RAGE – an ishqbaaz ff (Part 1)


guys i m back..with A FF this time….thanku for so much support n so many complements…i seriously feel honoured tht my work is liked by u all…badha waala THANKU…
n i would post the second part of the last OS on thursday….n thanku for such bful comments in tht as well…though tht was a filling sort of thing frankly, bt i m glad u liked it…

n i hope u like this as welll…
bt in this part i would rather concentrate on story telling n making a prolouge rather than starting directly…….
here is it:-

Tej:why should my sons compromise?
Pinky:because my shivaay has done alot for the company..
Tej:bt dont forget the time i have invested to get this company at such a heights…so my sons have more right on it…
Shak:but this can be sorted…what is the problem in giving 25-25-25 shares n denoting the last 25% to charity,for god?
tej: u n ur mandir n charity daan…
janvi:but what is wrong in it tej? our sons staying together is more important..n if u dont want to give it to charity, then prinku can have it!
pink n tej: but she will marry n go to other house!
om:shivaay u know right,how much have i always wished for this art museum…i m so happy that finaly i could step closer to my dreams
shi: i know om, u will do it great..cuz my brother is the best..
ru:only one brother?
shi: both the brothers!
n obros give a hug..
ru: see saumya,u cant marry rehan…!
sau:why? we only decided that we would null this marriage…our marriage didnt mean anything,like u said..
ru:i said but i didnt meant it… (he says angrily ,holding her shoulders n looking into her eyes)
ru:this marriage means something to me! n u wont marry rehan!
sau:but i like him…
(both have painful watery yet angered eyes )
acp: i would not leave ur brother ,priyanka..(he says holding n actually pulling her hairs as he was grabbed them)
prinku:it was just an accident..!
acp:an accident that took my sister away..??? then thats not an accident ,that is a hit n run case..n i wont leave omkara singh oberoi!!
prinku:u cant do this!!
prinku:because i love u! (acp losses his grip)
annika:no ! sorry, i cant…
annika turns to leave….thinking why she said no…
as annika leaves,
daksh:then its time for some fun baby..5..4..3…2..1..n the countdown to of making your life finishes..
tia:n the mission starts…. (they both laugh wikidly)
shivaay: om,what could have i done? i couldnt have blindly believed her…specially after all her unsuccessful event
om:bt what does ur heart say? dont u wish to listen to her?
shivaay:oh stop it om! tia is my fiancee n doubting her if annika is wrong is a worse thing…
om:so u dotnt wish to listen to her?
shivaay:why would i?who is she to me?she who has no blood,could act as a gold digger…

annika overhears the last line n feels bad n remencises the words shivaaay said when she tried to proove tia miarried…
AAAH! n she wakes up..she always shouts like this when she tries to concentrate hard n she is encountered with a sudden head ache n the incident of light flashing in her eyes n a face appears in front of her.

THATS IT! thats the show’s prolouge n the basic stuff of the story as well..

. “RAGE”, acc. to dictionary it is the feeling of intense n uncontrollable anger..quite describes what i would show in every aspects…bt rather than sticking to the dictionary meaning, “RAGE” acc to me,(here) refers to the feeling passion,obssesion,crave,desire,sorrow n ofcourse intense anger..bt sorrow will be the guest of only a few scenes..n the rage wouldnt be in b/w the lead pairs,n if it is it wouldnt last for a long time…

there r things which r stopped n changed without any satisfactory progress…..
thus i have changed a few things…most imp. ishana, i felt it ended abruptly…n i ll make her story a bit dramatic n i guess u know how 😉 …

n idk the no. of episodes this would go but i seriously hope u like it….i havent really put my brains leaving a few places n have rather thought to continue acc to story line itself…
i hope u like the story…

n the shubhaarambh from today’s epi-shivika scene..cuz i dont expect a very finished sort of end after the hug…

Annika’s pov..
i reached home after the tiring long day..n thought to cuddle up with the teddy as sahil had gone to the school trip but to my astonishment, when i reached home, i found it brightly decorated with diyas n a red rangoli in between..the ranglo was really very beautiful with two flowers blooming on a single branch,slightly tilted towards each other, i must say the person who made this has to be a great artist ..but wait a second..rangoli n diyas,n this tyoe if rangoli…? m i at my own house…i thought n thus i went towards the entrance door to check whether i m at correct place or not..n really i was at my own house…
so who did this? sahil..no he cannot,he is out..so maybe bua, i ll ask her,maybe she did this for an apology or for better relation of me n her cuz its diwali,though i frankly dont expect anything great from diwali but u might never know…? n i called bua….as soon as i asked her…a breeze blew into the house n suddenly the bful rangoli got spoilt..n tht too with red powder..weird,right? how can red powder come out of nowhere n cover the rangoli…
“u smell of a flower,jasmine flower” these words of daksh suddenly appeared in my mind…n i got scared..was the red powder showing blood, on me n..n whom…lily? now whose lily?
bua told me “kaha kho gyi tu?” n i realised the imp. thing i had to ask…when i asked her n she said not, i got a bit nervous..who did this n how?
i saw a shadow on the window pane… “whose there” i asked but i didnt get a reply..there was a power cut suddenly…my heartbeat started to rise franatically…bt i was strong..i can handle anything..bt soon , a black magic type of doll suddenly fell from the ceiling n i shouted “aaah!” n i rushed to the door so tht i can get some fresh air n come back, or maybe run away…but i found the door closed… i started chanting “bhoot pisaaj nikat nahi aawe,mahavir jab naam sunaave” continously..i grabbed the phone .. n just the a wind blew n all the diyas illuminating the surrounding suddenly disappapeared in the darkness tht surrounded me now…n i started sweating, still i called billuji,uz if i genunely trusted someone after sahil,it was him…bt before i could explain him the problem..the network bars vanished..making me go in a more horrific situation..i sat on the sofa chanting hanuman chalisa again…n suddenly i felt someone jerking my feet..n that was enough to make me franatically scared ,thus i stoode n found a safe place behind the cupboard..”

