Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 10 (RagLak and RagSan)

Hello everyone Dafsi here with another epsode so I want you all to say until now how the story line is it good or bad as I have complited 10 episodes so here we go….

Ragini aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 10

The episode starts with Ragini and Raghvi sitting on the bed.
Ragini : Di can you hear something?
Raghvi : No..What can you hear?

Laksh : Come let’s go and see. I’m getting tensed Sanskaar why did they have to messege in this mid night.
Sanskaar : I don’t know Lucky anyway we’ll go.
Laksh climbs, while climbing his leg sprains and goes to fall. Sanskaar goes to hold him and gets pierced with a nail. Sanskaar hisses with pain.
Sanskaar : Are you okay Lucky?
Laksh : Ouch my leg.
Both of them comes up and knocks Raghvi’s room no one opens. This makes both of them more tensed. Then Laksh goes to Ragini’s room and hear them laughing. Laksh opens it and finds Ragini and Raghvi laughing.
Raghvi : Laksh…
Ragini : Laksh what are you doing here?
Sanskaar enters
Laksh : I and Sanskaar got a messege tellling that both of you wanted meet us.
Raghvi : Arey dewar don’t make excuses to meet your to be biwi.
Laksh : No Raghvi we got a messege.
Ragini : We didn’t send and we don’t have any reason to send.
Laksh : Come on Ragini I don’t want a fake reason meet you
Laksh is unable to stand as his leg is sprained. Sanskaar notices this.
Sanskaar : Theb if it is not you both who would have sent?
Ragini : If you ask us?
Sanskaar : It must be one of you.
Ragini : Sanskaar we don’t have reason to meet you at this night. Laksh tell the truth, did you really get a text.
Laksh : Yeah we got.
Sanskaar : Maybe your stupid di did this.
Ragini : Stupid? What do you mean by stupid?
Sanskaar : Maybe she wanted to check if Lucky really loves you or not.
Raghvi looks at Sanskaar and Laksh with teary eyes while Ragini is shocked.
Ragini : Even if she wanted to check why should she text you?
Sanskaar : So that she won’t get caught.
Laksh : What are you speaking Sanskaar?
Sanskaar holds Raghvi’s shouldger and looks directly in to her eyes. Raghvi cries with pain
Sanskaar : My brother loves your sister and his love is true, will you choose such a cheap way to test it? What if something happens to my Lucky while driving? His leg got sprained as he ran up in hurry what if something big happens?
Laksh : Sanskaar leave her.
Laksh pulls Sanskaar away while Ragini comes in between Raghvi and Sanskaar and looks at Sanskaar with full rage.
Ragini : She didn’t do it and I know it very well how can you accuse for lies?
Sanskaar : She is a psyco who is so concious about you so she would do anything like this.
Ragini gives a tight slap on Sanskaar’s cheek. She points her index finger to Sanskaar.
Raghvi and Laksh : Ragini.
Ragini take Raghvi’s hand and keeps on her head.
Ragini : Di tell the truth did you do it or not?
Sanskaar : What if it if she lies?
Ragini : There is nothing called lie in our blood
Two voices : It is we who did it.
Ragini, Raghvi, Laksh and Sanskaar turns to the door.
Raghvi and Ragini : Aarnav?
Sanskaar and Laksh : Meera?
Meera : I only told that let’s prank on you all.
Aarnav : I’m the one who messeged you two through their phone.
Laksh comes and gives a tight slap on Meera’s cheek but Aarnav comes in middle and gets slapped.
Laksh : Do you know what you did was not a funny thing?
Laksh is having tears. He walks out in anger while Ragini runs behind him. Ragini hold Laksh’s wrist and drags Laksh to Raghvi’s room and locks it. Ragini turns and hugs Laksh tightly and Laksh hugs her back. Laksh tighten his grip there is no space in between it was so intense and lovely hug. Ragini is having tears while Laksh has hid his face in her shoulder.
Laksh : I was so scared whether you will take a wrong decision for the way Sanskaar behaved. I knew Raghvi will never do somehing like this.
Ragini break the hug.
Ragini : Laksh I would have really taken something like what you think for sure. I would have broke our marraige.
Laksh : I would die…
Before he could complete Ragini closes his mouth with her finger and shakes her head slowly still Laksh’s hands around Ragini’s waist. Both of them have a cute eye lock. They slowly get close to have a lip lock. Laksh’s and Ragini’s eyes’s are locked. Laksh bends to her lip they were only millimeter away and could feel the breath. Laksh almost comes near and then moves back. Ragini looks at Laksh confusingly.
Laksh : I want to save it for my speacial night.
Ragini blushes and hugs him

Screen shifts to Ragini’s room.
Aarnav : I thin let’s leave them alone.
Meera : Hmm
Both of them leave. Raghvi is crying continously. Sanskaar is frustrated.
Sanskaar : Raghvi there is no point of crying.
Raghvi is not answering.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry I shouldn’t have spoke like that.
Raghvi : Sorry won’t fix the broken parts. If Aarnav didn’t come I would have promised on my Laado and her relationship would have been broken.
Sanskaar : Now they woukd have probably know that we are not meant to marry.

