ragini is angel but swara is beast (Part 1)


girl is lying in the pool of blood near a lonely road semi-concious looking toward a car going in that three people and small girl is crying and saying
child-papa,chachu&maasi stop the car mom is injured
man-with teary eye shut up and sit quitely….your mom and my ragini is dead(thinks i killed u ragini i am sorry plz forgive me )
girl- papa mom is alive look she is calling us
man-i said sit quitely if she is not dead she will die soon
another man-sanskar why are you getting angry on her….its our helplessness
sanskar-lucky…….today because of that bustard i have to kill my ragini my life
lucky-bhabhi will forgive u
uttra-bhai you should be strong for ruhi know u are her mother and father too
ruhi-in mind i will never forgive u all because of you my mummy died…..mom i will make their life hell i promise u ….mr sanskar maheshwari i will make your life hell….the pain u given to my mom i give u in double
other side ragini lying on the road
ragini-why sanskar why you killed me if you want to go with kavita you should told me once i moved from your path ….u didnt thinkk of my ruhi….i saw her hiding in dicki and seeing how u three brutally killed me…the fear in her eyes……i will never forgive u for that pray to god that i will die if i get the life then i will come back not as your love as your death

4 yrs later
maheshwari mansion
sanskar standing near ragini photo hanging with garland
sanskar-ragini lucky married kavya ….today our daughter turn 12 she is preety as u naughty as me but innocence she is not from any angel but dont know what happen to her she didnt talk to me and anyone in house much always in her room no one dare to enter into her room
ap enters in room
ap-if she was alive then this house is full of life but we….forget it come down today is ruhi birthday
sanky-lets go
in dinning hall
all were sitting having breakfast
dp-ruhi beta today is your 12 birthday atleast celebrate today
ruhi-no i dont want to
ap-why beta u never celebrate nor allow us to
ruhi-because i dont likes to
laksh-beta we can go to mall
dp-amusement park
ruhi-in anger i said na i dont want to celebrate
sanskar-ruhiiii this is the way to behave with elders
ruhi-when i am saying i dont want to then why are u all making a seen
sanskar-because they love u…we all want your happiness but u became a spoiled child
ruhi-i dont want your love
sanskar raise his hand to slap but lucky stop him
sanskar-learn to behave other wise
ruhi-what otherwise you will kill me as u killed my mom
sanskar taken back all became shock
ruhi-yes that day i was awake i have seen how u all stab her and taken her to that place their also i was not sleeping i have seen you three shooting her….i have seen her eyes which were pleading you three….
today is the same day i hate u sanskar maheshwari…..by saying ruhi run
kavya-where are u going
ruhi-to nani house today is my mom barsi
sanky falls on his knee and cry
sanky-i know beta today is my gini’s baarsi when u go out we conduct the pooja beta…. it was my helpness i have to kill her

in new york
in a dark room
a girl with much difficulty is walking and blood is flowing from her foot it is clearly visible from her face it is paining her like hell she falls but a lady of 60 hold her nick of time
lady-what madness is this you are week betiya
girl-no i am not week
lady-swara comedown u have gone through serious of operation….your body need rest
swara-but my soul need revenge
lady-for that you should be healthy dont forget you are my grand daughter swara singh raizada
swara-nani dont worry…….how much tym more so that i will be normal
nani-one month……..i going to get some medicie….dont dare to get up……and goes
swara-in full on anger ….,live as much u all want peacefully but after one month i am coming to make your life hell

why all killed ragini
who is swara?from whom she want revenge

Credit to: avni

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice… Update next one soon…

  2. very nice dear

  3. Hi its intresting dear.. I think ragini is our swara..who maybe gone through plastic surgery or change her name…Jst a guess..Plsss countinew

  4. Swara is ragini only I think so

  5. Let me guess ragini died nd t soul swara talking abt s ragini’s soul…ragini’s soul in swara’s body right

  6. no plzz don’t make ragini I want rag

  7. ragini has changed her identity to swara…may be ragini never died she was rescued before that only

  8. Mica

    i want to see the beast swara, but i can’t bear ragsan……uft dilema hahaha
    btw, awesome story Avni….keep writing, xoxo

  9. It’s so unique. I think ragini has taken identity of Swara to take revenge.

  10. Megha123

    I also think ragini is swara …..bt It’s interesting plzz continue

  11. Please do t kill ragini, hope she is alive

  12. Interesting

  13. Shubhangi

    Wow first time Sears negative yet lead I’m feeling so giddy it’s too intresting

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