Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 13 (RagLak and RagSan)


Hello everyone Dafsi here after a very long time with this ff sorry guys got busy with few works and my other ff which most of you would know and yeah I will be concentrating on this ff and Sasural Swaragini Ka until 1st of August…THere are somethings running in my mind which you will get to know with time so here we go

The episode starts with Ragini standing infront of the mirror. She takes out a picture and looks it and gets teary she kisses the picture and hugs it and tak the lighter and burns the photo and her hand burns too. She drops the photo and runs to the washroom and washes her hand and it turns red.

Scene shifts to MM, Laksh is seen looking at Ragini’s photo just then he hears a knock on the door.
Laksh : Come in.
Dp enters and sits beside Laksh.
Dp : Beta there is property case to handle and the profit is 25% of what they get. I thought you should take ove the case.
Laksh : But dad such big case? What if it slips from hand?
Dp : Money isn’t life Lakah winning and losing is what happens in Law, and you are taking the right side.
Laksh thinks for a while and then nods.
Laksh : I’ll take it over.
Dp : Sleep tight we’ll discuss about it tomorrow. Good night.
Laksh : Good night dad.

The next morning Raghvi is seen getting ready with sky blue and orange anarkali with her hair plaited loosely. She gets in to the car and Ragini comes running.
Ragini : Di di di…
Raghvi turns and looks at Ragini.
Raghvi : Laado calm down.
Ragini breaths heavily.
Ragini : Can you drop me in the office?
Raghvi : What happened to your car?
Ragini : I have sent it to service, why don’t you want to drop your sister?
Ragini makes a pout face.
Raghvi : Ohh nothing like baaba come get in.
Both of them get in.
Ragini : Tomorrow is our Sangeeth and Laksh said that he has surprise.
Raghvi : He is full of surprises.
Ragini : Haa what did Sanskar give you for you birthday?
Raghvi : He told that he will give me today and Ms. Ragini Rao we reached your destination.
Ragini smiles and turns to get to down. Raghvi notices something and looks confused, she takes out her specks and wears it.
Raghvi : Don’t tell me Vaishali has come.
Ragini : Vaishali? Where?
Both Ragini and Raghvi get down. A girl in a black skinny jean with a hot pink kurti with her hair left to a side, walks towards them.
The girl : So how is the surprise chicks?
Ragini : Chick my foot you dumbo we hate you so much.
Ragini marches to her and squeezes her neck while Raghvi comes running and releases her.
Raghvi : Ragini you go in, we don’t have to talk to her.
The girl : Please forgive this Vaishali Khanna for not making it to your engagement but trust me I ran out of tickets and Happy Birthday.

Ragini and Raghvi look at each other and then look at Vaishal’s cute face with a pout and holding her ears. Both of them hug her and three of them share a group hug and they break.
Raghvi : I have to now it is really getting late.
Vaishali : Then let’s meet in the evening
Ragini : Okay, come let’s go.
Raghvi leaves while Ragini and Vaishali enter in to the office, everyone greet them and Ragini enters in to her cabin.
Scene shifts to MM, Sanskaar has got ready and just then Laksh comes getting down. He has worn a black trouser a white shirt with a black tie and a black blazer. He was looking like professional lawyer yet stunning. Laksh sits in the dining table along with others.
Dp : So Laksh I have asked the clients to meet you at 4.00 p.m.
Laksh coughs while drinking and looks at dp while dp looks at him confusingly.
Laksh : But papa I have to go out jaan (He realizes what he just told) I mean Ragini.
Dp : Beta you can go out with her once the meeting is over.
Ap : What is this ji, it is his wedding going on and is this case necessary?
Dp : I didn’t ask him to handle the case now itself, just to speak about it only Ap.
Laksh finishes eating so does Sanskaar and Meera, Ap comes with kheer.
Ap : Laksh Laksh Laksh…(Laksh who was about to leave turns) Ahh what have I done, it inauspicious to call the one who is leaving.(She hits on her head) Here eat this and go.
Laksh smiles and comes.
Laksh : There is nothing inauspicious mom.
Ap : Okay now take care and leave.

Laksh nods and hugs her amd he leaves. He gets in to the car and just then Meera comes running. Sanskaar also comes out.
Meera : Who will drop me today?
She asks pouting her face looking at both Sanskaar and Laksh.
Laksh : Sanskaar will.
Sanskaar : And then you have to pick her.
Laksh : I told you I’m going out with Ragini.
Laksh says it while folding his hand across his chest.
Sanskaar : Okay fine, I will pick her.
Sanskaar get in while Meera looks a bit disappointed at Laksh’s behaviour but doesn’t show it. She gets in to the car while Laksh too gets in to his car and they leave.
Scenes at Rao Law Firm.
Vaishali : Ananya (Ragini’s other name) what you are going to do is sin? I’m really shocked to hear for what you are speaking.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : People too change along with time.
Vaishali : Whatever you do make sure you don’t regret later.
Vaishali in her mind : I know Ragini though you don’t show it to others you are very much affected by your dad’s death, and I will help hou go come over it.
Ragini nods and switches on her laptop and Laksh’s picture appears, he had his shades on woth a blue blazer and was looking handsome. An unknown smile appeared on her face without her knowledge and was noticed by Vaishali. Vaishali stands up and pretends to walk around the cabin and she ends up behind Ragini and looks at the picture and realizes something. Vaishali comes and sits back.
Ragini : What are observing Ms. psychiatrist?
Vaishali : No the location of this cabin is perfect.
Ragini : This is dad’s selection and obviously it would be good.
Ragini gets a call and she attends it. She hangs after a while.
Vaishali : A meeting?
Ragini : Haa a new case.
Vaishali : I will manage alone.