Scene shifts to Raghvi’s room.
Laksh : Baby my leg is paining shall we sit?
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : What happened?
Laksh : Nothing just a sprain.
Ragini makes Laksh sit and brings the first aid box. Ragini gets teary she sprays the pain killer and bandaiges it.
Laksh : Uffo I thought you are really strong, but look at you crying for such a small matter.
Ragini : Can’t you look and walk properly?
Laksh holds her from her shoulder and makes her sit near him. She rest her head on his shoulder.
Laksh : Mmm feels better. By the way jaan are you thinking the same thing what I’m thinking?
Ragini : Mm, is it about di and Sanskaar.
Laksh : Exactly, do you think that they really want to get married?
Ragini : Even I’m thinking the same thing.
Laksh : But I know one thing that Sanskaar has feelings for Raghvi if not he wouldn’t have come here with me.
Ragini : Hope they get along very well.
Laksh : It was all like a dream, I felt as if my heart beat stopped when you asked her to promise.
Ragini : You know me better than me, Did you think that it will be easy for me to leave you?
Laksh : It is not easy but in anger if you would have uttered that.
Ragini : Btw I saw another face of yours.
Laksh looks at her confusingly.
Ragini : The face I was waiting to watch.
Laksh : Anger…
Ragini : And see you didn’t break anything. I’m so happy that my hugs could control your anger.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Then I’m often gonna get angry.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : I love you so much. (Laksh closes his eyes tightly)
Ragini : I love you too. (She tightens her grip)

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room.
Raghvi : I already told you that I would go for any extent for her happiness even if its marrying a monster like you.
Sanskaar : Don’t dare to call me a monster you devil.
Raghvi stands up from the bed.
Raghvi : Devil? (She sighs) Such a jerk you are.
Sanskaar : Look how my fate is playing with me?
Raghvi : Don’t forget that you have to marry me whole heartly.
Sanskaar : I’m ready.
Raghvi : You have to make a promise.
Sanskaar : Now what?
Raghvi : You can hurt me, insult me or do whatever you want only when I and you are alone. If someone is around us you have to be good with me. Same with me.
Sanskaar thinks for a while. He suddenly smiles evily. and walks towards Raghvi. Raghvi get scared and moves behind and she stumbles and fall. Sanskaar holds her and they share a cute eye lock. Sanskaar makes Raghvi stand and again walks towards her. Raghvi hits her back on wall. Sanskaar comes and pins her. He bends and looks at her tensed eyes.
Sanskaar whispers : Can I do whatever I want when we al alone?
Ragini gives a scary yet a disgusting look.
Scene shifts to Aarnav and Meera. Meera is crying looking out of the window.
Aarnav : It is both of our fault.
Meera : Are you a big hero? Who asked you to come in the middle and get slapped? They are my brothers and they have all the right to slap me.
Aarnav : I was your partner in crime. (He touches his cheek) But it was a strong slap you bhai is realky strong.
Meera smiles looking at hime through her teary eyes.
Meera : When Laksh bhai gets angry it is really hard to control him. I don’t know what bhabhi did, don’t know what bhai broke.
Aarnav : He gets so angry?
Meera : He doesn’t get angry but if he gets over. Anyways I’m sorry.
Aarnav : You don’t have to be.

Scene shifts to Ragini’s room.
Sanskaar whispers : ANYTHING?
Sanskaar laughs abit evily. While Raghvi shiver when his breath touches her cheek. Sanskaar leans to her ears
Snaksaar : I promise you to you condition. (Raghvi looks at his with her corner of her eyes) and also I will promise you that I will never touch you with or without your permision.
Sanskaar moves back while Raghvi sighs in relief.
Raghvi : You will never get permision so stop worrying.
Sanskaar looks at Raghvi while Raghvi gives a stern look.
They hear a knock. Raghvi opens the door and finds Ragini and Laksh.
Raghvi : We have cleared all the misunderstandings.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry Ragini I spoke too much.
Ragini :Even I’m sorry I spoke too much
Ragini hugs Raghvi in happy.
Sanskaar : I promise you that your sister will be happy in my hands, every problem of hers have to face me before her.
Raghvi looks at Sanskaar confusingly. Sanskaar smirks Ragini doesn’t notice as her back is facing Sanskaar. Laksh also goes and hugs Sanskaar. Both the sibilings break the hug.
Sanskaar : What did you break this time?
Laksh : I broke her bones.
Ragini hits him with her elbows.
Meera and Aarnav too comes. Aarnav fold his hand.
Aarnav : I’m sorry for all the trouble.
Sanskaar : It is fine btw how was the slap?
Arrnav touches his cheek and looks at Laksh. Laksh smiles and goes near him.
Laksh : Thanks for saving my sis, she would’t have probably beared it.
Meera : I’m sorry bhai.
Laksh hugs her tightly and gives a kiss on her head.
They break the hug.
Meera : What did you break?
Laksh : Nothing, you babhi know what to do in a time like that so I didn’t break anything.
Meera and Sanskaar : Ohhh found a medicine.
Aarnav : I never thought this prank would be a reason to break up two marraiges.
Raghvi : Forget everything past is past.
Sanakaar and Raghvi shares an evil eyelock while Ragini and Laksh looks at each other and they share an intense eye lock. Meera and Aarnav a cute eye lock

