laksh : Thanks for trusting me so much Ragini.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Laksh you have made me feel special all the time even last night.
Laksh : I love you.
Ragini : I love you more.
Laksh holds her face and caresses it. Ragini gets down the car and goes in. Laksh drives off the car. Ragini enters the house and Raghvi come and hugs her from no where.
Raghvi : How much worried we were? Where were you?
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : Di don’t worry, I was with Laksh. Last night it rained a lot so we has to stay in Laksh’s apartment.
Raghvi : Okay go get changed.
Ragini nods and goes up and she remembers what happened last night.
Ragini’s POV.
What is happening to me? My motive is not loving Laksh but taking my revenge but why am I falling to him? I gave myself to him but it was genuinely. I didn’t have any thought of taking revenge from Laksh last night, the only thing which was running in my mind was Laksh’s love, am I melting towards his love? No this just can’t happen. I have to speak with Uncle Dave.
Ragini’s POV ends.
She then sits on the easy chair and unbuttons one of the button of her shirt and closes her eyes.
She remembers how she met uncle Dave her father’s friend who is a lawyer too and he telling her to take revenge from Durga Prasad. Then how she entered MM as a teacher for Laksh. (An evil smile appears on Ragini’s face in present) Then how she learnt that Laksh was having feeing for her in the way he behaved and the he proposing him on the day before Laksh’s results and she accepting him with a smile and when he hugged her she smiles evilly. Then she remembers how she tried to kill Laksh on the hill top.

Her chain of thoughts was just broken when Raghvi entered. Vaishali too enters. Vaishali finds that something is really wrong with Ragini.
Raghvi : Laado didn’t you still have a wash?
Ragini : I’m too tired and sleepy di.
Raghvi : Okay have a wash and sleep.
Vaishali : What happened to the case?
Ragini : I signed up.
Raghvi : Who is your opposite lawyer.

Scene shifts to MM.
Laksh : What? Ragini?
Dp : Haa, she has signed up.
Laksh : Dad how can I?
Dp : You have to, you have to win it for the right side.
Laksh nods and leave the study. Ap comes out of the kitchen with a tea.
Ap : Laksh beta come to have tea.
Laksh nods and sits in the living room while Sanskaar and Meera comes.
Meera : Just a month more for the wedding and I’m more excited.
Laksh smiles while Sanskaar remembers how Raghvi cried hugging him last night.

Scene shifts to GM.
Ragini : No I don’t know who is opposing me.
Raghvi : Okay go have a wash.
Ragini nods and leaves while Raghvi sits on the bed.
Vaishali : Raghvi don’t you find that she is hiding something from us?
Raghvi nods.
Raghvi : She is hiding something from me from long time back. I tried my best to find it out but she is smart Vaishali. I asked her if there is any problem with her and Laksh she said nothing is wrong with her and Laksh.
Vaishali : So you are not taking revenge?
Raghvi get shocked and looks at Vaishali.
Raghvi : Revenge?
Vaishali : Ahh… Raghvi…
Raghvi drags Vaishali to her room and shuts the door.
Raghvi : Now tell me what revenge were you talking about?
Vaishali : Ragini is marraing Laksh to kill him.
Raghvi is shell shocked while Vaishali starts tearing.
Raghvi : What nonsense are you talking?
Vaishali : She said me that Laksh’s father is the reason for Shekhar uncle’s death.
Raghvi is again shocked.
Raghvi : That can’t happen dad’s death was an accident and Ragini accepted it by herself. There must be a misunderstanding over here. May be you misunderstood what she told.
Vaishali : No Raghvi trust me.
Raghvi : She can never think of killing anyone.
Vaishali : relaxes Raghvi while Raghvi gets breathing difficulty. Raghvi points at the drawer and Vaishali rushes to dresser drawer and takes out the inhaler. Raghvi inhales it and comes back to normal.
Vaishali : You take rest don’t over think.
Vaishali takes Raghvi to her bed and makes her rest while Raghvi is just lost in Vaishali’s words. Vaishali’s goes out.

Scene shifts to MM, it is night. Sanskaar comes to Laksh’s room and finds Laksh preparing for his first hearing.
Sanskaar : Mom told that the hearing is after wedding.
Laksh closes the files and turns to Sanskaar.
Laksh : That is to calm down mom.
Sanskaar sits on the bed.
Sanskaar : Then when is the hearing?
Laksh : Monday.
Sanskaar : Monday?
Laksh : Haa
Sanskaar : You can get Ragini’s help too.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : I’m speaking opposite to her.
Sanskaar widen his eyes and drops his jaw down.
Sanskaar : Are you serious?
Laksh : Haa haa Sanskaar.
Sasnkaar : Btw where were you both last night?
Laksh smiles naughtily.
Laksh : The twin house dad bought to gift Ragini and Raghvi, I took her there.
Sanskaar : You broke dad’s surprise.
Laksh : She doesn’t know it, in fact she didn’t even ask me where is it.
Sanskaar : Weird
Laksh : Yeah why didn’t she even ask?
Sanskaar : How come I know? Btw what did you both do?
Laksh : Nothing much just talked and ate.
Sanskaar : Is that all? (Laksh blushes abit) Why are you blushing?
Laksh : I don’t blush, now you can leave. I’m seriously very tired and sleepy.
Sanskaar walks out and Laksh closes the door.

