Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 11 (RagLak and RagSan)


HELLO Dafsi here with another update of this ff…Thanks for you previous comments..And yea every saturdays I have planned to upload this so expect rhis at anytime and yeah I’m ending this very soon..Don’t woory I’ll come up with a new story 🙂 Please do comment on how you feel about this story line

Ragini aur Raghvi Episode 11

The episode starts with Laksh is standing in a car park.
Laksh : Hello Rago where are you?
Ragini : Turn.
Laksh turns and finds Ragini. She has worn an apple green anarkali shalwar with simple white design. Laksh gets mesmerized seeing Ragini. He hangs up and comes towrds her. The culrs she hs left with fringe was flying.
Laksh :You look amazing I mean you look beautiful and cute also lovely and…
Ragini just bites her upper lip and gives a wide smile.
Ragini : And…
Laksh : Out of words.
Ragini : You are handsome too Advocate Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh : Not yet to be Advocate Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari, there is an hour more.
Ragini : Just an hour more, come let’s go in.
The convocation ends. Ragini drags Laksh to her car and makes him sit.
Ragini : I have a surprise for you.
Laksh : Surprise?
Ragini : Haa, but not here we have to go somewhere.
Laksh : I’m ready to go anywhere with you.
Ragini starts driving.

Scene shifts to RM.
Nandhani : For how long are we going to hide it? That we could just make an excuse telling we got caught in traffic.
Sumi : Until their wedding happenes I don’t want you to reveal it.
Just then Aarnav enters and Sumi stops talking.
Aarnav: I already know it mom (Sumi) and you don’t have to worry Ragini or Raghviw will not get to know.

Scene shifts to Sanskaar who visits Raghvi out of the school.
Sanskaar : Why had you call me here?
Raghvi : I want you to do me a help.
Sanskaar : What?
Raghvi :Unlike us Ragini and Laksh love each other, so I thought gifting them something along with you.
Sanskaar : Ohh even can you come up with good ideas?
Raghvi : It is not time to joke, we have only five days more.

A man is show seated in a rocking chair. His face is not revealed.
The man : Everything is going just according to what I wanted. I’m sorry Shekhar, I never thought you death would be becuase of your kindness.

Scene shifts to RagLak, both of them reach a hilly place.
Laksh : Why have you brought me here?
Ragini screams telling Laksh’s name and then it echoes. Laksh smiles and screams Ragini’s name. Both of them look at each other and nod and both of them scream each others name and it echoes together.
Lalsh :It is really nice to hear my name with yours.
Laksh takes a deep breath and goes forward and feels the hair. Just then he feels something is wrong and turns.

Screen shifts to RagSan.
Sanskaar : So what have you decided? I know it wpuld be the stupidest gift ever.
Raghvi : Then fine you give yours and I will give mine.
Sanskaar : No it would hurt Laksh come on tell me what have you decided?
Raghvi looks down and then looks at Sabskaar’s eyes. Both of them share and intense eyelock. Raghvi breaks it and sighs.
Raghvi : A honeymoon package to Maldives.
Sanskaar raises on of his eyes brows and nods his head.
Sanskaar : Not bad behanji.
Raghvi : What did you call me as?
Sanskaar : Ah..woh..toh…nothing. Anyways good idea. Don’t worry I will ready it.
Raghvi : Okay khadoos.
Sanskaar : Khadoos?
Raghvi : Haa if you can call me behanji why can’t I call you khadoos?
Sanskaar : Your ears are sharp.
Raghvi : Me being a music teacher should surely have a sharo eat blbtw I don’t have time to fight with you I’m leaving bye.
Sanskaar : No one asked you to so bye.
Both of them turn and leave without looking back. Raghvi gets in to her car. .
Raghvi : Behanji (Raghvi immitates Sanskaar)
Sanskaar also gets in to his car.
Sanskaar : Khadoos (Sanskaar immitates Raghvi)
Without their knowledge a small smile appear on their lips.

Scene shifts to RagLak. Laksh turns and finds Raghni kneeling down.
Ragini : Will you make this Ms. Ragini Ananya Rao to Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari? I know our our engagement is over but still I have not officially asked you hand in marraige. You have made so many promises but I always remained quiet. Now I would like to make you some sole promises by my heart before that will you accept me just the way I am?
Ragini asks it widing her hands and raising her eyesbrow while Laksh gets teary.
Ragini : Make it fast baaba my knee…
Before she could complete Laksh carries her in a bridal way.
Laksh : You will always be my princess, so you are not suppose to kneel down infront of me and yeah I do accept amd you don’t have to promise me anything ask my happiness lies over yours.
Ragini looks at him lovingly. He hugs him and he closes he eyes and lets his tears fall. There is dark smirk on Ragini’s face.

Screen freezes on the hapoy face of Raghvi and Smirking face of Ragini.


I know it is very short update next week there would be a quiet ling one soo keep reading and supporting the only thing you have to do is read and the comment..Thanks alot for silent reader and all the reader for sparing free time for me 🙂

Keep reading and yeah here are some guesses…
What is secret behind Ragini’s smirk?
Who is that man?
What is wrong with Sumi?
Is Shekhar’ death is murder or an accident?
Will RagSan fall in love?
And so on keep guessing and commenting and yeah Im sorry I ‘ll be not changing the atory so please don’t ask me to change the track…

please comment 🙂 😉

Credit to: Dafsi

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