Radhika – The Mystery Girl (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2- Kabir
It was evening. Radhika came down to the dining room in her black track-pants, tank top and white sneakers. The butler got her usual glass of apple juice. Jessica, the head of staff and Radhika’s favourite companion, said, “Is it necessary for you to go out alone?” Radhika replied, “Come on Jessica. We have this discussion every day. I will not take the guards with me for my jog. That’s final.” Jessica still tries to persuade her, “But your college starts tomorrow!” “So?”Asks Radhika as she left the house with her earphones in place, listening to her favourite songs on her I-pod.
Radhika slowed down as she reached the lake, ‘Moti talao’ or ‘Pearl Lake’.

It is named after a young man named Moti who lost his life while saving two children who had accidently fallen into the lake. She sat down in the traditional Indian cross-legged position. Radhika loved its serenity. She thought, ‘Panchipur was a small village when I was a kid. As the years went by, its developed into a small town. Mr Mantri, dad’s old friend, and his company have a large contribution. But it is remarkable that the lake is untouched, unpolluted, so pure.’
Just then she saw a boy, who must be around her age, on the opposite shore of the lake. He was sketching something. He looked up and continued sketching and again looked up and again sketched. Self conscious that the boy maybe sketching her, Radhika leaves.

When she came home, Jessica informs her, “Shekhar sir had called up. Mr. Mantri and his wife are coming to meet you.” She wears a white skirt and blue kurta, with her usual earrings. Her wrists are bare except for the watch. She is the very picture of sophisticated grace. Jessica comes and informs her that the Mantris have arrived. Radhika proceeds to meet them. Mr Gautam Mantri and his wife, Divya. They talk all alot. Radhika asks, “Why did you open the medical institute here, in Panchipur? Why not the city?” Gautam replies, “There are so many hospital in the city. But none here. Mantri Hospital is the only hospital here and in the neighbouring towns and villages. Unless they wish to travel all the way to the cities. Since almost all patients come here, the students get numerous cases to study. I’m happy you chose our institution. Mantri Hospital has got a wonderful student.” Divya said, “As a matter of fact, our son, will also be studying with you. You haven’t met him yet, have you?” Gautam, “That’s all right. I will introduce you tomorrow, at college. For now, we need to leave.” And the Mantris left.
Radhika has dinner and sleeps. The next day.

Radhika practices her singing.
“jaago brij raaj kuvar, Nand ke dulhaare
Jamuna mein gend daar, gwaal baal haare,
Kaali bubhukar det, shyam bhi ek kaare.”
Meaning, Wake up oh prince of Brindavan ( Brij ), the beloved son of Nand. Krishna has thrown the ball in river Yamuna and his friends fail to recover it due to Kalia, the serpent who calls out and Shyam responds eventually defeating him.
Jessica says with a smile on her face, “Its time for college. The driver is waiting at the porch.” She wears her favourite black shirt and jeans.

At college,
As Radhika’s car arrived, people turned to have a second look at the car. It was a red Mini cooper. It was obviously one of the best cars in town. Radhika got down and looked for a familiar face. She entered the building and wonders what to do next. Just then Gautam Mantri calls her. She turns and is astonished to see the boy from the lake. He was similarly surprised. Gautam introduces them. “Good Morning Radhika. Meet Kabir, my son, your classmate.”

Precap-Kabir and Radhika’s friendship develops. Gayatri comes for a suprise visit.

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