Ragini nods and leaves out carrying some files.
Sanskaar leaves Meera and goes while Meera enters and finds Arnav talking with a girl she feels a slight pain in her heart for some reason, a reason which she herself doesn’t know. Meera walks to Aarnav.
Meera : Hello Aarnav.
Aarnav : Ohh Hi.
The girl looks on.
The girl : Meera right college secretary.
Meera nods.
Aarnav : Meera you are super famouse throughout the college.
Meera feels proud and happy she just gave a broad smile.
Meera : When bhabhi’s are very much famous in the city can’t I at least be famous in my college?
Aditya : Please don’t start your bhabhi’s talks, btw Payal I’m leaving and yeah we will talk regarding it later and Ms. Bakbak meet you also later.
Meera grits her teeth and gives a cold smile.
Payal : I heard that you usually don’t speak with boys.
Meera : Voh… Aarnav is someone who I know very well so I trust him and speak to him.
Payal : Ohh okay then meet you again. Bye
Meera : Bye.

It is evening scene at Maheshwari Law firm, Laksh is seen speaking with the clients and they finish their meeting. Laksh rushes out and gets it in to his car on the other hand Sanskaar is waiting for Raghvi. She comes out and Sanskaar gets lost in her beauty, she was busy searching something in her bag and tucking her hair behind her ear which had come out of her plait. She comes and stands in front of Sanskaar and gives a confused look while Sanskaar is still stairing at her. She takes out her car key and Sumi comes out she gives it Sumi while Sumi looks at Sanskaar confusingly as he is just stairing at Raghvi. Raghvi hits him with her elbow and he comes back to his sense, he greets Sumi and takes blessing.
Sumi : How are you beta?
Sanskaar : I’m fine ma, how are you?
Sumi : Doing good.
Raghvi : Shall we leave?
Sanskaar nods and Raghvi opens the back door after Sumi leaves.
Sanskaar : Raghvi (She looks at Sanskaar who was in the other side) Sit in front.
Raghvi looked at Sanskaar surprisingly and was feeling very happy and she herself didn’t know the reason. Raghvi nodded and sat, Sanskaar also got in.
Sanskaar : We will be picking Meera and I don’t want her to feel bad for us as she loves you and Ragini alot.
Raghvi just felt a slight pain in her heart but also the respect which he lost gained a bit. She just smiles and nodded her head. They reached Meera’s college while Meera was standing with her friends Sawitha and Aditi. Meera walks to the car along with her friends. Meera taps the window and Sanskaar opens the shutter and looks at Meera grinning at him.
Meera : Ask bhabhi to come out, I have to introduce her to my friends.
Sanskaar rolls up his eyes and turns to Raghvi.
Sanskaar : She wants to inroduce you to her friends.
Raghvi nods and gets down the car while Sawitha and Aditi drop their jaw to the ground.
Aditi : This is Lucky bhai’s fiance right??
Meera laughs while Raghvi smiles back.
Raghvi : No it is my sister Ragini and I’m Raghvi her di.
She forwards her hand. Anyone could differentiate Ragini and Raghvi though they were identical twins. Raghvi was always gentle, soft, lovely, and innocent and had a calm face while Ragini was always strong, tough, stunning and forwards and had a determined face.
Aditi : Won’t your husbands get confused with you both?
Meera hits Aditi with her elbow while Raghvi laughs.
Raghvi : No they wouldn’t as we and our husbands are connected by hearts (She smiles) and even there are hundreds of lookalike they would easily find us.
Meera proudly looks at Raghvi, until now she has only seen Ragini talking and acting smartly and now she is very much proud about her other bhabhi too.
Sawitha : Very true, love doesn’t care about the appearance.
Sanskaar walks to them.
Sanskaar : Shall we leave it is getting late?
Raghvi : Okay then hoping to meet you again. Bye.
Sawitha and Aditi : Bye bhabhi.
Meera and Raghvi along with Sanskaar go to the car. Sanskaar sits in front and Raghvi sits beside him and Meera in behind.
Raghvi : Meera how is your studies going on?
Meera : Really well bhabhi.
Sanskaar reaches the mall and gets down.

