Does Ragging lead to love? (Swasan) Intro


Hey friends I am Maria, you may not be knowing me but I am a big fan of Swaragini specially Swasan! So I decided to write ff on it. I write another ff also but not on this serial. So lets go onto the story!

Here is just the intro,

Sanskar Maheshwari: A boy belonging to a middle class family. He is studying engineering. New to the college.

Swara Rao: A girl belonging to a middle class family. She is studying engineering. New to the college.

In my ff Shekhar and Sharmishtha are married and Ragini is their daughter.

I would like to give a short intro and tell what the story is all about.

Both Swara and Sanskar belong to the same college. They both are new students. So their seniors rag Swara but Sanskar reaches always on time to save her being helpful. So the story revolves around how Sanskar and Swara will fall for each other. They both will always try to save each other.

So this was the intro. Hope you liked it. If you want me to continue then please do comment! If I get less comments then I may not continue! So please comment! I will post the first episode tomorrow!

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  1. Awsm intro…plz continue …

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      Thanks Yaz

  2. Nice intro…

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  4. Deeksha

    Nice intro……

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  5. Please don’t bring any kavita and all otherwise awesome concept. ……..

    1. Angel20

      I will not bring Kavita don’t worry! Thanks

  6. Priya tripathi

    Nice continue

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    Nice one continue waiting for the next update ❤

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  10. Nyc…n interesting..continue soon

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  11. Interesting post next part soon

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  12. Have u written any of the ff r u the maria who wrote music of love?
    Intro is to good continue but plz be regular coz in tu many writers are not regular n the stories lost their charm

    1. Angel20

      No I have not written music of love but I have written many other ff’s. I will try to be regular.

  13. Jwala

    continue dear

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  15. R u same maria who is an admin of swasan ff/os? Bt nice concept.

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      No I have not written any ff/OS on swaragini. This is the first one.Thanks

  16. Abirsha

    awesome very very nice…..

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  17. Nice. …?

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