It is morning; Raghvi awakes and goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a lovely purple shalwar (what Ragini’s wears in the serial in the beginning) she comes out and walks passing Ragini’s room. She enters Ragini’s room and looks it all messy. Ragini is seen sleeping on the bed with all her files scattered around her. Raghvi arranges everything and picks up all papers and arranges them. She takes the dustbin to throw all the crushed papers and she finds a photo half burnt. She picks it up and is shocked to see Laksh’s photo burnt. She remembers all Vaishali’s words and her eyes get welled up.
Ragini : Di
Raghvi throws the papers and hides the photo.
Raghvi : Good morning Laado.
Raghvi stands up and hides the photo nehind.
Ragini again closes her eyes and rests.
Ragini : Di can you get me a coffee?
Raghvi : Okay.
Raghvi leaves hurriedly and is very very shocked to see Laksh’s photo burnt.
Raghvi’s POV
I will have to find out the truth before Ragini does something big. Should I have to speak about this with Sanskaar? No no again he would think bad about Ragini. I will find out it by myself.
Raghvi’s POV ends

She walks to Sumi’s room and finds Sumi reading a book.
Raghvi : Ma shall I make coffee or tea for you.
Sumi smiles.
Sumi : Coffee is fine beta.
Raghvi nods and leaves. She starts making coffee and Vaishali comes and makes her sit.
Vaishali : I will make you sit.
Raghvi : What you told was correct Vaishali.
Vaishali looks at Raghvi.
Vaishali : We have to find out whether it is true or fake.
Raghvi : Will you help me?
Vaishali : Of course.
Vaishali makes the coffe and gives it to Raghvi.
Raghvi : I will give this and come, we have to meet papa (Dp) and know some truth.
Vaishali nods and Raghvi leaves.

The scene shifts to MM, Laksh, Meera and Sanskaar sit to eat while Dp is seen already seated. Ap comes with few dishes and places them on the table and just then the door bell rings.
Meera : I will check.
Meera goes and opens the door and finds Raghvi and Vaishali.
Raghvi : Hello Meera.
Meera : Bhabhi? Why have you come early in the morning?
Raghvi makes a pout face.
Raghvi : Isn’t it my house too?
Meera : I was just joking bhabi. (She pulls Raghvi’s cheek) come in.
Raghvi and Vaishali enters. They come and greets. Sanskaar looks shocked while Laksh’s eyes are searching for Ragini and Vaishali notices.
Vaishali : Ragini didn’t come Laksh, she is having a hearing tomorrow.
Laksh feels embarrassed and smiles. Raghvi comes and takes blessing from AP and DP.
Ap : What made you come beta?
Raghvi : Hope you don’t mistake me ma, she is Vaishali my best friend and we going passing here soI thought of introducing her to Sanskaar.
Ap smiles and shakes her head.
Ap : No problem beta.
Raghvi : I’m sorry for disturbing while eating.
Dp : You also come and join us.
Raghvi : No papa…
Ap interrupts : Haa beta come come
Raghvi : Okay you sit, I will serve.
Ap : No…
Raghvi interrupts : No ma it is fine you sit please.
She makes a cute pleading face and Ap melts for it and sits. Raghvi makes Vaishli sit and she starts serving while Sanskaar looks at her lovingly with smile.
Sanskaar’s POV.
I always wanted to sit and eat with mom, she always served us ut I always wanted someone to serve her and today my to be wife Raghvi…my? yes my she is going to marry me so she is my wife.
Sanskaar’s POV ends.
Raghvi serves Laksh and then moves to Sanskaar and she starts serving while Sanskaar keeps looking at her. They finish eating and everyone goes to the living room. Laksh walks up and Meera sits on the couch.
Raghvi : Vaishali this is Sanskaar and Sanskaar this is Vaishali.
Sanskaar : Hello.
Vaishali : Hi.
Dp : Take your seat. (Vaishali and Raghvi sit) what are you doing beta?
Vaishali : I’m a psychiatrist uncle.
Dp : Ohh that sound really interesting.
Raghvi : Yeah she even does things like hypnotizing.
Meera : Scary.
Vaishali laughs and shakes her head.
Vaishali : I have experience.
Raghvi’s phone rings and she answers it and is shocked.

Screen freezes on Raghvi’s shocked face.


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