Radhika – The Mystery Girl (Chapter 1)


Chapter1-Who is Radhika?

Radhika, 18, was an exceptional girl, and very beautiful. Her persona was captivating. Her sparkling eyes and intellectual aura only added to her beauty. She was very well read. I wouldn’t call her an extrovert. One could never guess her thoughts. She had the perfect physique – neither too chubby nor too frail – the figure every girl craves for. She was from a very rich family. In fact, Radhika Desai was the only daughter of THE business tycoon, Shekhar Desai. Radhika’s mother, Neha, died when Radhika was only two years of age. On his parent’s insistence, Shekhar married again to Gayatri. Medical complications meant several surgeries and infertility for Gayatri. She showered all her love on Radhika who loved her as much in return.

She got admission, on merit basis, into the premier medical institute, Mantri Hospital and Medical College. Much to Gayatri’s anguish, the institute was nowhere near the city. It was in fact from the very village which happened to be the Desais’ native place, Panchipur. Mantri Hospital was, in fact, a part of Mantri Industries which were owned by Gautam Mantri, Shekhar’s childhood friend. Since Gayatri did not want Radhika to lead the tough hostel life, Shekhar got their ancestral home (which was almost in ruins) renovated so that the Desai Haveli now contained all the modern luxuries of city life. Gayatri personally appointed the staff, right from the gardener, cook, cleaners, and maids. They had been given strict instructions about Radhika’s love for cleanliness and neatness, her eating habits, her likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. They took care that in the 5 years, Radhika was to stay without them (except during vacations), she would be absolutely comfortable. In short, the renovated Desai Haveli was much similar to the Desai Mansion back in the city. Only much smaller, yet more luxurious and grand than any of the houses of the rich men in the village.

Radhika shifted to the village 2 weeks before college started. Instantly, she became a topic for discussion in the entire village. Whenever Radhika would go out of the Haveli, she would never go out without her car, driver, a maid companion and two bodyguards appointed by Shekhar. Every morning, Villagers outside the Haveli to hear Radhika practice her singing, in her melodious voice, every morning in the front garden. Even during this time she was always surrounded by her maids and bodyguards though at a polite distance. The only time Radhika could be found alone outside the safe walls of the Haveli, was when she went for a walk to the lakeside every evening.

Precap to chapter2-Radhika is by the lake and notices a boy on the opposite side of the lake, concentrating on something he was sketching. She is surprised to see the same boy at college the next day. Lets see what happens next in Radhika’s life.

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