The four pillars of raghukul as said by vashisht promise keeping
Raj dharm
Raghunandar ram and Sita kept all the four pillars alive. Ram was born in raghukul which was initself a great pride but then what is raghukul known for? Ram.
Repeatedly we see in Skr Ram and three Mathas saying that raghukul became pure by obtaining Sita as vadhu. Raghukul had a loophole. Raghuram was on a mission to make it perfect. Perfection had a price and jagat Janani paid for it. What do ram and Sita do they experience all 4 pillars and then bring a change to the society of ayodha which didn’t consider woman equal. From not what it did to Sita but to shanta. Shanta was made to cross the line of Maryada for raghukul to get the sage due the yagna. Her brother who is Maryada purushottam takes it upon himself and Sita to reveal the hypocrisy of the society. The Lord accepted law of karma not his but his ancestors what Dasharath did to shanta, ram and Sita paid for it. They had to become victims to bring about change. Raghunandar took blame for Sita exile vindicating her then and forever. The insecurity of ayodha was brutally revealed by Sita and if not the agnipariksha the level of insecurity in ayodha would have been just covered up. It would have remained great but bringing injustice to people like shanta. Sita and ram put an end to it and the golden statue of Sita, ram places is a slap to the society he wasn’t subject to change he sacrificed the queen for ayodha for a reason for justice but not his wife and that’s what ayodha coudnt change Sitas son ruling ayodhar. It is interesting to note Sita is janaki Mythilli vaidehi but what Kul does she belong to it is raghukul and she is prakrithi (nature) in all senses until she understands sanskriti(culture) through ram and vice Versa will elaborate on it later. Sacrifice was what Sita does leaves ayodha and promise is what ram keeps eka patnivrat and swadharm is what both maintain ram lives in her and she in him and rajdharm Is the reason ram banishes her. I know many would disagree but pls wait the upcoming parts may hold answers so rather share ur views rather saying whatever I say raghunandar is wrong in exiling Sita.

Ram is not obsessed with rules indeed by the woman who addresses him raghunandar he brings about a change to the loopholes in rules.
This is just intro will be continued in about 7 parts the updates are bound to be erratic sorry about it
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I dedicate this to shruthiravi Di in indiaforums who give me such an insight encouraged me to
write above all gave me this perspective. I know u wouldn’t be seeing all this but it’s my duty to dedicate this to her.

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This is not meant to change anyone opinion or justify raghunandar action just an analysis I request u not to make it a sensitive issue as this part of Ramayan is most complicated and subject to debate.

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow sanju it is awesome….. I liked ur analysis…

    1. Sanjana

      Moov ulaga kaapavum Raghuvamsathin raamanai
      I love this bg Padmaja

      1. Padmaja

        Ya sanju i love skr theme songs and seedhaiyin Raman especially nalam arula song of siya i love it to core… And did you know Tamil dear????

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Lovely Sanju! I have read the Devdutt article before so I can relate to what you’re saying! Great going 🙂

    1. Sanjana

      Thanks supreetha Di it means a lot and this is just intro the future parts won’t be just about Sita exile it will be from saving the life of ashwamedh horse to mata ahilya uddhar the parts of Skr which I loved the most

      1. Sanjana

        Di devdutt articles are beautiful and am want to elaborate on it for at times I don’t completely agree on his views in cases like Sita is independent goddess who made ram the dependable God cause in relations there exists only equality but can do all this only if time permitting.

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      Agreed 🙂 I’m a big fan of Devdutt Pattanaik 🙂

  3. Sanjana

    A beautiful episode on Friday no time to post separate analysis
    It was respect
    Respect ram had for vanar Sena, a slain enemy’s son angad. He never lets go of his roots he doesn’t forget where he came from this is where raghunandar become Lord ram. That’s why he returns in a pushpak viman.
    Sita it was one word raghunandar her faith her hope.
    He gives vibhishan a chance to explain he doesn’t react seeing Sita fallen down. The explanation was actually for his followers but he built relation on trust.
    And a peace messenger is sent he has to free Sita yes but what had Sita asked him a promise that he will resort to killing only after a last chance. He maintained his swadharm. He knew each moment was important in rescuing her but he needed to understand the enemy fully. His patience is just unshakable and that brings victory but for mortals like is any scenario to be so patient is really tough
    and for ravan one thing ‘submission… Peace is the price of that’.
    thank you

  4. Nice…. Read all

  5. Sanjana di…u r just awsm in writing such analysis…sounding like a lawyer too?…really waiting to read other parts

  6. Hey @Sanju….. Your analysis are awesome………. Always read your analysis…… Keep do more….. I only watch SKR.. U.???? ?

    1. Sanjana

      I watch only skr infact just updates
      Thanks shiny that was a great compliment

  7. Not TV in star plus????? @Sanju

  8. I don’t watch to nahi star plus or anything
    I am in 10th Bhai so u the so called board exam and all that got to be serious lol

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