Shivaay’s POV
it was 12:30 n annika never called me without a reason…if only hadnt daksh snatched away the phone from me,i could have heard her..i dont know why but i feel something is wrong, i m unable to sleep because whenever i try to..her face flashes in front of me…maybe she is in trouble..bt daksh was also right to say,tht if there is something imp,she will call..
but maybe she couldnt cuz she is stuck..she is not alright….bt why m i so concerned? “shivaay u should sleep”.i told myself..n i tried to but i couldnt cuz rushed to her house…

i knocked the door thrice but no1 answered ,then i tried to peep from the half open window, n i found pitch darkness as if no1 was there…maybe annika wasnt there? bt i can feel her here.. after glancing the dark hall for 2 mins,i finally heard some voice….the voice that cause some pain inside me…i didnt take a min more n broke the door…n found her hiding at one side of cupboard..n frankly,she was in a vulnerable condition…

—(this is not a pov now)
as soon as he kept his hand on her shoulder n she dared to see the source of hand , she rapidly stood up n hugged him tightly..crying out..n he too reciprocated,a little hesitantly first.
he thought of the person who could cause her so much trouble,that the strong girl he knew suddenly changed to a weaker one.. n as she looked towards him n he upped her face n wiped her tears,she hugged him back again..n this time he thought he wouldn’t leave the person responsible….

then within a min..she calmed down n composed herself n he told her he will just check the powercut..
n asked her if she wants to accompany him.. to which she replied “no! i m not a kid who will get afraid,u go n check n i ll stay here”..he said “oh really? then stay” ,saying this he moved outside the house n checked the mcb board,only to find the main one tripped..n annika quietly followed him,tying to play a hide n seek with him…n he asked “now is it so mandatory to walk behind me! u can come by my side,as well” , annika got surprised n asked how do u always know where m i… to which shivaay replied “i said come by my side!”,changing the topic
when light came they went inside,n shivaay noticed the rangoli..
he said “wow! what a bful rangoli annika! n it has my favourite lillies too..bt why have u sprinkled this red colour on these flowers”
she said ” the problem is tht i dont know why i sprinkled, n neither do i know why i made lillies, when they r ur favourite, n infact the problem is i dont know who made it!”
he said “what?! dont act foolish annika! who will make rangoli other than u”
she said “i m not acting foolish ,tht is why i got scared cuz neither bua nor sahil made it..” he said “cuz u made it!”
she said “why cant u believe me! u know what this room was illuminated with diyas n suddenly the fire extinguished,then the red clour came out of nowhere n fell on this unknown artist’s rangoli, n then a doll…yess! a doll where is it”
she couldnt find the doll anywhere..
he said” look! it is all ur imagination ,nothing is true!” she said “bu..but..”(n she started sweating again)
he held her hand n asked “what happened?” then she told her everything , even how daksh said tht “she smelled like jasmine” listening to which shivaay got furious ..not on te fact tht this happened but on the fact tht how could he say that..n then shivaay noticed some tickets..
n annika told him daksh had the same..but this time shivaay believed her..
n shi told her to sleep n was leavng but annika stopped him..as she remembered what had happened n asked shivaay if he could stay in her house for a night..n shivaay was actually waiting for her to say this. he agreed …n shivaay had to make her sleep by patting her..

there saumya was all tensed about the shaadi thing of her n rehaan..n rudra was feeling bad..
prinku hesitantly picks the phone..
acp:hi priyanka!
prinku:why did u call?
acp:wow! when u got to know that i m standing up for justice of my sister, n the culprit is ur brother, ur behaviour changed in a very nice manner..! happy diwali
prinku:is that what u called for? if tht is so then thanku bt no thanku n same to u!
acp:why dont u come outside room no.101 of hotel sunshine , ur room right? n pick the flowers i have sent for u…
prinku opens the door n takes the flower being scared…
it has a sketch.. of om in court room ..getting sentenced to life time imprisonment…
ik its not much..but thts it for today..next part will have much much more..
n the glimpse for next part here is: sangeet fun….ishana n om’s re-meet…rehan parents coming with the rishta……shivaay supporting annika..

i hope u like it..n do throw champas n chamelis if required..n tamatars(tomatoes) n andaas(eggs) r allowed as well

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  1. Saasha123

    It was wonderful to see shivaay supporting anika…. And prinku and acp’s love story just can’t wait… And kashi di u have written it wonderfully…. I am new to this family of ishqbaaz so can I join here???????

  2. Its a nice one Kashi…I love it

  3. Shivika

    It was nyc….. i hope really story turns to be like that and shivaay support anika

  4. Akshaya

    Priveer waiting for them. Great job dear. please post the next ASAP

  5. Diyaa

    Since the show is continuously disappointing, it’s nice to see Shivaay believing Anika, somewhere. So yes I loved it.

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