RadhaKrishn 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bakasur Creates Havoc

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Radha steps on thorn and falls. Krishna holds her. Radha warns to dare not touch him. Krishna scolds her to stop and keeping her foot on his lap removes thorn. He then thinks Radha is thanking him without words. In Barsana, Bakasur bird continues to create havoc. Vrishbhan sees Kirtida and Yashoda and asks them to get into mansion soon. They say how can they when Radha and Krishna are missing. Someone says he saw them running towards jungle. Ayan says he will bring Radha back. Balram stops him and says he is needed more here, Krishan will bring Radha back safely.

Radha tells Krishna that she has to return to Barsana soon as she cannot see her people in trouble. Krishna says he will take her as he knows route. Radha yells to dare stay away from her and walks herself alone, but finds

her returning to same spot. A tree falls towards her. She gets afraid. Krishna enters and holds tree. In Barsana, Bakasur continues troubling people. Vrishbhan tells his friend they need to go to jungle and bring Radha. Friend says they are stuck between monster bird. Bird descends to earth and walks towards Kirthida and Yashoda, they get afraid.

Balram provokes Ayan to use his weapon knowledge and attack Bakasur. Ayan jumps and attacks Bakasur, but falls down. Balram thinks Krishna has to finish Bakasur, where is he. Krishna holding tree says until his goal is met, he will not come. Radha asks whom he is speaking to. Krishna says none of her business. She asks how is he holding such a vast tree. He says he can do a lot, but she should move aside now so that he can drop tree down. She says her lehanga is stuck. He leaves tree. She panics but is surprised seeing how is the tree hanging in air. Krishna frees Radha’s lehanga.

Bakasur walks towards Ayan. Balram throws steel chain on Bakasur and asks Ayan to pull it from other side. He asks Vrishban and others to pull chain form Aayn’s side. They do same. Ayan thinks how can Balram have so much strength and pulling chain alone from one side. Balram thinks Ayan should concentrate on Bakasur and not him, else he will fall on earth. Chain breaks and Ayan with others falls down.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that if one asks whom they love most in this world, someone says wife, children, parents, etc., truth is they are attached to time as time is their past, present, future; their past will not change with thinking and they will spoil their present thinking of their future; so they should live their present.

Precap: Krishna takes Radha to Brindavan saying it is time to fulfill given promise, wherever Radha and Krishna’s love starts, it is called Brindavan.

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