Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 12 (RagLak and RagSan)


Hello everyone Dasi here with another episode of my ff and yeah I know Im late please forgive me…And here we go

Part 12

The episode starts with Ragini and Raghvi serving food.
Sumi : Beta once listen to me how long am I asking sorry from you both?
Ragini and Raghvi doesn’t speak but keeps eating like deaf.
Aarnav : Come on Shona and Laado, Mom is aking sorry right, why don’t you firgive her?
Ragini : You shut your mouth, you have no idea what we went through. Both of us were looking like orphan’s. How many people came asking where are parents. How would it have felt?
Raghvi : It is fine Laado, past let it be in past. Let’s forgive mom.
Sumi comes near them and both of them get up. Ragini turns to leave but Raghvi hold her wrist and stops her.
Raghvi : Laado…
Sumi : I’m so…
Ragini hugs ger tightly.
Ragini : You never put us down after dad’s death this was the first time you missed and imporant event and there should be a strong reason behind it. I find that you are hiding something from us.
Raghvi : Laado…
Ragini and Sumi break the hug.
Sumi : Are you mad? Why will I hide anything from you?
Ragini : Promise…
Just then her phone rings and she gets panicked. Ragini takes the phone and runs up. Raghvi and Sumi looks at each other.

Scene shifts to MM Laksh comes to Sanskaar’s roon and finds him busy on laptop and on the other hands he is speaking through phone.
Sanskaar : Then you check and let me know Raghvi, I’m tired of searching.
Raghvi : It is not tired Sabskaar it is lazy.
Sanskaar : Don’t forget that I’m a busy man.
Raghvi : Whatever. I’m sleepy good night find a good package khadoos.
Raghvi hangs up. A smile appear on Sanskaar’s face without his knowledge. Laksh notices it and smiles.
Sanskaar : Khadoos (He says just the way Raghvi said)
Sanskaar laughs and Laksh also laughs. Sanskaar comes to his sense.
Sanskaar : Hey Lucky, when did you come?
Laksh : Ohh Sanskaar don’t worry I missed your lovey dovey parts.
Sanskaar : Chup Lucky. Btw why did you come?
Laksh : I will tell but you tell me what were you both searching for?
Sanskaar : Ahh…voh nothing
Laksh makesvhis eye small and smiles.
Laksh : Ok ok you don’t have to say it to me. Btw what have you planned for tomorrow?
Sanskaar : What is there tomorrow?
Laksh opens his eyes wide openn
Laksh : Don’t you know?
Sanskaar shakes his head.

Ragini cuts call and smirks.
Ragini : Everything will be just the way I wanted.
A voice : What will be the way you want?
Ragini gets shocked and turns.
Ragini : Aarnav?
Aarnav : Haa me, btw what did you want?
Ragini : Nothing a small surprise for Laksh.
Aarnav : Ohh ok. I thought of going out to get some fresh air. Why don’t you join us?
Ragini : Us? Who is the other one.
Raghvi enters.
Raghvi : I’m going.
Ragini : Di are you serious?
Raghvi :Yup I just felt suffocating so thought of joining Aarnav.
Aarnav : So shall we go?
Ragini : I’m ready so Let’s go.

Ragini, Raghvi and Aarnav were walking in the empty road. It was windy and cool. They end up near a park and suddenly all the lights go off. Raghvi holds Ragini’s hand and Ragini tries to Aarnav’s hand Aarnav goes missing. Both of them walk back and back and end up standing under a tree it was pitch dark. Suddenly the lights get on and both of them see a beautifully decorated park. Ragini and Raghvi look at each other and the suddenly they see cracker cracking “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Ragini and Raghvi a dumbstruck. Some one comes and hug Ragini from behind and places the chin on her shoulder.
Ragini : Laksh…
It was so good for him to hear his name from Ragini’s mouth. Laksh tighten his grip.
Laksh : Did you like it?
Ragini : I love it.

