RadhaKrishn 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Gets Rid Of Bakasur

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Radha is surprised to see Brindavan and asking what magic is this and collapses. Krishna holds her and seeing her hair tress says years ago, her tress had moved, he will fix it today; says everything is here, but not her memory. He makes her sit and says when one’s dreams are fulfilled, they will be awake, but Radha is sleeping; until she is asleep, he will end Bakasur and return. Balram congratulates Krishna for building Brindavan and chants Radhe Radhe. Krsihna says when he has chanted Radhe Radhe, someone will be freed for sure. Bakasur attacks Krishna. Krishna challenges Bakasur to fulfill his task for which Kans has sent him. Bakasur says Krishan will be finished son. Krishna says Baksur’s end is for sure. Bakasur creates tornado. Krishna blows and gets Bakasur entrapped in

it. Bakasur attacks Krishna again. Krishna punches it, and it falls far away on ground. Bakasur says he will end Radha before Krishna and walks towards her. Krishna holds Bakasur’s beak and breaks it. Bakasur dies saying with god/Krishna’s hand, he met end and watching Radha and Krishna, he met moksha. Its deadbody flies.

Balram shows Bakasur’s dead body to Ayan and smiles thinking Krishna established Brindavan and is with Radha now. Ayan asks why is he smiling. Balram asks him to go and save Radha soon. Krishna thinks Kans mamashri will not have food today. Kans picks food when Bakasur falls on dining table and whole food falls down. Akrur says Krishna killed monster Bakasur, if forecast will come true.

Ayan and Balram with Barsana vasis search Radha and Krishna. Barsana vasi says what if monster bird would have killed Radha and Krishna. Ayan angrily holds his neck. Balram stops him asking tot be violent. Ayan says Krishna is incapable of protecting Radha, only he can. Balram reminds that he saved him from Bakasur just sometime ago. Ayan fumes and orders Barsana vasisb to spread into jungle and search Radha. Balram taunts Ayan that he may see something which will shock him. Ayan asks what. Balram says nothing and walks away calling Radha and Krishna. Ayan thinks he should not concentrate on these brothers.

Krishna wiggles Radha’s hair. Radha wakes up and is shocked seeing Krishna next to her, runs away shouting. Krishna asks not worry, Bakasur is gone. Radha asks how did she come here, barron land turned into garden, where is Bakasur. Krishna says it ran away afraid of bigger bird. Radha says it is just a coincidence, Krishna cannot do anything. Krishna asks to remember vast tree was standing on what, how he ran and his hands were mimicking as if he is painting, how Bakasur came on his order. Radha stands tensed. Krishna asks if she realized now how capable he is, she wants him to go out of Basana, he came here with a reason and it will not go until his goal is met. He continues that he will control Barsana one day.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that we get angry some day and it is human nature, but have they thought why anger comes; it comes when someone does not agree to them or they are defeated, it signifies their weakness and becomes their biggest weakness; if anger is not controlled, it will develop overconfidence, if overconfidence is not controlled, they will lose their thinking power and will lose life, so they should control their anger and keep their mind peaceful.

Precap: Radha tells Ayan that Krishna created this garden/Brindavan. Ayan attacks Krishna, punches tree and falls down. Krishna confronts Radha that her friend’s condition is because of her, whoever strikes wilth him will shatter.

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  2. although nice episode romil did tried well # kudos to kv and dipika and slap to crybaby sree lol

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