Next day Sanskaar is seen wearing a orange sharwani. Laksh is seen wearing a maroon sharwani.He fixes his hair. Sanskaar comes and knocks Laskh’s room door.
Laksh : Come in.
Sanskaar enters.
Sanskaar : Ohh Lucky you are looking handsome.
Laksh : You are not less bro.
Sanskaar : We never thought our marraige would happen together like this.
Laksh : You wouldn’t even have thought about marraige.
Sanskaar comes and holds Laksh face.
Sanskaar : You know when I was so happy, the day you called my name. I was three and you were two. You never called my name properly as it was very hard for you. But when you called I was so happy. You know when I felt the happiness again. When you were the school topper and you introduced your self as my brother. You are a blessing for me Laksh. You always think about my happiness before yours, even if I’m elder you always compromized for me. You promised papa that you would become a lawyer and let me do what I wanted. You are the only reason for my happiness and today Im happy again to see you haooy amd getting married along with my solemate.
Laksh hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar hugs Laksh back. Both of them are having tears. Meera enters, she has worn a green and pink half saree.
Meera : What you both are doing is not fair.
Sanskaar and Laksh break the hug.
Laksh : What did we do?
Meera : Having a sibling hug without me.
Sanskaar and Laksh smiles and stretches their hands. Meera hugs both of them tightly. They break the hug.
Meera : Mom asked you both to come down as your brides have come.
Laksh and Sanskaar nods. They come down and sees Ragini and Raghvi are standing with Ap. Laksh couldn’t move his eyes from Ragini. She is wearing blood red choli(Like what Deepika Padukon wears in Deewani Mastani song). Ragini winks at him and askes how do I look from her eyes. Laksh says ‘beautiful’ from his mouth without noice coming out. Sanskaar looks at Raghvi and gets awestruck. She has worn a peach one of the same dress what Ragini is wearing.
Ap : Beta your maamu called, he asked to exchange the rings as they are stucked in traffic and will get late.
Laksh : No mom let’s wait until they come.
Dp : But guests won’t wait.
Sanskaar : It doesn’t matter dad, Mom (Sumi) is an important person who should be there with Ragini and Raghvi.
Ap : But it is getting late. Auspicious time is also nearing.
Raghvi : Mom would never like to delay events so I think we must exchange rings.
Ragini : Haa, she would probably get angry if we delay.
Dp : Yeah, Laksh and Sanskaar they are right.
Ap : Go and stand near them, Kajal beta give the rings to Raghvi and Ragini.
Kajal : Ji aunty ji.
Kajal gives the rings to Raghvi and Ragini while Ap gives rhe rings to Laksh and Sanskaar. Laksh looks at Ragini and they share an intense eyelock. Laksh makes Ragini wear the ring both of them remember their first meeting (Colliding with each other) and then then Laksh proposing in terrace, Ragini accepting on the day resutls are out, and Ragin and Laksh hugging after knowing their parents have officially fixed their marriage, then scene at Laksh’s office (Ragini ceying remembering her dad), then matching their kundils, then going out to eat ice cream, then scene in the ground after having coffee in GM and at last them hugging in Raghvi’s room and going to kiss. (Mareez e ishq plays as back ground music) Both of them smile. Ragini also make Laksh wear the ring. Laksh hold her hand tightly.
Sanskaar makes Raghbi wear the ring and both of them share and painful eyelock. Both of them remember their first meeting (Car accident), then Sanskaar carrying her ti MM, then both of them getting locked in the store room, thne Sanskaar and Raghvi accepting to marry, the shopping scene wear Sanskaar is making her wear the pallu, and then both of them accepting that then don’t want to te get married and then Sanskaad pinning Raghvi to the wall and getting close and at last remembers the words they spoke at last (While Sanskaar hugging Laksh and Raghvi hugging Ragini)

Screen freezes on their eyelock.


Sahil Mihir Awasthi – Tarun Singh
Aarnav Mihir Awasthi – Shakthi Arora
Nandini Mihir Awasthi – Simone Singh
Mihir Vikram Awasthi – Ayub Khan
Meera Maheshwari – Helly Shah
Ragini and Raghvi – Tejaswi Prakash

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