ragini is angel but swara is beast (Part 2)


recap-ruhi knows the truth
sanskar standing near a park which name sangini park
sanskar-u loved with park very much so i purchased for u that was beautiful day of life when i proposed u
ragini in red anarkali suit and sanky in pink coat and white tshirt and black jeans
ragini-where are u taking me sanskar
sanskar-u dont trust me
ragini-more than myself

sanskar know see ragini became happy and start running in the park which is decorated beautifully with her photo
ragini-wao sanskar ji i love it…turn to see sanky he was sitting on his knee with a beautiful uncut daimond ring
sanskar-ragini i dont want my son to flirt with your daughter so that we can make them brother sister …..will u marry me
ragini-teary eye yes
sanskar-hye ragini i hate tears reh
ragini-shut up kiss me
sanskar-haii so fast

ragini-come on hug me and kiss me
sanskar-madam u are so fast in this speed we became parents before marriage
ragini-okay forget it i will ask from sahil
rags apart but sanky hold waist pull her toward him his eyes were burning in anger he kiss her wildly aftersome time
sanky-dont dare to take his name i hate him he always behind u and u also didnt say anything to him….next tym i see him with u i will break his bones
ragini-laugh arhey buddhu he is my cousin bro u we only plan this to make u jealous so that u may propose me

sanky-what u naughty chudel
ragini come close to sanky and kiss him then break the kiss
sanky-usually girl say to boys shameless but in my case it is opposite
rags-shut up u are my personal property i can kiss as much i want even if i want i can rape you
sanky-nhiiii plz for god sake dont take my dignity
rags-that u have think before
sanky-who stopped u
flash back ends
sanky-i detoryed every thing

voice from back
voice-u can kiss me
sanky-u how dare u kavita enter here get out
kavita-kiss me
sanky-ok come…..
kavita-close her eyes and feel the kiss when she open her eyes and shock to see she was kissing rajat and sanjy lying down

when kavita ask for kiss sanky see rajat standing back and signing sanky rajat kavita and lying down as rajat push him
flashback end
rajat-baby your lips are juicy(thinks like salt)
sanky-fake anger how dare u to kill dayan means darling
kavita-u will pay for it
sanky to rajat-pay her
rajat to sanky-i dont have 50 paise coil
sanky-okay then next tym give 1rs to her

kavita-what are u both talking
sanky-i am warning him
kavita-i will see u later bye
after kavita goes sanky and rajat gives hifi their photos were taken by someone

in gd (rags room)
ruhi-mamma they all forget u…..mamma sanskar maheswari is going to marry that witch ….sorry mumma i couldnt able to save u but i will take your revenge
her talks were heard by sumi ….sumi has tears in her eyes holding plate of food
sumi-thinks why you left us ragini ….your daughter needs u the most ragini beta come back
Sumi- beta have something
Ruhi- no i am not hungry nani
Sumi- ur mom feel bad by seeing u hungry
Ruhi burst out in tears nani they killed her how could they u dont miss her nani
Sumi- beta i miss her but not more because she came back to me in the form of u
Dadi enters

Dadi- ruhi beta god is very graceful he will definitely send someone to do justic
At that tym sanlak came to them they are going to step into the room
Ruhi- shouts dont you dare to enter my mom room .i beg of you when she was alive u taken her all happiness after her death plz give some peace to her soul
Sanky heartbreaks
Laksh-ruu u dont know our helplessness
Sumi- for your helplessness u killed my child shame on u are calling urself man u are worse then gays take this bangel and wear it
Sanky- auntyyy

Dadi- dont shout …..i am cursing u all the day will definitely comes when u all beg for death as my laado beged infront of u…..as u didnt show mercy you will also not beg that u all will be distroyed its my curse
Sanlak goes from their in helplessness

In newyork
Swara is doing push ups by hanging and outside servant and doctors are getting worried
Doctor- call devyani ji
Servant- nani ji has gone in temple she is coming
Nani comes
Doctor- thank god u came……
Nani- what happen
Doctor- plz stop ur grand daughter she just recovered after years of treatment her every single part bones everything was replaced….her body need rest
Nani- what happen
Servant- she is doing push ups

Doctor- after such serious operation she should not take plate also
Nani- beats the door swara open the door u have my sware open the door
Swara open the door her legs were shivering same as her hand blood is flowing from her nose and mouth
Nani- what madness is this swara plz for god sake plz forget everything for few months after that do what ever you want to do
Swara- wipes nani unfold her hand and wipes nanis tears…..okay as u say
Nani- okay go and sleep…..doctor will do first aid
Swara- nodes

Nani get a call
Nani- hello
Person- maa raj here
Nani- ha betua
Raj- when are u coming
Nani- in diwali

Raj- plz bring swara to….mom i agree i slapped her so she left to new york in anger but maa i regret that i didnt here her and married anjali to shyam
Nani- leave that its very old matter hows chotey anjali akash payal ishita and damad ji
Raj- all are good maa but all are miss swara badly plz tell her to come atleast talk to her sibblings…it has been six yrs when she left us
Nani- control her tears …..okay i will tell her. I have some work call u later
Nani- cries how i tell u our swara has………

Why nani is crying ?????what is hiding?????

Credit to: avni

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice… Update next one soon

  2. Varsha

    OMG wat hpnd to swara n y revenge, ruhi shld undrstnd hr dad n wat to knw sanky’s helplessnes dear, shockin a lot

  3. but plzz I want ragini to back as ragini for her badla not swara plzz ragsan moment next part soon

  4. Avni! The giant, the beast, the gorilla….
    What do you think about urself gaddhi?? Ha?? Gaddhi kab Janam liya thA tune??….
    Beast tu hai…. Gorrila tu hai….. Shaitan tu hai…. ???????????
    How dare you?? ??
    Gorilla hogi TU samjhi?? Gaddhi kahiki….
    blo*dy stupid people….. Don’t you dare! Sangini?? Apne sapno me dekhna Sangini….
    Mental, psycho!! Idiot……
    Sapno me Sangini hi dekh par Hume Swara ke against kuch keh ke matha na kha…. I swear I’ll kill you…. Go to hell… Bullshit!!

    1. I agree with u swara. How dare .. how can they say like that.. swara is an angel regini is a beast … dont u people have any sense ..!!! See that name SANGINI , it is worst name i have heard..

  5. Oh u giving so much of suspense…

  6. Ha yar just make your episodes some what long na

  7. Akshata

    so much suspense!!!! interesting dear. update soon

  8. I think swara ia ragini like plastic surgery or soul(ghost)

  9. its just story that swara dies and that place will be taken by ragini by plastic surgery and now she will come india and take revenge and after that she get to know truth and again join with sanky this is the story i am sure

  10. plz change ur ff name..its soo disgusting..if u want then add only ragini as angel..if u dont like swara itz okay but please change that name..no swara fans cant tolerate this name..
    eventhough i didnt read ur strory soo i dnt knw abt story and abt swaraz character..but i come here bcz of ff name..plz its a request u plz change that name..plz give reply if u change..plz

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