Raghvi was looking at them and suddenly a hand drags her to a side hug. She gets shocked and looks who is it.
Raghvi : Sanskaar.
Sanskaar leans to her ear and Raghvi shiver a bit when his hot breath was touching her neck.
Sanskaar : For my brother I will have to pretend as if I have fallen in love with you Ms. Behanji.
Raghvi was broken deep down but she just fumed and rested her head on his chest.
Sanskaar : How was the surprise? (He says it bitterly)
Raghvi : Love it. (She smiles fakely)

Ragini and Raghvi then look at each other and release their grip from their respective partners and hug each other in to a bone crushing hug.
Ragini and Raghvi : Happy Birthday.
Raghvi : Thank you for being my sister.
Ragini : Thank you for being my best friend.
Sanskaar and Laksh look at them and smile. They break the hug and looks at Sanskaar and Laksh.
Two voices : Happy Birthday
Ragini and Raghvi turn and find Aarnav and Meera holding a cake.
Ragini : All of you together plan.
Meera :Yup but tge admin was your to be husband Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini gets teary and looks at Laksh and Laksh smiles and bends his head down.
Ragini in her mind : Am I doing right? No Ragini you can’t break down you have to be strong.
Raghvi : How come you got with them Aarnav?

It goes to Flashback.
Laksh : Sanskar it is Ragini’s and Raghvi’ s birthday tomorrow.
Sanskaar : Is it so?
Laksh : What do you mean by is it so?
Meera enters the toom with a cake in her hand.
Meera : I got the cake you want LB.
Laksh : Good, get fresh and change.
Meera : Am I also joining both of you?
Sanskaar : What I’m not coming anywhere?
Laksh :Why have you planned something personla for her?
Sanskaar : Nothing like that but what are we going to do? we don’t have any plan.
Laksh : I have planned everything Aarnav will bring them to the park.
Sanskaar : Who will decorate the park?
Laksh : I already did it.
Sanskaar feels bad as Laksh did everything to both of them. He felt as if he is going to ruin a girls life.

Sanskaar’s POV
Laksh has already planned everything and I’m very sure he wouldn’t have ruined anything. Am I even suppose to get married? What kind of husband will I be? Will I be able to keep Raghvi happy? Wait why am I thinking too much. Sanskaar you are just going to get married to her for your brother so stop worrying
Sanskaar’s POV ends

Sanskaar’s thoughts were broken by Meera’s squeeky voice.
Meera : What are you thinking bhai?
Sanskaar : Aah…voh…nnnn nothing.
Meera and Laksh gives a confused look.
Laksh : Then tell me what were we speaking?
Sanskaar thinks what they told but realizes that he was lost in thoughts.
Sanskaar : I was thinking that I didn’t help you all in anyway and how can I just come and wish her.
Meera : You can pay me for the cake.
Laksh : Meera… Sanskaar don’t worry…
Sanskaar interrupts him : No I will pay that will be my share for Raghvi’s birthday.
Laksh and Meera control their laugh as Sanskaar has never thought about a girl and it is funny for them to see their brother caring so much for someone.
Sanskaar : What are you both looking at me like this?
Laksh : Okay you pay.
Meera : I wilk speak with Aarnav.
Laksh and Sanskaar loojs at Meera with their shrinked eyes.
Sanskaar : How did you get his number?
Laksh : From when are you both friends?
Meera : Ahh..voh bhai he is my college mate and also that day when we were pranking on you I got it. Stop doubting me both of you.
Meera turns away folding her arms crossed and making a pout face. Sanskaar and Laksh laughs looking at her.

Flashback ends.

They finish cutting cake. Laksh drags Ragini to a side.
Laksh : This is for my princess.
He takes out a silver chain where RagLak is printed.
Ragini :It is beautiful.
Laksh makes her wear it while Ragini blushes. Laksh hugs her from behind.
Laksh : Thank you fo coming in to my life.
Ragini : I only have to thank you for making my life happy.

Meera : So bhai give your gift to bhabhi.
Sanskaar : I will give her in the morningn
Meera : Okay okay bhabhi send me picture of bhai’s gift okay?
Raghvi nods and looks at Sanskaar. Both of thek share a intense yet painful eyelock while Raginivand Laksh are see lost in their hug.

Screen freezes on their faces


Kajal Sahil Awasthi – Akanksha Chamola
Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan
Meera Maheshwari – Helly Shah
Ragini and Raghvi – Tejaswi Prakash

Thanks alot for your continous support do comment on the story line and yeah I wilk be posting this on alternative days Im sorry but Im abit busy and surely gonna end up this in another 8 chapters…keep reading and keep supporting

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