Scenes shifts to Rao law firm, Vaishali and Ragini come down rushing to the parking lot. Laksh is seen in standing leaning to his car with his shades on.
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh for getting late.
Laksh : It’s okay angel.
His eyes moves towards Vaishali.
Ragini : Ahh Laksh this is Vaishali, my best friend.
Laksh : Hello
He forwards his hand and Vaishali looks at Ragini nervously and then the forwards her hand and they shake their hand.
Vaishali : Hello.
Ragini : Shall we leave?
Vaishali : You guys go, I will go home Ananya.
Laksh : Ananya?
Ragini : It is my second name, when we lived in Hyderabad we used this name.
Laksh : It is really nice, you never told me.
Ragini smiles and gets in to the car while Laksh also gets in.
Ragini : We will drop you.
Laksh : Haa, come and get in.
Vaishali nods and gets in.

Meera and Raghvi are seen seated in a food shop while Sanskaar comes there with a box and hands over it Raghvi. Raghvi is a bit surprised as she was only told that she is going out with Meera. Sanskaar smiles and sits.
Sanskaar : Open it.
Raghvi nods and opens while Meera is looking on. She opens it and finds a silver watch with one strap in ‘Rag’ shape and the other strap is ‘San’ shape. It was indeed a pretty watch; Ragini was over whelmed with this lovely gift. Though he loves her or not but still he made her feel special. Meera dropped her jaw down in shock.
Meera : Bhai is it you? Did you order this?
Sanskaar : Yes for my beautiful to be wife.
He said while looking at Raghvi and Raghvi looked back at her confusingly. Did he really mean it or were they only words? She was confused, Sanskaar takes the watch and makes her wear it.
Meera : Bhabhi you did’t even comment on it.
Raghvi : I’m out of words (She gets teary) It is really a lovely watch. Thank you
Sanskaar : Make sure you work punctually after wearing this watch.
He sounded a bit rude but as he maintained to say it with a smile Meera wouldn’t figure out his rudeness.

Scene shifts to a dark room where Ragini’s eyes are covered and Laksh is holding her hand. He unties the cloth on her eye and she looks around and doesn’t find anything but everything dark. Laksh claps and the lights come on and Ragini’s eyes get widened. It is a room filled with all Ragini’s and Shekhar’s photos and in the middle a huge frame of hers and Shekhar’s photo. Ragini walks towards the photo and caresses it and tears roll down. THere was cake where it is written ‘Happy birthday Princess’. Ragini looks at Laksh lovingly while Laksh gives a broad smile (RagSanians hold on Sanskaar will also do things like this but no so soon). Laksh walks to her and hugs her from the behind.
Laksh : I want to celebrate your birthday with you two special men, one me and your dad. (He chuckles) I myself am calling me special for you.
Ragini turns to him and holds his cheek and the other hand is on his chest tears were rolling down her cheek and she smiles through them.
Ragini whispers : You are my special person.
Laksh wipes her tears and pecks her forehead. He makes her turn to the cake and gives her the knife. She cuts the cake blowing the candles and she feeds Laksh and Laksh feed her back. He switches on the music player and takes her to the balcony where the sun was setting through the beach. They were lost in each other’s eyes and they danced intensely to the song. (Think of any romantic son) Ragini rests her head on Laksh’s chest while Laksh hugs her. They get lost in each other’s embrace. It starts to rain and Laksh tries to break the hug but Ragini isn’t letting him.
Ragini : Just a few minutes like this.
Laksh : You will fall a sick.
Ragini : I have you to look after me.
Laksh smiles while Ragini adjusts her head properly and tightens her grip, tears were rolling down but were not visible to Laksh as the rain drops were rolling down her face too. Laksh breaks the hug and looks at Ragini while Ragini looks at him back and they share and intense eyelock. Laksh cups her face and touches her wet lips and the holds her cheek while Ragini blushes. Laksh slowly leans to her and kissed on her lips where it turned out to be a passionate one, Laksh’s one hand was on her cheek and the other one around her waist while Ragini’s one hand behind his neck and the other on was on his chest. She closed her eyes and she remembers someone telling “He was reason for your father’s death kill his son and he will suffer just the way you are suffering” she breaks the kiss pushing Laksh and turns leaving Laksh shocked.
Laksh : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini composes herself and realizes what she did, she turns and looks at Laksh tensely.
Ragini : Yeah Laksh I’m sorry…
Laksh interrupts : No it is fine, I shouldn’t have done it. Sorry Ragini (He goes in) Shall we leave?
Ragini senses Laksh is upset so she walks to him and holds his hand.
Ragini : You do have right on me Laksh.
Laksh looks at confusingly while Ragini walks closer to him and wraps her hand around him and gives a naughty smile.

Scene shifts to GM, where everyone is tensed for Ragini. Sanskaar comes there and Raghvi rushes to him.
Raghvi : Ragini is missing from the evening.
Raghvi is crying while Sanskaar is not able to tolerate her tears. He holds her face and wipes her tears,
Sanskaar : She must be with Laksh, look it is raining heavily and they might not able to contact us. Stop worrying, she is with safest person on the earth.
Raghvi hugs him and he hugs her back and caresses her hair, she buries her face in his chest and sobs..

Screen freezes on RagSan’s and RagLak’s faces.


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